100 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN MAKEUP (i have a lot of talent)

  1. at 10:00 who is the one who looks stupid…. like I know she said she was joking but girl did u have to say that to your 5m subscribers ? 🤔

  2. binge watching all of your videos, 12:09 pm. update: james is shook, he’s quaking, HES SISTER SHAKING! he could never 🍵🐸

  3. ok but emma looked like flashback mary in the first couple minutes of this vid

    emma is getting more sketchy each day

  4. Emma , to cover brows cover it with green or orange colour corrector then cover them with foundation that is what I've seen!!!

  5. "Should've appreciated weekend Halloween's when i had the chance"😂😂still watching in 2019 love youuu haha

  6. Make more of make up tutorials ples hahahahaha ive been watching the old ones for months so yah

  7. The candy corn look+ Emma = that weird guy covered in yogurt from that weird British like yogurt commercial

  8. K why does this video have Shane Dawson vibes

    Like how she is talking and acting just reminded me of Shane

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