Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! I got
asked to do a high school version of my how to do well in college video, so that is what
I am going to go ahead and do today. If you wanna see that then definitely please keep
watching and if you wanna see my how to do well in college video, then check down below–I
have pasted the link in the description. Ok, so the main thing I am gonna say is you
really wanna see high school as a dress rehearsal for college. You want to see it as a time
of preparing yourself–physically, mentally, and spiritually if you are into that–to put
your best foot forward in college, and that starts from day one of high school. It’s important to remember that at the end
of high school you are going to get what is called a cumulative GPA, and that GPA is what
is going to go to all of the colleges that you apply to and it is a very very important
number. It is on a 0-4.0 scale, and you will get a number between zero and 4. The closer
you are to 4, the better and the more options you will have when it comes to college, college
funding, internships, etc etc. Really put your best foot forward consistently,
always be improving. Colleges wanna see you improve, not get bad–(record scratch) get
worse. So definitely make sure that you are always improving, if there are changes in
your overall performance. If not, if you come in strong, 4.0 then definitely try to maintain
that and be consistent–that is the important thing. Take care of yourselves ladies and gentlemen!
This is so important! Stay away from drugs and alcohol, staying out late, partying–all
those kind of things just impede your development. This is again, my advice, and if you disagree
with me and feel like you can do all of those things and still develop and thrive, that’s
on you. I am giving you my heartfelt advice, to help you be your best self throughout high
school. I stayed away from all of these things and I am so proud of myself, and I am glad
that I did. I have friends who didn’t stay out of that scene, and they honestly regret
it now. Building these habits in high school will help you develop self control and discipline
when you go into college and beyond. Get to know your teachers! In college you
will need to get to know your profs, and you will have to be able to socialize with adults.
That is something that you want to start practicing in high school. In public school I know that
it is a lot harder because there is so many of you, and the teacher’s attention is therefore
that much more divided. In my high school we had something called “X Hours” and that
was just s free period when you could go, meet with your teacher, and sort of ask them
questions if you had questions about class or homework. You could also email your teacher
to ask them if they are free to meet with you at any point in the day or that week.
This really just helps you on two fronts: it helps to 1, get better at talking to adults
and talking to teachers because you are gonna need that skill in college. Not only will
you need that skill in college, but you will need it in high school too when you need people
to write you recommendations to get into good colleges. The better the teachers know you
as a student and like you, that will show through the recommendation and it will just
be that much more personal and colleges will see more of the true you shine forth. Anything
like that really does help to boost a college application. The second front that this is helpful on is
to help you stand out to your teacher and that inevitably helps you do better in class
because they know what your needs are, they know what your questions are, what your concerns
are with the material, and so they can better help you. Also ask your teachers about what they do,
how they got to where they are, why they decided to study what they studied–that will help
you going down the line. It’ll give you some background for what you may want to pick as
a major, which is something you will need to do in college. So you might as well get
as many opinions as you want so that you can make an educated decision when you finally
get there. You wanna have a little bit of a sense of
what you are interested in, what it takes to get through college and possibly grad school
in that field so talking to your teachers and practicing to build those relationships
with your instructors in high school is very very helpful. High school is a dress rehearsal for college,
but it is not college! Try different things, see what you like, see what you are good at
and see where those two things intersect. I went to Brazil, I went to France, I did
debate for the first time in my life as part of a national debate competition, I did an
internship. I had a lot of fun experiencing a lot of new and different things, that in
college I didn’t have time to do. High school is really the time to get that out. I think
that is a really good thing to sort of spend high school doing is being adventurous. The
stakes are low people wanna help you! They see you as this bright eyed, still innocent,
but maturing human being who they just wanna help. So really take advantage of that in
high school, I did and I feel like it really did help define who I was in college and gave
me a really neat background going in. One thing that isn’t academic, but is more
of a social tip–be known as a very courteous and respectful kid. It just gets you that
much further with people when you’re known as someone who is hardworking, courteous,
respectful, you’re always polite to your friends parents, or just parents coming in to your
school, you’re always friendly and polite to adults. That is something that goes a long
way in high school because most of your opportunities are going to be through knowing someone, or
knowing someone and his or her parents are going to help me out. Most of the time when you get an internship
in high school, it is going to be from someone you know, and the more people you know and
who know you as a respectful, courteous, and hard working kid, the easier it is to sort
of get those ins. I ended up interning at a lab under one of
my classmates moms, and no doubt part of the reason why I got that internship is because
she wanted to help me and it made it so much easier for her to help me because I was someone
who was respectful and courteous, and I was always polite to all the adults who I came
in contact with. So just keep that in mind, I know it’s hard
in high school, you get moody you get mood swings your temper flares for no reason sometimes–and
that is completely understandable, but just try to have a long term view on these things
and be that kid that people want to help not just because of how smart you are but also
just how nice and polite and well mannered you are. This brings me to my next point, try to intern.
In one of the interviews I had after college to get a job, they actually asked me if I
had ever interned in high school. This is something that may come up, it may be important–it’ll
be that much easier to get internships in college where you definitely want to get an
internship because they’ll see “oh, this person has worked in a professional environment,
this person has had an internship, this person has been exposed to these kinds of environments,
and it more experienced.” Like I said, a lot of these will come from people in the neighborhood,
people your parents know, people you know–so sort of keep your eye out for those opportunities,
ask around, be very eager, be polite, be happy, be courteous, be a likable person and a lot
of these opportunities will open up for you that much easier. You wanna develop your interests–what gets
you excited, what makes you happy, what do you gravitate towards? High school is really
the time to figure that out. For me, I really spent a lot of time in plays and I loved them,
I loved musicals, I loved prepping for them, I loved taking part, I loved my photography
class, I loved my art class. What did you gravitate to? I also loved my history class,
and my civics courses, I loved my writing class, I loved my French class. What are those
classes that you felt excited in, that you looked forward to, that you loved going to.
These are good indications of what you are going to wanna study in college and possibly
what you are going to want to pursue as a career. Sort of pay attention to those patterns, where
do you see that you are always gravitating towards, what classes do you see you always
wanna sign up for, pay attention to them and I would say even start a journal, jot those
downs so that when you are thinking about where you wanna go to school, when you start
thinking about applying to colleges, you’ll sort of have a streamlined guide that you
can go back to and sort of say ok–these are the patterns in my interests, these are the
patterns in my classes and it will just be that much more easy to make an informed decision
when it comes to picking a school and choosing where to apply to. This brings me to—doom music effect–college
applications. Junior year is when you are going to start hearing more and more about
this. If you come from a family like mine where education is huge, a big deal, then
you probably have started hearing about this as early as ninth grade. What I am going to say about this is: no pressure,
don’t sweat it too much, but do pay attention to it and work hard to do your best. I am
gonna say, you wanna start to package yourself end of sophomore year or beginning of junior
year to be ahead of the curve. Some people are gonna start earlier than that, and that’s
fine but by the end of sophomore year you sort of have patterns you can identify. Freshman
year is out of the way, sophomore year you’ve seen it al before, you are experienced. By
the end of that you should be able to sort of think about these things! Ok guys, so that’s it for my how to do well
in high school counterpart to my how to do well in college video. I hope you guys enjoyed,
if you wanna see my how to do well in college video then definitely check my description.
I have posted the link down below, let me know if you have any other questions–I am
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I love you
so much **kiss** bye!

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