What’s up everybody?
Welcome back to my channel. Today we are going to be diving
into some brand new products that I just got in the mail from a brand
called “Storybook cosmetics”. Now I know a lot of you have
seen their, I’m going to say, the Harry Potter inspired make up
brushes that they came out with. They look something like this. I know a lot of Video YouTubers have tested
these out. I ordered them a while ago, got them in the mail and I haven’t
tried them out yet because I was waiting for their
eye shadow palette to come in. Now I pre-ordered it, I think about
like a month and a half ago, I said, “You know what, let me wait to try the brushes for
when the palette comes” and the day is finally here. So, I have a quick confession to make, I have
never fully watched a Harry Potter movie. I know, don’t, I know all of you
at home are like “[babble]”. Now Nathan is a huge fan of Harry Potter,
he has watched all the movies, he’s been to the amusement park
at Universal Studios here in Los Angeles. He has every book, seen every
movie, probably like ten times. I’ve watched the first
one halfway through and it was a really late night and
I may have fell asleep on the couch. No tea, no shade. I know a lot of you or most
of you have watched Harry Potter and you know way more than me. So the eyeshadow palette
comes in this beautiful little velvet casing. And then you pull it out and it looks like this.
I love it, like the packaging is stunning. Now, this is $52, retail. Now it’s thick.
You guys can see, it looks like a like a book that you would obviously put in on
your shelf at home in your library, if you will. So you open it up and it has
a giant mirror, which I love. And it has twelve shades. So I of course have
not swashed these yet, I haven’t tried them. So on their website it actually says that
there are three formulas in this palette. There is a matt, a metallic
and then a pearl. It also says that this is a vintage style
storybook complete with gold foil detailing, I mean girl, we see
the packaging, it’s stunning. Now here’s one thing
that I find a little strange. Asked Nate to come up and look
at this and I said, are these symbols or anything that is like real Harry Potter because
on the website it says that Storybook Cosmetics is proud of this unique
original creation inspired by all the magical stories
they grew up with and loved. This palette is not sponsored by,
endorsed by, or associated in any way with the owners or creators of any
other pre-existing literary or artistic work. So I know that in the future
this brand is saying that they’re going to license other brands and
do kind of like collaboration type things. But I thought this was licensed through Harry Potter
and definitely inspired by Harry Potter. But on the website I guess they don’t want probably
to get sued by the creator of Harry Potter. So I said, Nate, what does this
packaging look to you like to you? And he said, it is very like based
on the Slytherin part of the books. And this is very Slytherin and he said that
the “S” on the thing looks like the Slytherin font. So I was looking Slytherin up on my phone and definitely
the snake or this “S” does kind of look like this. I mean obviously there’s Harry Potter
inspired probably for legal reasons they can’t say that or maybe they
couldn’t get the license. Is Harry Potter ever going to come
out with cosmetics, who knows. But I obviously think it’s amazing, and I’m not throwing
any shade I just was a little confused by that. I didn’t even know what
Slytherin was and then I found out that I actually run and control it
because yes, I am Lord Voldemort. As so many people on YouTube have tried
to call me that, Oh My Girl, that’s an insult. So I have already, of course, done my foundation,
my contour and my highlight. I have just, primed the lid with some Mac
Painterly Pink Pot and of course, I know you’re all going to be like “Girl,
what is that highlight, it’s a little blinding.” This is from the brand Joey Cosmetics,
and it is called Skinny Dip. Girl, I’ve been going in
on that pan. Don’t try me. And, let’s open up this baby. I love that you can
fold the mirror back and it kind of sits on your vanity. It’s really pretty. I love the shade names
are a little different than a normal brand. They are very like, I just love
the font. It’s really cool. So I am going to go in first with this matt shade,
and I’m going to go on the website and make sure. Oh no, this is not matt, my bad. On the website
it says that it is a pearly, white. So it is a pearl formula, so I definitely
do not want that as my transition color. So I’m probably going to go in with
Charms, it says it is a shell pink, it looks more kind of like a beigey, like camel
tone, so I guess we’re going to try that first. Alright, so let’s see, by dipping in
for the first time, what these look like. Oh, I mean that coated the brush
immediately. Which I appreciate. I don’t want my hair to get in the way so
we’re just going to clip her back as always. So I’m just going to take this shade Charms
and we’re just going to put it right in the crease. Now I do have no brows today.
