Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am here to bring you a holiday makeup tutorial this is super easy and I Didn’t use that many products. I’m not gonna lie. I love Thanksgiving, but Christmas is where my heart is I’m obsessed with Christmas, so I wanted to bring this holiday look to you guys and before we start the video I just want to mention. I am wearing one of my Maddy style tops. This is my holiday sweater I really really like it umm. This is one of my favorites my collection It’s super cute for the holidays obviously if you want to check it out I’ll leave a link in the description below, but without further ado. I hope you guys enjoy the video and let’s get started alright guys starting with a clean fresh face I’m using the Garnier micellar water and I’m just gonna use a cotton pad to wipe that all over my face to make sure I have a clean slate for the application Now I’m using the Tatra the silk cream and has this little spatula to apply it and it’s literally my favorite moisturizer keeps my skin so smooth and Moisturized and it’s literally my Holy Grail at the moment. I’m obsessed Now I’m taking my other favorite my Mario Badescu, Oh rose water spray to just Spray the face. Now I’m taking my Anastasia brow Wiz I’m in the shade caramel and first I start by defining the line underneath and then I go in with Hair like strokes through the front of my brow, and I just brush it out to blend and I end with finishing off the tail It’s pretty simple. Just try to make them as feather as possible now. I’m gonna do exactly the same thing to the other brow That’s more like it now. I’m taking my brow gel This is from benefit, and it’s the Ready Set brow, and I’m just using this to lock my brows in place so they don’t move Now I’m taking my NARS radiant creamy concealer I’m in the shade vanilla if you’re wondering. I’m just using this to prime my lids, and I’m taking a sigma brush To blend it all out now I’m taking my bare minerals powder in the shade Dawn zero two – to set my lids for eyeshadow now I’m taking the illuminate by Ashley Tisdale palette I’m obsessed with this. I’m taking the shade Seychelles, and I’m just putting that through my crease just to add some definition and warmth to my eyelid now I’m going in with this beautiful. Gold shade It’s called Bora Bora, and I’m just placing that over the lid I was shocked with how pigmented this shadow was I really liked it a lot now going back in with that transition brush I’m not taking any more product on it. I’m just blending the gold in the transition shade together Now I’m taking this shade. It’s called st. Lucia, and I’m just putting this on the inner part of my eye Just to add a little more pop to the inner corner Now I’m taking this shade Barbados, and I’m using this with a small little definer brush And I’m just gonna smoke out kind of like an eye shadow liner. I wanted to make this more subtle, but still add some smokiness Now I’m taking that shade Tahiti and It’s beautiful Just a super pale shade and I’m putting that on my brow bone now curling my lashes And just adding some mascara and when I say this happens to me every time I literally mean every time I get mascara on my eyelids or my nose every time Now I’m taking my NARS radiant creamy concealer this is in the shade vanilla. I’m just putting this on My under eyes my forehead any blemishes on my chin just basically concealing all the spots I want concealed now. I’m taking a damp Beauty Blender and just working that into my skin like so Now I’m taking my Finn T. Beauty matchstick in the shade amber, and I’m gonna be taking this brush Just to lightly blend it out. I’m gonna be putting this on my cheeks Also, I’m gonna be putting some on my forehead um and then i’m just just blending that out and then I’m gonna take whatever’s left over my brush and just Kind of swipe that on my nose just to give a little more color Now I’m taking my Laura Mercier translucent powder and my illuminate by ashley tisdale cosmetics brush and I’m just going to Take that and set all the places I put concealer Now I’m going to further define my cheeks and where I put the bronzer i’m using this Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer And I’m literally just adding more color now. I’m taking this Tarte blush. I don’t know the shade, but I will put it in text And now I’m taking my Dewar highlighter. I’m obsessed. It’s so good This is in the shade zero zero three, and I’ve never been so in love with a highlighter before it’s so so amazing Now I’m going back in with that transition shade and I just put it underneath my lash line for some reason I didn’t have footage Of that I don’t know why? And then I just put some of that highlighter I took and put on the inner corners of my eyes and finished the eyes off with some mascara now I’m taking my pure chubby stick in the shade GameDay I believe and I’m just patting this in with my finger to give a more natural look lastly, I’m setting my face with the Tatra dewy skin mist I’m obsessed with the stuff and That guys is the final look? Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed. I just wanted to show you what I’ll be doing probably for a holiday party if I go to one but yeah, this was quick and simple and It’s not too dramatic which is nice so and if you guys recreate This look definitely tag me in the comments below. I would love to see you try and do this look It’s very simple and I believe that anyone can do it, but yeah, I believe that Um thank you guys so much for watching have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and I can’t wait for Christmas. I’m so excited Yeah, also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I would really enjoy it um And yeah, I hope everyone has a great rest of their day or night or morning or wherever you might be and yeah Thank you for watching. Bye

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