Holiday Makeup Tutorial 2019 – Black Silver Smokey Eye

hi guys in this video I’m going to show
you how to do this black and silver eye makeup look it is perfect for the
holidays a party or a night out with your friends and I have used the
conspiracy palette by jeffree star cosmetics a lot of you wanted to see
more eye looks with this palette I also did something with black and silver that
a lot of you wanted to see so I hope that you like this video let me know in
the comments below if you want to see more makeup looks and let’s get started
for today’s video I’m going to use new makeup products that I got from the
Beauty advent calendars that I have all already unboxed on my channel first of all
I want to take all of my hair back because I don’t want them on my face the
first product that I want to use is this cutie pie here by Fenty Beauty this is the
pro filter instant retouch primer and as we can see we have a mini size product
it is super adorable I like that it has also a little pump I’ve never used this
one before and I don’t know what it actually does I want to find some
information on the website yeah it says that you can use this one for all skin
types and it is shine stopping it is pore diffusing and it can also make your
foundation longlasting I think it filled a little bit my pores on the
skin it feels like a very smooth cream it’s not sticky and it gives a slightly
matte finish but it’s not overly matte it doesn’t make my skin dull for now I
don’t see a very big difference so I’m going to apply on top of it my
foundation and I’m going to use the L’Oreal infallible 24-hour matte I have
the shade 13 beige rose it can work very nicely for my dry skin with my sponge by
Real Techniques I’m going to spread this all over my face
I’m going to use just a little bit more on the perimeter of my jawline and
basically this is the area that I have the more
discolorations this foundation usually gives me a matte finish and I also have
it now it is very similar with other mattifying primers about the primer I can
see that it can smooth a little bit my skin because my poresl are not so
visible I’m using now one of my favorite drugstore concealers and this is the matte
camouflage concealer by essence I have the shade 30 light honey my baby hair
are trying to escape from the headband moving on to powder this is the Laura
Mercier translucent loose setting powder my skin is not very sticky I’m going to
use just a very light layer of the powder because I don’t want to make my
face cakey so we’re doing a holiday makeup look we need to speak a little
bit about our holiday plans what are you going to do for the holidays are you
going to spend it with family friends are you traveling we are going to Cyprus
for the holidays my mother is going to do some traditional cookies that are
called melomakarona and they are my favorite
cookies Christmas candies sweeties I’m not very sure if I’m going to help her
because sometimes she bakes them earlier I’m also using the same powder on my
eyes do you have any traditional desserts or cookies cakes that you’re
doing for Christmas in your country let me know in the comments and on my hand now I have this lanolips hydrating lip Luminiser in the shade desert
glow this is what I have now on my lips and I’m going to use just a little bit
more I don’t really like the scent of this product it has an orange scent but
it is a little bit artificial and that’s why I don’t
like it that much after that I want to define a little bit my cheekbones my
forehead and the nose and I’m going to use this pressed contouring product by
makeup revolution I don’t have a shade on this product and I got it in the
revolution Beauty advent calendar I have already tried all the products in a
video for that advent calendar if you want to check that out I’m going to have
it in the description box below I’m using that on the cheekbones with a
brush 3 by BH Cosmetics I’m also applying some near my hairline and I’m
blending a little bit in the share I know it sounds weird but this way it’s
not going to be very noticeable that you have applied a contouring product I’m
also sculpting the lower part of my jaw line and I’m connecting the lines near
my ear I’m also going to use a product on the sides of my nose and I’m taking
now the brush 6 by BH Cosmetics I’m also blending inside the brows I’m doing that
because we have some natural shadows here and I want to connect everything
try to blend very well the sides so no one can tell that you have been
contoured let’s continue with this blush here by
Tarte cosmetics this is the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in the shade exposed
and I’m going to take just a little bit with this brush here by BH Cosmetics
this is number two I’m also adding a little bit on the nose for the natural
flush of color it gives a very nice natural pink color to the cheeks but
it’s very light for me and I need to build it up and use multiple layers I
