Holiday Glam | Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

hello hello hello my name is Chantsy and
welcome to my video if you guys are new welcome welcome if you’re coming back
for more thank you so so much in today’s video we are going full on golem we are
going glam with Revlon they sent me a couple amazing products as you will see
in the video I’m so excited about it they are way more affordable than your
high-end pro makeup but they have pro pro qualities to them notably this
lipstick and the foundation or – super duper amazing products that I was like
blown away by just the quality of them if you guys want to see how I got this
look just keep on watching y’all ready for this for primer today
I’ll be using the Julia’s restrictive skin glow effects just a little bit to
prep my skin I am going for a more glam look tonight so I will be using primer
on my skin and also on my eyelids for foundation I’ll be using the Revlon 24
hour foundation this color is number 240 and it’s medium beige so just a couple dabs and I’m using a damp Beauty Blender
I feel like Nicky’s tutorials you know how she goes like the light canvas after
her foundation so this has really good coverage a lot more than my daily wear and because I’m going out tonight I just
wanted to go a little bit extra so this Revlon foundation is good for normal to
dry skin and it has like a satin finish to it it’s definitely not glowy
or dewy and that’s usually like the finishes that I’m used to but I received
a couple Revlon products and I’m just putting them to the test so I was
planning on using a concealer with this foundation but to be honest I don’t
think I need it I think my skin is perfectly covered there is no color here
it is all one flat surface but I use the Born This Way multi-use sculpting
concealer this is like a very powerful concealer so I’m gonna skip that and
just go with foundation only next I’m going to warm my face up with the Laura
Mercier stelae bronzer and then I’ll use my favorite Mac brush I will list all
the products and tools in the description box okay that warm the faith’s up really
nicely gave it a little bit of definition and dimension you really lose
everything when you use that much foundation holy mama I don’t usually go
full full foundation like that I will keep my eyebrows pretty tame
because I do want to go in with a dark eye and so I usually just keep the
eyebrows to a minimum I look dead without anything on my lips I can’t even
pull off the nude thing it’s so weird anyone else is it just me okay I’m like
nervous to start my eyeshadow geez I’ll be using some old Mac eye shadow
palettes that I have here and I’m I would really want to go in with the
black let’s see how this turns out I’m nervous nervous I will definitely be
priming my lids I’m still using this little guy from Too Faced it’s called
shadow insurance I might invest in the full-size one at
the Sephora sale haven’t decided yet but it’s in my cart I like the stuff but I
don’t like that it’s splitting and I’m not sure if it’s because I have it in a
weird tube like normally you’d probably be able to shake it if it was like in an
actual container or whatever the light is gonna be all over the place in this
video but it shall not stop us from creating magic I’m totally
procrastinating I’m screwed so I’m gonna start with just a blending brush and I’m
gonna do a light transition shade so I’m gonna go with this taupe color here the
light one this is so bizarre this is coming up
darker than this eye and that’s how I was coming out like shimmery maybe there
was some extra product on the brush well good thing this is just a
transition color all right we will blend it a later I’m looking for like a dense
brush because I want to pack pack on the black color okay so I’m diving right
into the black and I’m gonna pack it on the lid the gala dress code tonight is like
black-tie but I don’t do black-tie it’s not my thing
like I hate wearing ball gowns you will never see me in a ball gown I like a
cocktail dress I just find it’s not flattering I think my wedding dress is
the closest thing I’m I wore to a ball gown my whole life I’m just packing it
on I want it to be really dark on the lid
and then we’re gonna blend out this is like the Kardashian look I should find out what black eyeshadow
they use cuz man that pigment tho now I want to blend out the see where it’s
kind of like messy where the transition color was I’m gonna take I’m gonna start
slow so I’ll go with this darker taupe so when you use more natural tones it’s
actually like a cheater way of blending out shadow so if you’re gonna go black
like that by using like a taupe it’s like you’re using like a cheater color
right and then it like melts into your skin because it’s like a taupe is closer
to a skin color than something like black now I’m using that lighter taupe again
just to lift it up what blue fallout one second please okay now that your eye shadow is on your
lid I want to really really work hard at blending this properly so I have nothing
on this one strictly for blending black smokey eye
is literally my favorite look and any time I get my makeup done by
professional makeup artist I always ask for a black smokey eye now I’m just
taking a really light tail color like the first one here
and I want to use it under the brow bone just to lighten it up a little bit I mean if you really wanted to you could
clean up your brows with like concealer as well but I don’t want that look I
don’t want like a crisp look I just want it to be a little bit more blended in alright now let’s do the bottom lash
line this is my favorite smudging brush from NYX it’s really soft and it’s soft
enough for the under eye it’s actually the reason why I got it is for the under
eye so I’m going to dip it in the black now that I’m done lining the bottom of
my eyes I want to blend it out a little bit but I’m gonna dip into some of the
