Hautelook Haul ♡ Fragrances, The Balm Cosmetics, Embryolisse (REUPLOAD)

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today
I wanted to come on and talk about a site that I have been using for years, and I absolutely
love this website. It is called Hautelook. There is everything you could ever imagine
on this site, they do homegoods, kitchenware, bedding, bathroom, they also do clothing,
accessories, purses, shoes, products for men and women, beauty products, makeup, skin care,
skin care accessories, hair care accessories, hair care products, like a bunch of brands
that you have heard of before will be on this site. This is where I actually found out about
LORAC cosmetics, they had Stila on there today, they had Morphe Brushes on a couple of weeks
ago. I recently have been hauling a bunch of beauty products. I joined this site a little
over two years ago, almost three years ago actually…and I actually had to get off the
site for a while because I started to get a little addicted to it and was on it like
everyday, but now that I have leveled out and I have recently got a bunch of beauty
and skin care products from it and so I decided to come on and show you the ones I love the
most and that I am most excited about. I will list everything and link all you need to know
about Hautelook down below in the description, so be sure to check that out, and I am going
to show you a bunch of products that I picked up and they are products that you will have
heard of–it is just an awesome site to get amazing deals that you will not find anywhere
else, so I thought I would actually show you guys this site because I love it so much and
I actually do use it pretty often–so we are just going to jump right into it. One of the first things that I wanted to talk
about is this perfume, it called Dolce and Gabbana “Light Blue” and if I could make a
dream perfume this would be it. The reason why I love this so much is because it smells
kind of like a cologne–it is like a cologne inspired perfume. I love colognes, like I
own some colognes and I wear them, I just think that they smell amazing and I like a
lot of them more than I like perfume. This one has a cologne type base, but then it also
has a spicy floral/fruity element that makes it really sensual as a scent for women. It
is an amazing summer scent, think summer scents and this is right up that alley. I first smelled
this a couple of years ago when one of my best friends used to wear it all the time
and she was also my roommate and I always loved it but I don’t step on toes when it
comes it comes to fragrances. So when we were at school together I never bought it, but
now we live across the country from each other it is fair game and I am so excited to have
found this at such an affordable price. I bought this for about 47$ and it typically
retails for around *95$ this is 3.3oz it is the large size and it just smells so good
I can’t wait to wear it this summer it is going to be amazing…I already have it all
planned out. The second scent that I got on Hautelook is
called Coach Poppy, and I go this for the first time a couple of years ago but I got
the smaller size. I got the 1.7oz I think and this scent goes such a long way, it is
such a concentrated formula. It is an Eau de Parfum which is one of the more concentrated
perfume formulas out there. I got the 3.4oz size, which is the largest one. I love the
packaging on this one, so cute and just very classic Coach with the little bow and the
red and gold logo– it is so pretty, I love it! And I am so excited for this. This is
one of my favorite scents. Every single time that I wore this people went crazy, people
love this scent, especially guys–every time I wore this, guys would be like “omg what
are you wearing? you smell amazing” and who doesn’t want to smell amazing right? This
is one of those double take scents, and it is definitely one of my signature scents,
one of my most worn scents and I am really to have a jumbo sized one and I bough this
for…let me check the app…I bought this for 44$ this size of this perfume will literally
cost you 88$ so that is literally 50% off on Hautelook–incredible! The minute that
I saw it, I just got it because I was like there’s no way I am going to find this for
cheaper and that’s amazing. Hautelook is an affiliate of Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack,
so everything tha tyou get on there is going to be legit and authentic. I just love it
because it is really hard for me to find the perfume that I always want at a lower cost,
but Hautelook always always always has it so I am so happy that I found this and I cannot
wait to drench myself in it. Next two products that I am going to show
you are also products that I was pretty excited about….The firs thing that I got was this
moisturizing cream with orange, and I decided to get one with orange because I know that
orange is high in vitamin C and vitamin C is great for evening out skin tone and lightening
dark spots, so I really am excited to start using this. I got this because I wanted a
very rich moisturizer to use when I exfoliate. Technically I exfoliate everyday because I