really want to try the slick make up highlighting palette and this is in the
shade solstice I’m not very sure if they have other highlighting palettes I think
it is only this one I’m going to take this one here that looks amazing and
super reflective and shiny it is a legend pain highlighter whoa what’s
happening oh my god this is super beautiful I’m using this brush
here that makes the highlighter smoother and it still looks very intense and I
always like blending everything together and with circular motions I’m going back
and forth on my cheekbone let’s continue now with this brow situation here I’m
going to take a q-tip and clean a little bit but out here they are looking very
Foundation II and how did I new words today I’m going to start defining my
brows with this brow pencil this is the cinematic ultra precise brow pencil by
Catrice I have the shade 40 cool brown I’m brushing the brow hair downwards
because I want to create a line on the upper part and after that I’m going in
with the brow pencil with the spoolie of the brow pencil I’m blending the product
and then I continue with the lower part of my brow don’t worry a lot if the
shape is not perfect we’re going to carve out the edges with a concealer it
is a very creamy product but I have noticed that it’s not super long-lasting
so if you like over drawing to your brows you need also to set this brow
pencil to make it more long-lasting you can use an eye shadow in the same color
with the brow pencil I’m also going to set my brow here with the web browser
mascara by elf cosmetics and I have the shade deep brown I like this brow gel
because it has microfiber and it can make my brow hair look fuller also you
can press the applicator on your skin on the sparse area that you don’t have a
lot of brow hair and you can give the illusion that you have but you don’t
have taken again my concealer because as you can see it’s not a very precise
application of my brow products and I’m cleaning the edges I’m also setting with just a little bit
of powder now it’s time for the eyes and we’re
going to use a conspiracy palette it has all the eyeshadows that you want for a
black silvery I look let’s zoom you in so you can see my eyes I’m going to
start off with eyeshadow tonic on that has the eye for stamp and it is a light
beige matte eye shadow I’m diffusing this in my crease with an eye blender
brush by essence and I’m going back and forth into the crease and I’m trying to
blend very well with DHS and I’m also bringing the color a little bit outwards
to elongate my eyes I want to give a little bit more depth to the crease and
I’m going to take the diet root beer it is a brown eyeshadow it has a matte
finish and it is a little bit darker than the previous shade I’m using the
brush 7 by BH Cosmetics and I’m blending this eyeshadow closer to my eyelid but
again into the crease I’m trying to keep the color in the outer part of my eyes
and also blend upwards and outwards with circular motions I’m blending the
two eyeshadows together into my crease now it’s the fun part we’re going to add
the black eyeshadow we need to be a little bit careful I don’t want to have
any fallout so I’m going to take a little bit of the powder that I have
used before with the brush 5 by bit cosmetics I’m going to take some of the
powder and apply this on my eyes this way I’m not going to use a lot of the
powder because I don’t want to make my eyes very dry and I’m using this
eyeshadow especially in the outer under eye area because this is where I’m going
to use the black eyeshadow with a flat eyeshadow brush I’m going to take my
lights here and I’m going to press it on the outer third of my eyelid Wow such a
gorgeous black eyeshadow easy to blend very nice saturation now I’m going to
sweep the brush and take some of the eyeshadow in the outer crease just a
little bit we’re going to blend all of this edges and I’m wiping the bristles a
little bit to take the excess black eyeshadow off my brush and now I’m
blending again the edges I’m taking the fluffy brush that I have used before for
my crease I don’t have any eyeshadow on the bristles and I’m just going back and
forth on the black eyeshadow that I had in the outer crease I’m taking again the diet a root beer
with the flat eyeshadow brush I’m going to use just a little bit on the edge of
the black eyeshadow this is a lot of product I’m cleaning my brush and I’m
going to blend again of the edges basically we’re doing the same thing
with the crease colors but this time on the eyelid I’m taking the same eyeshadow
with a fluffy brush and I’m blending the outer crease I want to develop the outer
crease a little bit more and I’m going to make my own shade and the mixing this
black eyeshadow and the brown eyeshadow just a little bit I’m pressing on the
back of my hands so they can mix together and now I’m buffing this in the
other crease I’m adding a second layer of the black
