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Hey guys! So for today’s video, we are gonna sit here and just
try to power through the storm that is happening outside. I don’t even know why Florida is
referred to as the sunshine state, because i feel like it rains 90% of the time. like everyone comes here to vacation thinking that they’re going to lay on the beach,
with the beautiful weather and the sunshine… Go to California, if that’s what
you want, because in Florida you’ll probably end up sitting in
a hotel room for the entire week, while there’s a torrential downpour. Do you hear this? Alright, it’s much more quiet now, thank God,
cause it was getting really really crazy out there. So for today’s video, I am, of course, going to
be doing a step by step make up tutorial on this look that you see right here. I was so totally inspired by this photo,
that a subscriber tweeted to me weeks and weeks ago. And look at this girl’s make up,
let me zoom into her. First of all, her bone structure, on point! Just gotta throw that
out there. But this make up, I died for it. So I was totally inspired by this, I did make it much more dramatic and a little bit extra, but you know me,
that’s just how we do it around here. And it looks like it’s by Kristal Clear Makeup,
as you can see right there. I know that looks like this can be somewhat intimidating, especially because you have a glitter liner so it’s like “Oh great! Not only do I have to do a
regular wing liner, but i also have to do a glitter liner.” Like it seems like a lot of work. It seems like
it’s something that you can easily mess-up on, and I get that.
But don’t be afraid to try! You never know what you’re going to be good at, until you try it. And maybe you’ll put it on and you’ll hate it, but maybe you’ll absolutely love it.
So don’t be afraid to try new things, you know? It’s what I always say,
the beauty about make up is: if you don’t like it,
hey, at least you tried it out and you can wash your face and it’s done. It never happened. So, anyways, thank you so much
for watching this video you guys. If you like it, make sure to subscribe to
my channel if you wanna see more; Give it a thumbs up, you know I appreciate it! I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you soon. Bye! Hello everybody! So for today’s look, I’m gonna
start with my eyes because things can tend to get messy
when you work with a lot of shadows, especially dark shadows. So, I wanna make sure I can
clean it up and not ruin my foundation. That’s why I start with my eyes first. I’m going in with Makeup Geek “Bake Sale” and a small, natural hair, blending brush.
This is the Morphe M441. And as you can see I’m taking this color
all the way to the inner corner of my eye, in windshield wiper motions,
all the way to the outer corner. Then I’m gonna grab some
good old Makeup Geek “Creme Brulee”. It’s been a minute since
I’ve touched this eyeshadow. Using that exact same brush, I’m going to blend that right over top of it, and I’m gonna
take this a little bit higher, up towards the brow, just so that
it’s nice and smooth and nothing is harsh. Now I’m going to be grabbing “The Masquerade Palette” by Juvia’s Place. I was really looking for to playing with this, because “Hello!” Look at all these beautiful colors. So I’m gonna pick up this kind of medium
to dark matte brown shade, it’s super pretty. I will say right off the bat, you guys, there definitely is some inconsistency
in this palette, because some shadows are bomb and then others definitily
lack blendability and pigmentation. This color, though, it’s beautiful. So I’m gonna be packing on the outer corner and bringing all the way to the inner corner,
just like I did with the other two shades. Just this time I’m packing
a little bit more of a generous amount and I’m gonna keep it lower on my actual lid, and I don’t really want to go any higher
then the crease of my eye. Make sure you’re evenly packing the same amount
of product on the inner corner as you are the outer. Then we’re gonna grab another
Juvia’s Place palette, this is “The Nubian Two”. I’m gonna grab that cool toned brown, and now you’re gonna see I’m definitely having difficulty with this. I was hoping that it would show up
really cool, and really intense and deep. And as you can see, I really wasn’t
getting much product to put on my eye. I was trying, though. I was gonna
make it work. It works if you work it, right? So I kept going back and packing more and more on. But what I ended up doing was
I actually ended up grabbing some Anastasia Beverly Hills “Fudge” eyeshadow, which is kind of a warmer brown, but it’s a very deep, which is this one right here that you see on the screen, and I’m gonna go over everything. Cause it just looked a little patchy, it wasn’t
blending right and I honestly sat there with that color for like 5 minutes to try to make it work, and I was like: “Girl, I am done battling these harsh lines, okay? Let me go ahead and grab another shadow, and blend it out.” So that is what I did. I’m litterally just taking a smaller, more dense,
blending brush than I used in the beginning and I’m just going over everything,