burgundy from this palette to soften it out I want to keep the precision there
so I’m using like it’s actually like a packing brush but it will keep
everything confined because if I use a fluffy brush it’s gonna come down a
little bit too far this is a little bit stiff for the lower lash line but it it
will do the trick I also like the look of keeping it warmer on the bottom lash
line I don’t know if you can see that effect just looks softer and prettier and to warm it all up I’m going to add a
little bit of that burgundy from the palette to think it’ll tie it in nicely ooh you can
see the reflection of the block and the the burgundy that looks really cool and
the trick here again guys is really just to blend and I’ll admit I’m not the best
added but you just you can’t be lazy and you have to have a really light hand
which are two things I’m working on just give yourself time to do these
kinds of looks and if you want to you can grab your your Beautyblender and
just use it as like an eraser or just to help you blend it all back in together next I’m going in with this Revlon cream
eyeshadow and I’ll use it as a highlighter so I’ll do my inner corner
and maybe I’ll bring it up a little bit but it is creamy so you have to be
careful how you use it I’ll grab this tiny little brush it’s
like a silicone brush and again I want that precision so I’ll go in here
yeah that’s working exactly the way I wanted to and I’m almost doing like a
cut crease type application which means I’m keeping it straight here I’m gonna
follow the crease of my eye and then just softly blend it out and that’s the
other reason why you want that dark shadow up top so you really see the
separation ooh that looks cool I’m just gonna go
back in with the dark black and correct a little bit of that cream shadow
because I didn’t want it to go out so much I always find that you need your
eye shadow to sort of melt and warm on your face and like give it about an hour
and it looks totally different I just find like when you’re doing it
fresh it’s like the powders not settled in yet and then like later on I’ll go
back in the mirror and I’m like okay Wow like it’s all blended and it looks so
good excuse the Sun while it comes out for
three seconds and ruins my video I’m just using one of the frosty shades up
top here for my brow bone and I didn’t want like a stark white frost like this
one’s kind of like a champagne it’s just a little bit it like blends in a little
nicer a little bit of that here in the inner eye because this is a gala I just
want to like wow they look a little bit more I’m gonna go in with this pixie
it’s like a creamy Sparkle creamy glitter eye shadow glitter and
I’m gonna intensify the the other cream shadow a little bit more and just
deposit some sparkles just like that and like I don’t want too much but I just
wanted it to be a little bit more intense yes exactly
so these little left what is it glow lights or fairy lights fairy lights they
come in different colors too so these are super fun now for mascara go get
it’s not because this is going to take a while for mascara this is the NARS
climax is the best mascara I just absolutely love this it definitely gives
like volume it gives lift thickness it’s definitely a glam mascara are you guys
catching that little red hue that’s underneath I love it love how this
turned out I was so nervous it’s like procrastinating didn’t want us
to hurt I think this look would be killer with some false lashes but I
don’t wear them they like really irritate my eyes and then they get all
red and it’s not a good look and then the Sun comes out like honey can you just come and stay
while I’m done recording thank you okay so I want to add a little bit of warmth
to my face because right now I still feel like I’m a little bit dead even
though I warmed it up with the bronzer I’m gonna add a little bit of blush for
that I’ll be using the wet and wild blush I don’t know why I can’t find the
color on here but I’ll link it in the description below because I also use
this in another video you can’t find the color on here there’s like four of them
anyway so just gift all of them they’re amazing they have tons of pigment
they’re only a couple of dollars I bought mine at Walmart
oh there you go a little color never killed anybody did it okay now I’m gonna
buff it out even more because it’s just a smidgen too intense sorry I had to change my battery this
time I had to change the memory card wow I am NOT ready for this not ready to be
this okay where was I again was I doing blush oh yeah hi glider for highlighter
today I’m using the Revlon highlighting stick
it’s called insta-fix highlighting stick and usually I don’t like to mix this
one’s quite dry like I wouldn’t mix it if it was too creamy it sort of has like
a powdery finish to my nails okay this is the best part of the PR
package I got from Revlon it’s their lipstick
I am Reiger it’s like orange beautiful and this color is called 53
so let’s sell it but it’s broken so bear with me here this lipstick is so creamy and the color
is intense the pigments are amazing I hope it lasts
all night there you go guys there’s the finished look what do you guys think
I just put my hair in a bun and I know these look really SuperDuper curly but
they’ll come down for when I’m ready to go out like they’ll come down like that
it’ll look a lot less like thank you so what do you guys think about my glam
makeup look for a gala tonight I’ll let you guys know how it wears if
you have any questions please let me know in the comments down below let me
know what your favorite part of the video was and if you want to support my
channel please give this video a big big big thumbs up again you can write any
comments down below don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and keep
watching more videos down here

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