eyeshadow and after that I’m blending the edges I’m taking a little bit of the
brown eyeshadow and I’m blending again in the other crease
black eye shadows are always very difficult to use on your eyes so make
sure to blend it with a crease color to have a smoother application with a clean
brush I’m blending one more time and this is the two to five brush by zoeva you can also keep this like these add a
little bit of black eyeshadow in the outer lower lash line but this is a
silver black eye look so we’re going to continue with the diet cola shade this
shimmery eyeshadow with the silvery finish I’m using the eye shadow brush by
yourself I’m trying to blend the two eyeshadows together here I’m pressing a
second layer to make the sheen more opaque I’m taking a little bit of tannic
on on the tip of the brush and I wiped my brush on a tissue and then I’m
blending the edges I’m gonna take again I shadowed I ate the root beer with a
smaller brush this time and I’m going to smudge this on the outer lower lash line
oh and before we start I’m going to wipe away the excess powder
I want to add a little bit of black eyeshadow in the outer part of the lower
lash line and I’m going to use this brush here it is the eyebrow brush by
yourself I’m going to press this very close to the lashes with the same brush
I’m blending the edges I want to make it more intense so I’m adding a second
layer with my small blending brush I’m blending the edges with eyeshadow tonic
on and the now I’m cleaning my bristles again and I’m going to take I shadow
diet color this type and I’m going to assume answer that in the inner part of
the lower lash line after that I want to apply eyeliner and I’m going to use a
black tag Pro Longwear fluid the line eyeliner gel by MAC Cosmetics and I’m
using the eyeliner brush by SS finally I’m back it took me hours and the hearts
to apply my eyeliner I have used three different products because this one here
was not very pigmented and the dark I couldn’t make my wink black and precise
so after that I said okay let’s use this one here this is the roller liner by
benefit in black and this one has a very light shiny finish I don’t get a lot of
product on the tip of the brush and again I couldn’t define my wink I ended
up using also the essence liquid ink eyeliner to create the wink finally I
apply those or some fake lashes it is here by Lenny lash this is the style 119
and for my natural lashes I have used this mascara here this is the Maybelline
the falsies volume Express waterproof mascara so I’m going to remove what I
have now on my lips and I’m going to line my lips
with the lip pencil by MAC Cosmetics in boldly bare with the same one I’m also
filling the mean on top of that I’m going to apply the matte lipstick by Mac
in the shade velvet teddy you can leave it like this but I want to make it a
little bit glossy and I’m going to use the matte lip gloss in the shade candy
box with dark smokey eye looks like this one here I always like adding a little
bit more of my contouring product and the blush on the cheeks because the dark
eyes are very intense and they make the face makeup more washed out you can also
find yet another glamorous I look for Christmas if you liked this video please
give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and click on the notification
bell and I will see you in the next one

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  1. Yes, more make-up looks. I found your channel because of the advent calenders. But your make-up is always so beautiful.

  2. Hi beautiful sunshine! In this video I show you this holiday makeup look and I really hope that you like it! About the primer, it worked very well for me, I forgot to mention that in the video. 😀 What are your holiday plans? Have a happy week!

  3. I have never tried the essence brushes are they soft and good they are so cute I almost bought some at ULTA the other day but I put them back cause I didn't think they would be that good. You look so pretty I love this eye shadow on u ..u did a great job😘

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  5. Ok, last comment! Would love to see more videos of you trying out products from the advent calendars you got this year! I've watched them all and I'm curious to see which products were good or duds 😛

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  9. Vasilikis, You came up in my feed during advent, You are the best Advent reviewer ever. I watched them all, you are kind, professional and HONEST. As I am in the US, many products are different, even though they have the same name…crazy. This is the first time I have watched a beauty review/application on your channel…wonderful and beautiful. Finally, where is your language? I speak English, Irish, some Russian and Polish and French (Canada)…from where is your lovely accent? Your English is perfect. I love this channel.Thank you.

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