Hardware Store Makeup Challenge

Beauty is hard… – …ware.
– Let’s talk about that.( musicplaying ) Good Mythical
Morning! Today we are
debuting hardware store
beauty hacks, cooking the fanciest
and most expensive Crunchwrap Supreme
you’ve ever seen, and taking a trip
through the craziest
music videos of K-pop boy band
royalty…BTS! But, right now we’re
diving into the world
of beauty. – Uh-oh.
Makeup is used to
beautify faces. And hardware tools
are used to beautify
houses. And if Disney Channel
original movie
“Smart House” has taught me anything, it’s that houses are
the same as people, and the singularity
is real. Hmm. And so today we’re
finding out all the ways the hardware store
can refine your
beauty routine. Now, there’ve been
a handful of these
Home Depot – beauty hacks
online already,
– Mm-hm. but we’re gonna
take it to the
next level and remodel ourselves!
It’s time for… All right. We’ve asked
Mythical crew members
Ellie and Jordan to head over to
the hardware store to find an assortment
of tools and whatnot in order to challenge
us with some hardware
store beauty hacks. Now, Ellie, you are
our resident makeup
expert. Yes, um, I’m not great
but I have a lot of passion. – Link: That’s good.
– And Jordan? I’m a dumpy nerd who doesn’t put a lot of time
and effort into my appearance. ( laughing ) I’m a natural fit
for this segment. – Perfect!
– Okay, so in
each round we’re going to
attempt a hack that they
have invented. And then we will
determine if it
“Hardwares” – or “HardWon’ts.”
– Yes. All right, let’s
see the first hack. We’re here at
the hardware store! And I was thinking,
Jordan… – Yes.
– When you build
a house, what’s the first
thing you do? Well, you–
permits… …of course. I don’t
know, I rent. I’m sorry. – What is the first
thing you do?
– You start with the foundation. – The foundation.
– So I was thinking, like,
foundation– paint department–
but paint brushes
are like– they’re basically
just big versions – of makeup brushes.
– Right. I’ve seen
makeup brushes. – Boring.
– I’ve met women. Yes! I think that’s
lame. I think we can
do better. I think we can
do better. Ellie:And I think
we’re gonna focus
on the roller section.
– Both:Ooh!– Ellie:How’s that feel?
– Nice. It’s like a declawed cat
is pawing my face. We’ve decided you’re
gonna have to use
a paint roller for your foundation.
( sing-song ) Good luck! – Oh-kay.
– Wow. – Bring ’em in.
– Here it is! – This seems like
child’s play.
– There you go. We have our proper
permits, Jordan,
don’t worry. Oh, hey, don’t
declaw your cats,
everybody. I just wanted to add
that. Don’t declaw your
cats, it’s cruel. What do you have
to say about
the cats, Rhett? What should they
do to them? I think you should
just cut their feet off. – Jordan: Whoa!
– I’m just kidding! – I’m just kidding!
I love cats!
– This is a crap-ton – of foundation.
– If you have any extra
imperfections, here’s your concealer.
A slightly smaller
roller. Okay, just in case
we don’t get it all. I know how to do this
because my dad is a painter. – Yes.
– All right, so
I got a nice– Oh, I’m gonna take
my glasses off. – Kinda nice.
– I feel pretty good
about this. (classical music playing) I don’t want to
get the eyebrows. – Whoop, you got
your eyebrows.
– ( laughter ) I’ve never seen anybody
put their foundation on
that quickly. Don’t forget the ears. – Oh, you normally have a
blemish but you kinda decide–
– Thank you, Rhett. you kinda have a
whole area that
you missed, so I’ll just put some
concealer on it. Oh, really? Anything else
I missed? – The other side,
the same place.
– Okay. And then right
in between your eyes. Get rid of
that unibrow. You just missed
your ear. ( laughter ) And the spot
under your ear. The spot that gets
red when I get mad? – The spot between your–
– Cover that up… your hairline and
your beard line. …so nobody’ll know
how mad I am right now. ( laughs )
Okay, um– – (music stops)
– You know what? I think
this is a great idea. I feel like
we look great.And, so the
question is…
Hardware or HardWon’t?Both:
So we’re here in
the screw section. Look, there’s like,
a million tiny drawers,each with their own
secrets, huh?
Yes. It’s like
we’re at Hogwarts. Lots of fun hardware, here.
Lag bolts. Carriage bolts.
You name it. Ellie: You know that off
the top of your head? No, no, I’m reading them
off the signs. I’ve never
built anything or used my hands
for labor, so… The concept of
using, um, a screw for mascara is
not new to us.
We didn’t invent it. And it started with
this company who made
a $70 mascara that looks exactly
like a screw. Put it–we’ll
put it right here. – (ding!)
– Oh! ( scoffs )
Look at that! – No, put it here.
