Holiday Decorations & Kitchen Love | Vlogmas Day 4 & 5

[♪♪ Last Summer by Ikson ♪♪] [water pouring] [♪♪ Last Summer by Ikson continues ♪♪] good morning so yesterday I went to
Michael’s and picked up a couple of things and I figured I would show you
guys my little Michaels haul for some stuff for on stream and decorations and
everything of the sort here’s my little Michaels haul I got a bunch of stuff for
stream decorations as well as stuff for subs this month so normally I will print
out and have a design cut it out and put people’s names on those little pieces of
paper and put them on our wall this month I think what I’m gonna do is a mix
of both so tier 1 subs are gonna be on the wall and then tier 2 and 3 either
gonna go on little balls that’ll go up on our Christmas tree or I have these
clear balls for tier 2 – so I’m thinking either this and I will have either write
on the balls or on some kind of washi tape or just black tape with their
username or tier 2 open this up like a Mac you gotta get in everything yes you do goodmorning or open this up and put in a piece of paper with their name and like decorate inside of
the clear clear ball I don’t know what the heck that’s called I forget the
ornaments clear ornaments and then for tier 3 I found these chalkboard
ornaments that I can write with chalk with the user names and hang them up on
the tree and I think that’s gonna be what we’re doing this month and then I
also got a couple of decorations so this is gonna go in the background and then
this is gonna go on our microphone it’s just little fun festive type stuff and
then of course I had to pick this up it is a senticles I figure let’s grab some
of these and I will hang them up on the tree so it actually smells like a real
Christmas tree in here which I love I love love love love love this scent I
got this like sparkles snow things so it’s got like a light snow effect in the
background and umm woops I made a mistake it’s sparkly too much glitter and it’s all
loose oh gahfdhhahfsd this by the way is my logo and this is something that an amazing
community member Drifter created and 3d printed and like built himself it’s
amazing and I love it so very much today is a stream day so we will see how
how exciting things could be today it’s gonna be me streaming and playing some
games I think I might like do something really chill today or just sit
and talk with everybody online then I think I’m gonna make some dinner and
just hang out alright so I am about to go live this is by the way what I
decorated the little mic with it’s actually cute I really like it and then
we have just my whole my whole setup in the background so I’m gonna go and stream for probably like 5+ hours or so maybe more possibly more and then make
some dinner hang out and just chill if guys ever gonna check out my streams you can go in the description and look for twitch the twitch link it’s gamewithgray on Twitch but yeah i stream tuesday through saturday
normally starting at 1:00 p.m ET but i might rethink the time start like the
start time with uploading unless I can figure out a good system with uploading
the vlogs earlier or late that previous night and yea it is dinner time
and I’m going to – I’m streaming right now but I’m gonna use my instant pot and
make a really quick little buffalo chicken blend so this can actually take
frozen chicken and make it completely cooked in like 10 minutes but I had some
chicken thought out I’m gonna roll it around and some buffalo sauce I also
have this hot buffalo wing seasoning mix so I’m just putting it in here
with a little bit of water and a lot of buffalo hot sauce and then the mix and
then I’m gonna take my chicken and pop it in here and then pop this bad boy in
the instant pot for about 15 minutes on poultry and it’s gonna be divine – divine divine divine really good really yummy this is a really great thing
honestly I’m so grateful for this thank you so much puut this hot buffalo mix we got from Walmart and they have actually a bunch of
different mixes and we just kind of toss it into a pot and cook stuff and it’s
quite nice because it’s a quick little thing and it adds a little flavor to the
chicken instead of just plain so I love this [ ♪ Instant Pot Chimes ♪ ] it makes noise and then we make sure that we have the steamer closed or not venting and then we just pick poultry for 15
minutes and I like to keep it warm for like an extra 5 to 10 minutes it’s gonna
do its thing it’s locked it’s ready to go and it’ll be ready in about 20
minutes or so so we’re dancing [laughter] I have to go back to streaming [more laughter] I love you Mac’s like I have to be a part of this mom and dad [♪ i just want to be your everything by andy gibb playing in the background ♪] you’re such a dork look you get get so hyped up – you get hyped up he’s like there’s a party going on – ooooh look at that side eye – oh there it is – get it get it get it this is the greatest thing refilling
my water with my hydroflask and I need to refill that water hooohooo all right so I’m
streaming right now and I wanted to do my advent calendar I was like yo let’s let
chat say hi to the Internet’s not that you guys aren’t already on the
internet I’m gonna open our Advent calendars so we have the Milka one and
this is freaking thing smells so good if you guys go on to my twitch
channel you can see the VOD [past broadcast] of me doing this and it’s way more cringy oh the door number four is a little bell it’s not coming out! ok I got it I got it we’re good I had a little casualty on the side piece but it’s fine
door number four mmm oh my god the chocolate so good next we have the brain blaster one now I was just telling chat but they might
be a little all over the place so we’re gonna have to figure it out like
yesterday’s vlog we opened up one of the doors and it wasn’t there so hopefully