I’ve been loving the no brow look. There’s just something fun
and I haven’t done it in a while. Now first impressions, I like to tilt my head all
the way back, ooh that’s a really soft, pretty color. Like, that is really
pretty and light. Sometimes I don’t like transition
shades to be really, really intense. Depending on the look, I don’t even know
what kind of look I’m going to do today. We’re just going to roll with it. I will say this, this brush is easy
to hold, because as you see when I’m holding it my fingers go right in
the groove of here, and yeah, it’s really nice. Alright, so that blended out really nicely.
Now of course there’s only five brushes, so I am going to have to go into
my personal collection and grab a few. There is a shade that
is really pretty in here. It is called Broomstick, it is like
this chocolate matt brown up here. Now I am just going to take, what kind of brush
shall we use. Okay, I haven’t used this one. Let’s try her out. This has the little gold medallion
on it. Definitely coated the brush immediately. Now to soften that I’m going
to go back in with this brush and what I like to do is like
I like to mix a lot of the times so I’ll take the brush and literally
once go into that color, or twice, and then I’ll dip into the other one just so
it kind of gives me a little blend, if you will. And then I’ll go right in there where
I put that chocolate brown and I will blend up, just so it looks
very seamless and very airbrushed. So now I’m going to try the shade Sorcerer.
It is this ruby red metallic. I’m just going to pop a little bit into the crease
just to give it some flair and a little bit of color. And I’m just going to take it, and I’m
not going to go all the way down, I’m just going to start from the middle
and just kind of go over the brown. So now we have three shadows
in here and ooh, this looks pretty. Oh right, you guys.
I love how this is looking. Now I do want to add some kind of pop above
the color and kind of blend these all together. So I am going to go in with this pearl, white shade
color, the Prophecy and I’m just going to take a… I know I use this a lot for highlighting
but the little morphy five ten, and I’m just going
to go into that color. I’m just going to take this and kind of put it above
the shadows that have already blended together and now we’re just going to add a little
extra flair and pop to it. Ooh, okay. So if you do have an eyebrow of course
you’re going to put this color right bellow your brow hairs and it is going
to pop and look stunning. Oh right, you guys.
I love how this is looking so far. Now I’m going to go in with the shade called
Bewitched. It is a coppery gold metallic. Now of course I’m going to try
it without, Oh wow. Come on girl. I was going to wet the brush
but I might not have to. I’m just going to pop this on my
lid and let’s see how it looks. If I think I need it, like I need some fixed plus
I will, but let’s see how it’s going to pack on. Oh wow. Hmm. Okay pigmey,
that’s not bad you guys. Okay, this is applying as if I’ll have
that kind of already wet the brush, I’m a little shook right now.
I’m not going to lie. All right you guys, I just tuck some
of the gold shade, Bewitched in here. Now I’m really, like, feeling this blue
shade Merlin and I really want to try it so I’m going to go in with a little Tom Ford
pencil brush and let’s see dab in here. Now usually blues have a fall out with
bran but just going in here, not at all. The brush is fully coated. Let’s just try
this out, so I’m going to take this and just really slowly work it
under the lash line and be very careful cause I don’t know
if there’s going to be fall out or not. I’m going to take this brush with a little bit of that
transition color that we first started with. And just kind of go underneath the blue and
soften it. Alright, this shade looks stunning. Now I’m going to take some
Mac Smoulder eye pencil and just kind of tuck that in the water line.
Ooh, I’m about to sneeze. Ooh, my Lord. All this powder
is up my nostrils girl. Alright, let me take this pencil. It was a little
cold, going to warm that bitch up. Okay. Now I am going to do some
mascara of course, no shocker here. I’m going to be going in with my Benefit Roller
lash and let’s get these lashes ready. Alright you guys. This look is really complete.