Put it here instead.
– No, put it right here. So this looks exactly
like the mascara wand they were charging
$78 for. Thinking that
screw’s too small. – Screw’s way too small.
– We want bigger, more
voluminous lashes, – we gotta get ’em–
– Of course. And I do.
And I do. – You gotta get a bigger
more voluminous screw.
– Right. Ellie: Look at that!
That’s a big, thick screw. All right,
Rhett and Link, you have to use
a skinny screw and a big
voluminous screw to apply your
mascara. – ( laughs )
– I learned a new word,
“voluminous.” Oh yeah. Voluminous
is crucial in beauty. I thought it was
“volume-in-eous.” – Whatever.
– Okay. – Good luck!
– Well, we’ve got this. This is not part of
the intro. – Uh…
– And what is this? Well this is what
the mascara is in and you normally apply it
with this thing. – Oh, this is the mascara.
– Rhett: So maybe you can use
this thing to squeeze out
some mascara juice. – Link: Squeeze, man.
– Ellie: You can probably fit
that right in there, guys. Link: Oh, why don’t we try–
keep using the hardware. – And here…
– ( Rhett guffaws ) You just stick it
in there. – So much easier.
– Look at that. Look at that.
There’s one. You hold that one
with your other
finger. And then, this one
right here. (screw zipping) It really does look just like
the expensive one. But it represents
a lot of savings. You may really be onto
something here, guys. Link: This always scares
the crap out of me. Is this working? You’re–you’re doing it, man.
Am I doing it? – A little bit.
– Wow, you did good. ( breathily )
Yeah. I didn’t do too good.
Maybe it’s because my
screw’s too small – We’re just gonna paint–
– Rhett: Yeah. This doesn’t seem like
the kinda thing you should
put into your eye, but that kind of reasoning
has never stopped us
on this show. – Am I touching it?
– The key is to turn it– apply it and turn it
at the same time. – Let me see?
– I’m really trying to
do a better job– – Oh, you did it!
– I really mucked
this one up– – Oh, that looks
– And then the bottom? – Ellie: Oh, my God.
– Link: How’s that? It’s really good.
You look like that guy
from “A Clockwork Orange.” – What about that?
– You’re totally missing
the bottom. – You don’t have
eyelashes there.
– Yeah, I had ’em removed. Yeah, it’s part
of my world view. You need a little bit–
you’re afraid for me
to do this. Yeah, you’re too shaky.
I would–yeah. I’d rather
a cat do that. Link:
So again, Hardware
or HardWon’t?
Hardware!So I think, next step,
we wanna go lips. Your eyes are bold,
you lips need to be bold. And I wanted to go
power tools… because… it
should make you
feel powerful. So a jigsaw works–
it’s like a free-form saw? It lets you– it’s
called a jigsaw because
you can cut out, like, the curves of
a jigsaw. – And so I thought since
the lips are curvy,
– Mm-hm. that’s where we
need to go. So we are going to
attach a lipstick to a power drill
jigsaw. Jordan:
They lock these up
pretty tight. – ( straining ) Oh, god.
– Jordan: Yeah, I think
the lesson here is if you wanna steal a jigsaw
from a drugstore, bring a child with tiny hands
to help you. Ellie: Do you think
it would be a good idea to attach a lipstick
to a power drill jigsaw? Mm…no,
not really. – Jordan: Mike knows
what he’s talking about.
– Yeah. All right, Rhett
and Link. You have to
apply your lipstick with a jigsaw….
and not die. Oh, Mike, we’re
gonna prove you
wrong, buddy. Are we? ( sing-song )
Here you go. – ( electric buzzing )
– Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. Jordan, you didn’t–you didn’t
really seem to be – in agreement on this one.
– Oh, no. This is a terrible
idea. – ( laughter )
– A very bad idea. – Ellie: Hey!
– You’re placing this
squarely on Ellie. – Yeah, I bet you guys
are gonna lose teeth.
– Uh, yeah, I– – Anyways, see ya.
– Ellie: It’s gonna work – and you’re gonna like it.
– I’ve been given a power tool
everybody! – I am not comfortable–
– What? I’m sorry? You shouldn’t be
allowed to do this. You shouldn’t
be allowed
to do this, but you have to go first
because you’ve also got herpes and I don’t wanna
use the thing after you. So you’ve gotta… – Just start slow.
– You jumpy, man. For a good reason. ( chuckles )
Yeah, I’ve
earned it. Really purse them. ( electric humming ) – Dude, don’t go
so fast, man.
– Okay. Nice and easy. Whoa, there’s not–
It’s either on or
off, really. (classical music plays) Mm…mm. ( Link chuckles ) How does that feel,
by the way? – Look at what you did!
You did a good job!