back and forth, in windshield wiper motions. And then I will take a clean brush, I just kind of go over the whole thing
very gently, as you can see, to make sure that dark brown is
blended in with that lighter brown. Now I’m gonna go in with the Natasha Denona palette, and I’m going to use this shade: 04M chromatic. You can buy these palettes,
or you can buy them individual. I’m gonna spritz my brush with a little bit of
MAC “Fix plus”, and then very, very lightly and slowly I’m gonna begin to pack
this color on just the center of my lid. Now you’re gonna see me struggle
in this video, but I actually kind of like it. I thought: “I’m not gonna edit out
the struggle”, cause I want you guys to see certain things that you’ll come across
when doing makeup, and not to get frustrated and ways to work out of it. So I packed that color on my lid and then
I went back with Anastasia “Fudge”. And all of a sudden I’m like, as I’m packing this on, I’m like it is just… it’s not giving it to me the way I wanted. I sat here for so long, trying to blend out that silver and make it look really beautiful, I ended up kind of
covering up, as you can see me doing right here, cause I’m like: “Why aren’t the edges blending out?” So I ended up taking that exact color, with the exact brush and MAC “Fix plus”
and putting that silver all over my entire lid. And I did my left eye with this different technique, and it was so much better. Like, just covering my entire lid with this and then going in and putting
that dark brown on the inner and outer corner, it was so much easier.
It was so fast, it took like 60 seconds and the outcome was better. For some reasons this
has never happened to me before, normally like I do this halo technique and it’s easy, but for some reasons, today,
my eyeshadow was trying me and it happens, just like some days
winged liner is super-easy, the other day it’s so crooked,
it’s like you just wanna wash your face and scream and throw something across the room. And today was one of those days,
my shadows did not wanna blend. So that’s a little tip that I’ve kind of
learned along the way, and it helps so much. So now moving on to liner,
I’m gonna give myself a nice wing. You can do this thick and
as long as you wanna go. Honey, if that’s not what she said,
I don’t even know what she said. But one thing that I love about this look, doing the glitter liner, is: if you struggle with having a straight line, it’s actually kind of awesome
because if your line is wavy, it’s okay cause you can just go
and cover up with a glitter liner. So now I’m gonna go on with
one of my favorite glitters ever. This is by Lit Cosmetics, and I’m going
to use the “Lit glitter glue”, which you need. If you are someone who works with glitter a lot,
I can’t stress enough how amazing this glitter glue is. It truly is the best.
And as for the liner, I literally just dip my brush into it, pick up
a little bit of the glitter and it just makes it so slippery and it just glides on so easy,
and it’s nice and full pigment glitter. And as you can see right here, this is honestly
easier than the black gel liner itself. It is so simple. But I will say the reason why, is because
the brush. You have to have the perfect brush, that’s not too fat, not too thin
and comfortable in your hand. This is the Morphe M250-1, and it’s my favorite one. And if you need to touch up your liner,
a little bit of glitter has fallen down, you can totally go back and make it
blacker and touch it up so everything is nice, and straight and symmetrical. Now I’m going to be applying false lashes,
and I’m gonna be going in with the Blinking Beaute “Samantha” lash.
Oh my God! My babies, I swear.
If I could birth a lash, it would be these. Like, they’re gonna be, I think,
in my top 3 for like the rest of history. They’re just beautiful. I’m going to be priming my skin with
Elsie “Pearl Radiance” primer. It is amazing for those of you who have
dry skin and are looking for radiance, moisture, hydration. It’s such a nice primer. Then for foundation, I’m going to be using the Hourglass “Vanish Stick Foundation”. This is a medium to full coverage, definitely
more on the full coverage side. I absolutely love it. As you can see I litterally draw on my skin,
I paint it on and then I buff it out with the Morphe M439 buffer brush,
which is a synthetic brush. I always recommend a synthetic brush to blend out your foundation, no matter what brand is by. I think it gives the most beautiful finish overall. Then for concealer, I’m gonna be going in
with the Tarte “Shape Tape”. Don’t worry! I’m not using a shade that light. Nah, no more
honey, maybe a year ago, but now no more. I do go over it with a different darker shade
because they’re currently out of stock of my actual shade, so I mix like a really
really light one and like a more tan one, to give my perfect color right now, until it comes
back in stock. I’m waiting, I’m stalking you Ulta. I am ready for my shade! I’m going to blend that completely out with a damp beauty sponge. Do you see how full coverage that concealer is? Like, it doesn’t play games.