wash with my Clarisonic, once a week I exfoliate with my personal dermabrasion tool and I use
a scrub on my face at least one other time a week. I just believe in exfoliating it just
helps my skin, it is what has always helped my skin and so I just love the way that it
works for me. This is amazing after I exfoliate because I really want to put that moisture
right back into the skin and I want to make sure that the moisture sinks in as much as
possible and after exfoliating is the best time for that. Can I just say that I love
the Embryollisse packaging, it is like matte and really soft and luxurious so I love it,
so chic and rich almost. The next thing is a product that I have been
anting to try for such a long time, this is the Emrbyollisse Emulsion Hydramat, and it
seems like it is sort of a primer moisturizer hybrid to be used under makeup. I am so excited
to start using this, I will do a review in an updated skincare routine video because
it has changed since the weather has gotten warmer. This is for normal and combo skin
which is perfect for me. It is supposed to be mattifying and also lock in the moisture
so I can’t wait to try this it sounds like something that I would dream up in a lab,
so I can’t wait to try it because it sounds perfect for my skin type. Last but not least, I got these three products
from the Balm Cosmetics and I am so excited to start using them because I have been wanting
to try the Balm Cosmetics for the longest time. These three products literally cost
me 45$, and then it was 50$ altogether with shipping and tax. 45$ for three of these products
is like half off retail price. I got the Betty Lou Manizer which is a luminous
bronzer, and I tend to gravitate these because a lot of highlighter tend to be on the pale
side like the Mary Lou Manizer, and so I tend to get the luminous bronzer instead because
it works pretty well as a highlighter for someone with darker skin like me. This Betty Lou Manizer is gorgeous, the consistency
is really nice it is not too powdery. It is almost like a creamy highlighter or creamy
powder, that is the Betty Lou Manizer right there, how pretty is that. It looks like it
could be a really nice candle light glow, but also could be built up to be a little
more dramatic and I think that is so gorgeous. It does not have that shimmery almost extremely
high beam look that a lot of my other highlighters have, it is just like a very strong glow and
I love that look it is like I can’t wait to use it. I also got the Mary Lou Manizer, because I
saw a swatch video in which it looked really pretty. This one is much brighter than the
Betty Lou Manizer, and it did scare me at first because I was like there is no way that
that is going to good on me, but I am am excited to play around with it–that it the Mary Lou
Manizer on the left and this is the Betty Lou Manizer on the right. They both have the
same sort of radiant beams that isn’t too metallic but is still a very nice statement.
I just think that the packaging of these is so so cute, the boxes are super cute as well.
I am so tempted to just stash the boxes somewhere because I don’t want to throw them away. These
are so cute I am excited, and I feel like these will be gorgeous for summer time. Last but not least, I also picked up The Balm
Nude Tude Palette, and I am excited because I love neutral palettes that I feel like I
could get a lot of use out of and this is no exception. These colors are all so gorgeous,
I do not see a single color that I don’t think I could reasonably use on a day to day basis,
so that is really pleasing. These colors are incredibly pigmented, just look at that black.
Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to start playing, they are crazy pigmented and it is just really
really pretty. I am just going to run that down on my wrist–that is the black, that
is the brown and that is the chapagne color that I swatched on my hand–just the smallest
amount, and look how pigmented that is. I love this palette already, it is official.
The packaging is totally on point, it looks like a really nice classic room from like
the 60s, love it. That is all I got from Hautelook this time around. That is it for my Hautelook Haul, I hope that
you guys enjoyed, thank you so much for watching. I am really pleased with all the products
that I got, I am so sorry that I have been gone for so long, I have just been traveling
a lot recently and just haven’t had a free weekend since the last time that I sat down
and filmed. I wanted to try and get ahead of it but I just wasn’t able to so I am so
sorry, I am gonna be better and I plan to be on top of it and regular from now on so
thank you so much for sticking with me to those of you who have stayed around, I love
you guys so much. Don’t forget to check the description down below, I will have everything
that I talked about in this video linked down there for you guys as well as my Hautelook
link. Let me know if you have any questions, thank you guys so much for watching! I am
so glad to be back, I really missed you guys and I love you so much and can’t wait to see
you in my next video. MUAH, bye!

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