I’m not going to do false lashes today. I’m kind of living because I haven’t worn make-up in
a few days, so my real lashes are actually like “ooh”. They’re like long and pretty,
so I’m going to keep that. But I am going to go with my Urban Decay All
Nighter Setting Spray, give her a little shakee and we are about to set this make up and then we’re
going to dive into some swatches real quickly and see what the rest of the palette
looks like. But first, let’s set. Ooh, she’s feeling refreshed baby. Alright, now, let’s get to swatching. Alright, so I’m going to do some finger swatches
of the other shades that I did not get to use today. I will of course use them in the future. Now this
matt grey one called Cloak looks amazing. So I’m going to take some clean fingers and we’re
just going to go in like that. And ooh, hello. And we’re just going to do this on my hand
real quickly just to see what they look like. Huh. Oh, that is really
pretty bitch. What. Now we are going to do this
metallic green, it is called Potions so I’m going to go in with this finger
and then we’ll go in with Salem, over here, and let’s
see what these look like. Here is Potions, bam, ooh, that is pretty. Now my hand
has no primer, has nothing on it. This is just bare skin and here is Salem.
Ooh, that is like a little duo chrome moment. hat’s pretty. Now we have Cauldron
right here and then we have Spellbook. So let’s take Cauldron with this finger,
I’m running out of fingers y’all. And we’ll just do right here. Ooh, that’ is a pretty
like blackish grey. Alright, now we’re going to do Spellbook with
my thumb and then we’re out of hands here. We’re out of hands, we’re out of fingers.
Right, so I’m just going to do that right there. Ooh, that one is stunning. Okay, I’m just going to say this okay. We’re going
to swatch one more, so there’s one called Jinx. I’m going to clean this finger
real quickly on a paper towel. Alright, so this finger has been cleaned, we’re going
to go dip into this shade right here called Jinx. And let’s see what this one looks like.
Ooh, it’s almost like a, like a silvery pearl. Let’s just go in. Ooh, it’s like a grey,
silver, pearl all in one. Okay. Hmm. I’m like, that is so pretty. I might have
to like a highlight too. Hey you guys. So I’m going to give
you my final thoughts right now. I already have the answer, I will say this. I’m sure
you guys are not going to be shocked by this, but the Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft
Eyeshadow Palette is Jeffree Star approved. Now of course you guys can see from putting it on
my eyes and these swatches, this palette has pigment. Now, for $52 and all the shades
you get with the packaging and everything combined,
it is definitely worth the money. I think that this palette is stunning, the pigmentation
is on point and for an Indy brand I am very impressed and I’m really
happy to support a company like this because I think they really knocked it
out of the park with this launch. Now the brushes I will say were pretty good.
I did not know what to expect because I was like “okay, the handles are amazing, but are the bristles
going to be cheap or are they going to be nice”. They’re not the best brushes on earth, they definitely
kind of feel like that vegan synthetic type of I don’t want to don’t want to say drug store,
but kind of drug store brushes I guess. Of course the packaging is stunning, but it blended
out everything great, there was no problems, it didn’t drag or make anything
look patchy. It was pretty good. Now I know that they are coming
out with a lot more stuff. They have brushes that look like
real roses which of course I have pre-ordered because I know you guys
are all going to ask me to try them out, so those will be coming I think in next month. I love that this brand lets you pre-order
stuff and then it comes in a few weeks or a month later so you know there’s no anxiety
like “Oh my God am I going to get one” and they do restock often and
have several pre-orders so I don’t… I think this palette is sold out
right now, but of course who knows if we’re going to be watching
this today, tomorrow or in a month. So check on their site if you want to get this
and I’m sure they’re going to come out with a lot more stuff so I’m really
pleased with this brand. So shout out to you ladies,
you guys are on an amazing start. Thank you guys so much for watching
this tutorial and this first impressions and I will see you on the next one.
Bye guys. Love you.

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