Hatsune Miku Makeup

Hatsune Miku she’s a Japanese Vocaloid superstar and if you’re not familiar with her you need to look her up ASAP because you’re seriously missing out young this video is going to show you how to look like her but remember you can always use this tutorial for other anime looks to start out with an electric blue eyeshadow here I’m using cream based eyes shadow because it blends so easily you want to apply this color on your entire lid because we’re going for that hyper anime feel with your trusty old white eyeliner exaggerate the white of your eyes and extend it out like this you’re creating the illusion of bigger looking eyes almost bulging them out also don’t forget to line your waterline take the electric-blue again and outline the white eyeliner if you’re good at drawing anime and manga then this will be a piece of cake take a turquoise color and focusing on your Center lid apply a generous amount around this area I like using two eyeshadow colors rather than just one because it’s going to create that beautiful artistic look with the dark gray matte color draw a crease line above your real crease this will exaggerate the folds in your eyes creating an illusion of deeper eye creases now with your black liquid eyeliner start from the inner corner of your eyes and work your way out by drawing a very thin line it should gradually become thicker as you move out make sure the eyeliner is moving up instead of down if your eyeliner is moving down it look as if your eyes are drooping and you’re gonna look really sad unless you like that email look avoid drawing the eyeliner down here I stack three lashes on top of each other to exaggerate the lashes and apply the fake lashes on as usual look at how big my eyes are starting to look we’re not even there yet it’s going to get crazier now for the fun part using Japanese bottom lashes in my opinion Japan makes the best bottom lashes they come in all shapes and sizes but most importantly they’re so easy to use I never have trouble using them you need steady hands like a surgeon to do this now take the turquoise color again and use this color on your brows you want your brows to match your turquoise hair color I’m also going to add a bit of blue for color variation so now it’s time to finally throw on the wig will add the pigtails later take the pinkish blush that you own and with your blush brush smile and apply this color on the apples of your cheeks this will give you that innocent doll like look we’re Oma’s there now take your pigtails and come out your long Rapunzel hair I’m also going to add the hair accessory and now clip the pigtails on do the same on the other side and of course finish off with a pretty pink lip gloss also if you want the full Miku effect don’t forget your blue contact lens so now we’re finished looking like had SUNY Michiel is as easy as Who am I kidding this took forever but it was fun now you can dress up as your favorite Vocaloid for costume events anime Expos concerts and grocery shopping good luck so now I’m gonna try that my kawaii Toyota Karla to catch my next concert hope to see you there

100 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Makeup

  1. Expanding Brain Comment:
    Tails: Brain Is Still Smol
    Kaito: Brain Is Medium Now
    Sonic: Brain Is Big Now
    Miku: B R A I N E X P A N D E D

  2. I remember when I was a child I used to watch your videos and I said "when I grow up I wanna be like her!" I really idolized you when I was child, until now. And now, I'm a cosplayer! You are really my inspiration and I came back to this video to tell you that! Xx <3

  3. I used to watch this year's ago and I was just getting into cosplay. Now since I am a cosplayer, there's several minor things that struck me as a big nope. But I mean this was top tier back then

  4. Watching this video especially during the eyebrow part brings back memories of when me and my brother would fight about whether or not Miku was blue or green on her lives. He always said green I always said blue….
    ….that always warms my heart.

  5. i almost don’t really remember the tutorial itself bc i remember as soon as she said i should look up hatsune miku, i opened up another tab and looked her up and was occupied for hours and ended up becoming OBSESSED with vocaloids when i was 10 yrs old 💀

  6. I love MP, just tutorials, no dramas, no gossip. She was so classy, professional and ACTUALLY HELPFUL. Miss her so much

  7. Golden time of Internet, when Miku was a popular trend and Michelle was starting in the make up tutorials

    I miss this time

  8. She not like hatsune miku because
    hair style
    Hair style:pony
    Nails:aqua blue
    Make up:🚫miku

  9. Jeez. Im just watching alll her old vids that I watched when I was like, 5! She got me into Kpop and anime when I was in kindergarten! The feels!

  10. I wish Michelle Phan still attended Anime Expo. That time is rolling around again and I wanna see her there.

  11. man i used to love this video even though i had no idea who hatsune miku was

  12. I remember watching this when I was a child back then and it all started. Now here I am..watching anime n shit.

  13. I remember back when I was in the Philippines in 2011, I would always come back tot this video because I love Haksune Miku so so bad!

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