Halsey Gives Her MUA the Craziest Rainbow Eye You’ve Ever Seen | Turn the Beat Around

don’t look ok I’m sorry why would you
look I’m curious I can’t believe you just looked hey guys its Halsey and this
is Denika aka Den Doll she’s been my makeup artist for a little over 2 years
now and she’s the only person that I ever let touch my face pretty much ever
and that’s because I do my own makeup a lot so today we’re gonna switch places
and I’m gonna do her makeup oh I’m so nervous
Den Doll is famous for her winged eyeliner it’s like her signature Talent
so I’m gonna try to do a wing on Den I’m just so scared no it’s gonna be
amazing. I’m Priming you You wanna know something funny? no one’s ever done my makeup. Now I’m even more scared. Oh my god. This is the scariest moment of my life what’s the most fun about working with you though is that tomorrow
you’ll want a really natural face and then the next day you’ll be like no I
want to look like a totally different human being well I mean I also feel
like I really like like natural like pretty makeup but I also love looking
like totally crazy and Halloweeny too when we went to Korea and we shot with
BTS so fun getting to experiment with like k-beauty for a little yeah we both
research like Korean beauty products and beauty looks and different trends that
they have so that we could kind of marry with their culture and make it
appropriate out of all the looks that we’ve done in
the last two-plus years what’s like your all-time faves? dude that’s a
really hard question I really loved oh my god I’m getting fallout all over you
good cuz your foundations already oh my oh my god im having a panic attack. just for personal reasons I really loved the pin-up look we did for the nightmare
video because the pinup is like your thing yeah feel like all the looks we did for nightmare
we’re kind of amazing yeah there’s so many different looks though that’s the thing
if you had a beauty mantra what would it be
it’s for me so it’s just like accepting that your face is your face and not
trying to change it and make it something else like sometimes you just
have to accept like that’s your nose and yeah your lips aren’t that big and like
your eyebrows look like this and like it definitely helped me get used to being
like in the public eye I was seeing photos of myself that like we’re just
like really naturally beautiful photos where I was like smiling or is
really having a good time or like I was on stage which is like not always the
most flattering you’re like sometimes you’re like ah you know but you’re
powerful and you’re like it’s your craft or that’s your talent in like your world
and your space and like there’s something beautiful about being in that
zone where even if you don’t look like you know it’s not super glamorous to be
like sweating with veins popping up you have always made sure that the makeup
never gets in the way of me like living like sometimes someone will do your makeup
and be like like don’t sweat or like don’t open your mouth to why or like be
careful like you know what I mean like I’ll be ready to go on stage and be like
just you know this lipstick is gonna end up all over my face and you’re
like cool it’s supposed to I’m not doing as bad as I thought I was. I bet it’s
gonna be amazing okay I’m doing ok
that SNL episode when you painted upside down he used to meet me at east side my thought process is like sometimes less is more
but sometimes do you feel like I’ve taught you something or some things I
mean you teach me stuff like from the technical perspective all the time he
kind of taught me to just like kind of like stand up for myself a little bit
like if people it yeah like if people ask me to like change something that’s
out of my comfort zone what do you think is your most favorite career moment to
date not when I got blue sparkle all over your cheek SNL was definitely one of them I was like
one of the coolest moments of my life just because I think like I got to like
express myself in so many different formats I’m at my desk and I’m sexting
my boo telling him the freaky-deaky stuff we’re gonna do. I think my most proud career
moment though is gonna be this album I’m writing right now because you’ve heard
some of it and it’s definitely like really honest yeah just gonna give ya a
get it you’re gonna literally hate this never yes you’re like a goth and I’m
making me into a pop star yeah what do you think was the coolest moment that
you were ever with me for for like a shoot or something like that
I feel like we’ve had a lot Rolling stone was a big moment yeah it was both
of our first covers on first Rolling Stone and you were like the most epic
cover ever and I loved that you were supernatural with your hair your makeup
and yourself like everything was just super raw and I think that was a really
amazing moment I think every time you perform I’m kind of taken back really
yeah how come because you’re like so insanely talented when you make it look
really effortless and you work so hard I love what I do even though if I wasn’t
doing it I’d probably be doing it using white is like a real it’s a great thing
to do I know I’m like what’s your favorite song that you’ve ever done on
an album I really love gasoline honestly dude this year I’m really filling them
with about me he’s crazy because I fucking usually
hate your radio hit because is you have to hear it all the time I’m like every time they
play that song live I’m like they’re I feel like colors is like this is about to get
the biggest crowd pleaser everyone knows everyone loves colors so
funny – this is such an old song you think so good though
it’s definitely stood the test of time it’s gonna be so funny for me to sing
when I’m 28 mm-hmm because of that lyric oh do you make it to the day you’re 28
years old you’re dripping like a saturated Sun vines
what is your favorite music video to date that you’ve done I think I know the
answer but you cannot be pen answer are you thinking of the answer I think I
know the answer I think it’s nightmare it was okay where was so fun what a lot
of people don’t know is that mmm you went straight from Coachella yeah right
into a two day music video smell but I’ll show you my teeth I’m gonna she’ll
speak if you just love me baby I just don’t even know what I’m doing to you
right now and I remember it was so so fun because I usually do narrative based
videos and like I feel like we never just get to do like crazy looks like
where I’m playing all these like different characters and all these
different like moments in time you know what I’m gonna do when I put this in
inner corner of your eyes you can see what it’s like when you do it to me you
can see what it’s like when you put this in my inner eye I really liked when you
are kind of like androgynous in the gray suit and we have like Cara Delevingne
you would you like your that like wet and greasy I was like so masculine
it’s so good okay I’m almost done you are gonna literally hate me so much
never I mean this is like some real amateur stuff going on get out of here nope I think when you work with someone
who’s doing your makeup they’re responsible for like the way the world
sees you which is a really intimate thing every accomplishment I’ve ever had
Dan’s been with me for I know how this one behaves so I’m skeptical but we’re gonna see I definitely pulled a lot of pages from
Cosmo I actually was like so geeked out when I did my cover shoot because they
had me fill out a questionnaire and at the end of the questionnaire they were
like like write us letter and they give us a kiss and I used to remember like
all my favorite female celebrities putting their kiss mark in Kosmos and I
thought I was like oh my god I get to do I shouldn’t have put the pink well it’s
really funny because I can feel you doing things so I have an idea where you
place things one final thought excited just to be annoying oh my gosh one more color I’m like literally a perfectionist you
know I am just so hard trying to set the white keeps bleeding into the black and
turning gray it’s killing me so when we do not one more coat or more one more
this for the reveal I don’t laugh sorry okay well we could get we’re gonna look
together okay ready Oh literally the most color I’ve ever had on my face this
is really pretty ash it’s looking about it’s okay. you
blended the hell out of it and it looks so good I’m like a mermaid
you’re literally lying I swear I’m not lying don’t I thank you for giving us
this opportunity Den’s never let me touch her face ever
again I mean I might give you like a little hiatus but after that you’re back
you’re back in your hired I did like that make sure you guys subscribe the
cosmos you can see more videos like this best client ever

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