– I’m missing the edges. ( laughs ) You overdid it a little
on the sides, but… …it actually feels
kinda nice. ( laughter ) – ( whirring )
– (music playing) Ooh. Ooh. It’s like a
massage. Look towards
me more. Usually when you
put on lipstick,
it’s like this… I’ve seen– I’ve
seen them do this. – Oh…
– Link: It’s actually
pretty precise, man. – That is tickle-tickle.
– It’s pretty precise. – Now–now work it in.
– (laughter) Look at that.
That’s incredible. It feels good! You know what stage
you’re at– like, everybody in
the house knows–Oh! – ( humming, whirring )
– “Must be lipstick time.” ( laughs )
You can hear it. So, uh… I think what we’ve
discovered here
with this one is that not only
just as effective, just as beautifying– – It’s more fun!
– And it’s more
therapeutic. Yes, I feel like
I got a lip massage. Both:Hardware or HardWon’t?– Rhett:Oh, God.
– Both:Hardware!Ellie: We’re here
in the trash aisle because I have
an idea. When you were
cleaning up – a busy work studio,
– Yes. where you cut wood
and do all sorts of stuff, – you need a shop vac.
– Again, this is all
theoretical to me. – I’ve never worked
with my hands before.
– You’re the worst person – to bring on this trip.
– Yes. I learned from a
different GMM episode that you can switch
the motor on that and take out the filter
and it’ll explode
things out. – This is such an
educational show.
– So, when you’re done with your make up–
and I’m sure
Rhett and Link probably look really
good right now– you have to set it
with powder so it doesn’t
melt off your face. So what you’re sayin’
is we can give it a
little vac blast. – We’re gonna give it a little
vac blast.
– Give it a little vac blast. All right,
Rhett and Link, you have to use
a shop vac to apply
your setting powder. I’m so glad that
you knew we would look – so good right now.
– A vac blast. – Oh, you do look good!
– You were able to
anticipate that. It looks like you
were going to a bachelorette party
and then melted. – That’s ’cause we don’t
have our setting powder.
– Right. The setting powder
keeps your face
from melting. – The shop vac is
set on blast.
– Kinda looks like an urn. I’m gonna load this up
with the setting powder – so we can set that
look all day.
– I love it. – Ellie: All right.
– Link: Oh, my goodness. Good gracious,
that’s a lot of powder. Do we need
all of it? – Ellie: Yeah.
– Yeah, you look
pretty bad, so you should probably use
as much as possible. Ellie: It’s important
to mattify your look. And that’s what we’ll
be doing here today. Okay, whatever
you do… – …don’t breathe.
– Don’t try this
at home. Don’t breathe. I’m staring down the barrel
of makeup death, here. Five…four…
three… two…one… – ( vacuum whirring )
– (classical music plays) ( vac winds down ) – Did it hit me?
– ( Rhett laughing ) Mostly in the nose. Ugh. Look, this eye
won’t open. I thought it was gonna
come out like a huge dust cloud and I actually think
I could’ve worked
it around. – Got me right here.
– So when you do it to me, I
think you can work it around. Okay, we’re learning
something, guys. This is an educational
show, Jordan. – Rhett: Yeah, go for it.
All the way. All the way.
– All of it, all of it. Even get the one
that I left out. We got a little
from yours. It smells so good.
It smells like my grandma. – She’s dead.
– Well, not like she
smells now. – How’s that trajectory.
– That’s probably too close. You can start that
close but then you
need to move around and really get
it even, – ’cause I really want
this to look good.
– Yeah, man, yeah. Okay, here we go. Five…four…
three… two…one… Blast! (classical music plays) It’s like
airbrushing! Whoa!
( laughs ) There ya go.
All right. – (music ends)
– Whoo! Kinda started
to go up, ’cause I– Oh, you look
great, Rhett. – Wow, you know what?
You really–
– You’re so set. It really just set it in
and everything got tight! My whole
face got tight! Jordan: You guys look like
the Joker’s just not trying
anymore. – Why so no longer serious?
– Joker 2018. – Ah, the Joker Brothers.
– This is very efficient, but I think we have
coverage issues– Yeah. I’m mean,
I feel really good, though. It’s a little–
it’s a little
aggressive. And also I feel like
just the amount of powder that you have to
purchase for one
application– – is probably–the ratio’s
a little off.
– Overkill. So it’s not a
great use of your money. Link:So Hardware
or HardWon’t?
But I will
tell you, you can actually
use the hardware store – to look beautiful.
Who would’ve known?
– Yeah. – I think the internet
knew, but thanks, guys,
– Yes, thank you. – for challenging us…
– Ellie: You’re welcome! I hope we
made you proud. And click through to
see us make the most expensive
Crunchwrap Supreme in the world. But let’s get cleaned up
first. Rhett:Ellie’s looks rad
in our Mythical Dad hat
and you can too by
getting yours online
at mythical.store.
Not bad.

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