they’re like not that badly shifted around so door number four ohhhh brain blasterz strawberry gonna put it in my mouth [laughter] just did a zoom in on my
stream these have been really good they are pretty much like warheads mmmmmmm oh my god
yeah yeah I love it so much I cannot wait, we have so many doors to go through them so excited alright so let’s go through the look fantastic one and we need number four right here I’ll just pull it out – you have our little
card I don’t want to look at it so we have two little what is it eyeliner
let’s see let’s open these up wait how do I oh there it is oh a Luxi a brush
I’m assuming that this is also a Luxi brush hmm they’re like really wrapped in
there yep it is oh that’s cool so I have two new brushes we got our brushes that’s door number four it is gonna go tucked away again until I need them
and then tomorrow is number five all right so I’m gonna cancel it
now I’m going to unplug it and this is the scary part so they say to put a
cloth over this um which I guess I’ll probably no I’ll just show you guys
that’s fine it’s fiiiiine – you kind of have to be nahhh I’ll put a cloth over it – you have
to be careful because this releases steam like hella steam really quickly
[which can be dangerous if it hits you/gets on skin/anything like that] huuuuuh it’s spooky [steam hissing] there you go it spits up you want to let the steam out and then once this little thing next to it goes down I can then open this up because it’s pressure
cooking the food – this part scares me every time because there’s so much pressure built up there we go mmm doesn’t really look that appetizing
but once it gets out oh yeah this is really amazing for shredded chicken
you can shred this so well it’s like perfection for shredding and then just
make like Buffalo shredded you know sliders or something like that and there
we go home made buffalo chicken sandwich [ ♪ Calm App playing soothing sounds ♪ ] I don’t feel well I haven’t been feeling well and he has
stayed by my side all day oh right when I turned off the camera he rolled over
onto this side of me my mushuuu Ryan came to bother me and he keeps pushing him away yeah push him away, keep me safe making some green tea that
I’ll put in a pitcher so I can have cold green tea cuz personally I’m not a fan
of it very very very hot decaffeinated green tea and we’re just gonna put it in
something like this fill it most of the way or half the way and then add
some water to it to water it down a bit that’s what i’m doing – I let it steep, added some of my filtered water and now I’m gonna just pop it into the fridge and let it cool
I’ll have it ready for later tonight or tomorrow or if I wanted to I could add
some peach schnapps to it mmm-hmm every time I open the fridge he has to look
he’s like let me let me look give me some of whatever’s in there so I ended up taking like half a sick day streaming I was not feeling well this morning but
now it is 6:30 at night and I’m like you know what I’m gonna sit and talk with
everybody just hang out something really chill and do our advent calendars so that’s what I’m doing for the rest of the evening ohhh snap I’m so excited I am saving up currently for a really epic PC build and
this is the first part for the new build I’m so excited it’s gonna be a very like
white RGB type of look as well as just a monster of a PC I’ll put the link in
the description for A. These and B. the build that I am working
towards and also my current PC build if you’re curious so we have the sour advent
calendar streaming it again let’s just go through door number five so for the
fifth door we have the blackcurrant flavor door number five now out of curiosity if you guys want to see me and my reactions
to it let me know in the comments but I know that I already opened one earlier
so I figure I’ll just show you what we got black currant I’m so bad at opening
stuff mmm I love when can taste the actual
flavor first with the sour and now for door number 5 ooooo let’s open it up and see what we get ooo it feels like it’s open pearl collagen marine cream I have to read about this but that seems really interesting that’s so pretty and this
was door number 5 with a cute little image of a squirrel a squirrel with a
bunch of presents thank you so much for watching today’s vlog again we’re gonna be uploading every other day or every few days we will see it with how busy I
am this month I really appreciate those of you that are watching and I really
hope that you are enjoying them if you have any questions please ask away in
the comments below and also because today we’re doing a little bit of or well for today’s vlog we had a bit of what’s it called instant pot stuff if
you guys have any good recipes for the instant pot leave them in the comments I
want to make new things and I’ve pretty much only been making chicken so I need
more options I have a bunch of links down in the description and as to where
you can find me on the Internet aside from here I have twitch I’ve got Twitter
Instagram snapchat a discord server which you’re more than welcome to join
and I know that a lot of the time people hear anything with twitch or discord and
they think perhaps something more along the lines of just gaming content and I
promise you it’s not just gaming content there’s so much more and my Discord is
currently set up so that you can pick what interests you have and then join
these different conversations and different channels I’ve hidden if you
don’t want to see it then you don’t have to see it and I also have a thing in
discord specifically for just notifications for when I stream if you
want to have that on so you can have like a hundred percent [okay maybe 99.9%] will go through discord notification but anyway I love you guys and I will see you in the next
video I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend and just a wonderful
December I love you all and I’ll see you next time peace

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