100 thoughts on “Halsey’s “Manic” Makeup Tutorial | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  1. the fact that her top lip rarely moves when she talks is so calming and i don’t know why i love the way she talks so much but i do

  2. “I’ve been trying to grow it out for years, and the one thing I’m finding is I feel like me when it’s short” girl I feel you I grew out my shaved head all the way to a bob and then I literally couldn’t take it anymore and shaved it again. Long hair’s so annoying ugh

  3. Watched the whole video and all I latched on to is the thought of Evan (a horror star) terrified of eyelashes 😂😭

  4. “One of my greatest accomplishments in life is learning how to put on mascara without making and O face”

    Kim Kardashian:”My DaD SaId,’KiMbErLy, I dOnT ThInK yOuLl eVeR pUt On MaScArA wItHoUt YoUr MoUtH oPeN.’ hAhA hAhA!”

  5. Most people are average looking, or at best, slightly pretty without a sh*t ton of makeup, hair dye, extensions, shape wear, eyelash growth serum, bra enhancements, absurd footwear and uncomfortable clothes. I wish people would just be real. All this nonsense is so tiresome. It's degrading to women to slather every inch of your face with paste and letter around like a footbound geisha on high heels. Just stop all this self-loathing behavior.

  6. on both of her eyes half is gray and other half is something between brown and green like im really tryimg to figure out what the f is going on XD ( edit: and theres a bit of blue there)

  7. I literally gasped just now because she held up the Maybelline Rocket mascara….I use that mascara too! Lol I never knew she was this likeable and somewhat relateable 🤷‍♀️Go Halsey

  8. Just watched Doja Cat's… "I use powder on my brows bc they're shiny and catch the light which kind of deletes your brows"

    Halsey: "this pomade is shiny which is good bc the eyebrow hairs should be shiny"


  9. I love how Halsey only does one eye its like she has two different styles of make up going on i love how Halsey just. Uses her fingers to do her hair I have short hair too and no way can I do my hair with my fingers

  10. i adore her and I'm obsessed with her cute teeth too :') the cutest girl and the most powerful woman!!!!

  11. Beauty Secrets?
    More like this why you find a girl thats naturally pretty with or without make up

  12. Please consider adding closed captioning for accessibility so that everyone can enjoy this video fully. Thank you!❤️

  13. I didn't even know people hated her. I couldn't imagine not liking someone as unique and pure as Halsey, but I guess people often hate what they can't understand.

  14. I was not the biggest fan of her music, but this tutorial changed my mind about her as a person. She seems so sweet, and she is naturally stunning

  15. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’d LOOOOVE another Halsey x Vogue video!!!! 😍and Hari Nef!! And Rihanna!! ….and I’m gonna stop there all well be here all night 😂 😁❤️✌🏻💋

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