It does not play games. So now, with that exact same
damp sponge, I’m going to grab the RCMA “No color, translucent powder”. I put it in into like an old Sephora packaging because I cannot stand the packaging that it comes in
and it just makes it so much easier. So I emptied an old container,
and just put it right in there. I’m gonna set my entire face with this damp sponge and that powder, including my under eye. I’ve been doing this recently, and I just love
the outcome. It makes my whole face bulletproof, and I just think that it looks so flawless. I’m gonna fill my brows really quick, and then
we’re gonna jump to the under eye area. I’m gonna go in with the exact same shadows
that I used on my top lid, and we’re just going to begin to just run everything
all the way from the inner corner to outer corner. I do suggest, when you’re doing
a smokey eye, don’t bring your color all the way into the inner tear duct,
otherwise it can begin to look like a black eye. So make sure that you kinda stop right when the lashes stop, that’s where your color should stop on the inner corner of the eye. So after I apply with a pencil brush, I’ll go in with a blending brush with a little bit more of that color, just to really blend it out and kinda buff it down,
so it’s nice and smokey with no harsh lines. How many times a day do I say “harsh lines”,
honestly? Like, I need to get like a quarter jar, where I put a quarter in
every single time I say “no harsh lines”. So, I just use a little bit of
gel liner on my lower waterline and I’m gonna go back in with that
dark brown and just blend that out, so it’s nice, and smooth and black with “no harsh lines”. Another quarter! Just applying a little bit of mascara
on my lower lashes, of course, and then I’m going to move on to the face.
I’m gonna contour using Benefit “Hoola” bronzer, and I’m using this brush
that I’ve been loving recently for contour. I feel like I’m finally getting my contour game
back on point, I kind of lost it there for a minute, It’s okay.
It’s okay, cause mama’s back. I’m using the M530 brush to apply this, and it’s kind of scratchy, which turned me off at first, cause I was like: “This is not gonna apply it very well”, and I kind of was like a little pouter about it,
like: “Mh, I don’t like this”. Now I’m obsessed. Now that I’ve used it
a couple times, I love it, I live for it, I die for it. And then I’m going to sculpt out that contour by going in with that same damp sponge
and that same exact translucent powder. I’m just going to sculpt it out and then,
immediately, just grab a brush and wipe it away. You can leave it there if you want for a few minutes,
or all day, whatever you choose. No judgment! But, especially when using
a damp sponge, it’s like an instant effect and I just wipe it right off.
We’re good to go. And then I’m gonna grab the Morphe 9N
Blush palette, and I’m gonna take this matte kind of rosey-taupy shade, and I’m going to use that exact same brush that I used to apply my contour, despite I have two of them. I use one for blush,
one for contour and I’m going to use that same brush, I’m gonna put this on the apple of my cheeks
and blend up towards the temple area. Now for highlight, my favorite
combo recently, “Champagne Pop”, I heard some lame girl she created it,
I don’t wanna talk about her right now, and I’m going to mix it with “Mary Lou Manizer”
by The Balm. I mean, c’mon, look at that! I’m sorry, there’s no denying. There is
no denying that highlight. It is so pretty. So I’m gonna put that at the top of my cheekbones,
I’m gonna put a little bit on my chin, a little bit on my cupid’s bow, and then the tip of my nose. It’s kinda hot how I’ve been highlighting recently, and I really, really like it. Just kinda brings
an overall highlighted effect to the entire face. Now, for lips, I’m gonna start off by going in with ColourPop and Kathlenlights “Point Zero” liquid lipstick. I love this color so much,
I’ve talked about it on my favorites video, I’ve talked about a lot of products
in this video of my favorites. But I just love this sub color so much, I think
it’s really different, and really, really beautiful. But I wanted something a little bit different
for this look. Like I felt it wasn’t popping enough. So, I grabbed Jeffree Star Cosmetics
“Posh Spice” and layered it, and then I thought it was perfect.
Cause it kinda has like a greyish undertone to it, so it really pull like the cool tone and the silvers altogether, and I felt like it really completed the look. I’ve been mixing liquid lip colors recently,
and loving it. Like custom-creating your own. Anyways, you guys, that’s it
for this look. I hope you love it! Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye!

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