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this! Without further ado let’s jump right into this makeup 101 tutorial! So
guys today I’m going to be using the morphe brushes 35w palette I just wanted
to use something a little bit more affordable and I believe these more few
pallets are like 20 bucks a palette and you do get 35 shades in them so that
comes out to a pretty darn affordable definitely drugstore range of
affordability just so that you guys can see all of the colors in here this is
kinda what we’re working with lots of Purple’s lots of bronzy shades. Ooop
fallin over! lots of Purple’s lots of bronzy shades
and I think this is a great palette for fall so I’m gonna be using this palette
today to teach you guys how to do a halo eye. So today I’m gonna start out using
the Too Faced shadow insurance this is just an eyeshadow primer that I really
really enjoy and eye shadow primers are really good for helping colors to be
super pigmented on your eyes and helping to reduce fallout I would highly
recommend using an eyeshadow primer of some kind and if you don’t have an
eyeshadow primer just put some concealer on your eyelids and powder over the top
and then you can start your eyeshadow look and it’ll stay a lot better so the
Morphe palette doesn’t have a mirror so I’m gonna be using my Marc Jacobs
palette as the mirror don’t like get me wrong I’m not using this palette for
anything on my eyes that’s all the morphe palette but there is legit no
mirror in this guy so now I’m just taking a little bit of my
Rimmel stay matte powder and powdering on top of that primer
for the first shade I’m going to be going in with this orange color right
here and that is just gonna serve as my transition shade and my crease I’m going
to start applying it right on the outer corner and kind of use little fluffy
circular motions and back and forth windshield wiper motions to get that
color more concentrated on the outer edge and also the middle of the eye in
the crease but also just slightly blend it in towards the center part of the eye
I do want it a little bit lighter on the inner corner but I want the color to go
all the way along the crease when I’m doing a halo eye and once I feel like
I’ve got that kind of blended all the way and most of the product off of my
brush I’m going to kind of take it up a little bit higher and try to blend that
up towards my brow bone I don’t want it to be super pigmented up there but I’m
just kind of blending out these edges which is why I waited until there’s not
product very much at all on my brush so my next step is to take that same color
and put it on the outer corner of my eye and also on the inner corner of my eye
on the lid just to start blending that color inwards to create that halo effect
of darkness on each edge of the eye and something that’s really great about halo
eyes is they really help to contour your eye and I know like everyone’s super
into contouring right now contour this contour that contour my neck contour my
butt but you know contouring your eyes is a legit thing you do darker around
the edges and the lighter in the middle and it’s gonna really bring your eye
forward and make it seem more round and make it kind of pop so that is a benefit
of doing an eye look like this now I’m gonna go in with this deeper Brown
orange shade right here and I’m gonna use that in my crease just a little bit
lower to deepen it up a bit and this is just adding to that dimension on the eye
to just draw the parts that you want to draw backwards backwards in the face if
that makes sense darkness is it going to bring areas back
just like when you contour your cheekbone and sinks it in we’re
contouring the eye socket if that makes sense that’s it’s a weird thing to do
but it looks pretty promise and I’m also going to be taking a little bit of a
smaller blending brush just to make sure I get this very
precisely in the crease and I’m also going to bring that again on the inner
outer corners I’m just not going to bring it into the middle quite so far and just to make sure the edges are all
nice and blended I’m going to go back in with my big blending brush with whatever
was left on it and blend out those edges and now I’m going to go ahead and take
this dark purple shade and put that on the inner and outer corner of my eyelid
and I’m just going to be using a flat shader brush to lay that down and then
going back in with my detail blending brush here I’m going to take some more
of that purple and just kind of blend it over the top of the crease to connect
the top and really finish off that halo effect so we’re just gonna take that and
kind of go from the one side of the purple over to the other and keep it
pretty darn low in the crease and then going back with my big fluffy brush I’m
just gonna blend out the very very edges of that purple being really careful not
to blend too much so that it gets muddy and just kind of feathering out the very
edge of where that purple is and then I’m just gonna take a little
bit more of that purple on my flat shader brush and really touch up any
areas that I think I lost a little bit of pigmentation in the blending now I’m
gonna take a little makeup remover wipe just to make sure I get all that dark
purple off of this flat shader brush real quick and I’m gonna go ahead and
spray it with some setting spray because what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna
take a bright shimmery shade and place it right in the middle and that is
really gonna pull the middle of the eye forward and make the eye appear more
round and voluptuous and pretty and boom you know it’s gonna be all like POW wham
eyeball you know you get it for the bright pop in the center I’m gonna go in
with this coppery gold shade right here because I think that’ll be really really
pretty and I’m just gonna place that right in the center of the eye and I’m really being careful not to take
that too far out because it’s easier to spread and blend it than it is going to
be to undo it and I’m going to take this little detail brush and just kind of
feather that right on the edges of the copper
to make sure you have a really gradual change between the copper and the purple
and I’m going to take our orange transition shade and apply that on the
lower lash line just to really help round out the look and then I’m going to
take this light shimmery shade right here and just apply that on the inner
corners of my eyes and also on the right brow bone so that is kind of the
finished idea of how you do a halo eye you can do this with a variety of colors
you just really want to keep the darker shades on the inner and outer corner of
the eye and then connect it over in the crease and that is really going to give
you depth around the eye and then if you apply a lighter shade that maybe has a
little bit of shimmer to it right in the middle you’re gonna get that pump that
pulled forward so I’m gonna go ahead and put on my liner my mascara and my lip
and I’ll be right back okay real true time you guys sometimes putting on
liquid lipstick really does not go the way I wanted to so I just legit spent
like a full 10 maybe 15 minutes trying to get that to work right so guys this
is the finished look I really do enjoy doing halo looks they’re one of my
favorite kind of looks so just remember darker shades in the crease in the
internet corners and a light shimmery shade in the center of the lid and
you’ll be good to go that is the key behind a good halo I look and if you can
do that you can do pretty much any halo look you want so that’s it for this
makeup 101 tutorial on how to do a halo eye I hope you guys enjoyed it and if
you did enjoy it please make sure you smash that like button so I know to keep
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really good fun time over here and I hope to see you guys and it comes
again soon that’s pretty much it I love you guys and I’ll see you next time bye

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