HALLOWEEN 2019 | Comic book girl | Quick & easy Halloween makeup | Mehron Paradise palette

Hello Beauties! My name is Ewa and today
quick, very easy, last-minute Halloween makeup tutorial. Last year I did this
makeup and I asked you on my Instagram, by the way here are my socials, do you want
tutorial of this look and you said “yes”. So, here I am and we’re gonna do this
look and it’s seriously very easy and you just need what you have for your
regular makeup, everyday makeup, maybe only you need a white eyeliner or white
foundation or concealer, but it has to dry. Because last year I used white
foundation for those white dots and that foundation didn’t want to dry and it
pissed me off, because you just need to touch it very softly and it was
everywhere. So maybe white eyeliner will be the best.
Besides white eyeliner you also need black eyeliner or black paint, you can
use black pencil, black eyeliner will be the best. I was using black eyeliner,
today I will use black eyeliner and black paint, and white paint. Also you
need your foundation, concealer, you know basic stuff you use everyday like
bronzer or lashes, if you use them and red lipstick! That’s the most important!
You need a red lipstick! So today we are going to do makeup directly taken from
comic book or animation, or you can call it how you like
and I’m going to start from covering my lovely pimples and all those friends
that I have on my face. For this I’m going to use green concealer and regular
concealer, and then we are going straight to the brows. If you usually start with
foundation – do your foundation now. I like to start from my brows, because it’s easy
to correct any mistakes, but I will not use my pomade or eyeshadows, or
pencils, I’m going to use black eyeliner. Add some few hairs inside. Let’s go with
eye base. Maybe you noticed that girls, women in comic books, in any comic series
and animations actually don’t have very rich and vibrant makeup (of course unless
you’re Jessica Rabbit), but they have always usually red lipstick. So I am
setting my eyelids, because I don’t, I want to contour my eye, but I don’t want
like super hyper highly pigment. Now I’m taking something that I will also use for
contouring my face and I will contour my eye, but really
quick, very softly, nothing special. Basically something like this.
Now it’s eyeliner time and you have to do eyeliner with a wing, so if you need
any help especially, if you have hooded eyes here are a few tips and tricks for
you, go and check it out. Ok, they are clearly not the same and you can see
this when I do something like this. That’s good.
Now with eyeliner, well I will do this with eyeliner, because to be honest I am
very afraid to do this with paint. Great! We need to accent our eyelid and our eye,
so we need to do a little line here, a little arch. Last year I did it wrong,
very wrong, because I I did this line inside my crease and if you have hooded
eyes that’s definitely very wrong idea. Try to do it a little bit above your
crease, okay? allright? so everybody will see that, yes? mm? huh? Great! So it’s not
going to be here, but a little bit higher. Now when you have this line you want to
connect it with your wing, something like this. And if you do this a little bit
sketchy that will also be okay. So now you can see how very imperfect it is
and it’s actually good, you can leave it like this. Of course if you have hooded
eyes don’t do something like this, don’t look up and don’t do anything with your
eyes until it dries, so when you paint these lines just wait like, I don’t know,
like this or close your eyes, or look only down.
Don’t open wide your eyes, because you’re going to have stumps of your eyeliner
all over your eyelid. Alright, now it’s time for black eye pencil on waterline.
And my eyes just became very small. And of course now it’s time for your mascara
and eyelashes, I will apply bottom lash mascara after my face makeup, so now it’s
time for foundation and concealers, and cover my pimples, and powders, and if you
want to know how I do this step by step and why I do this this way – not that way,
you can always check my tutorial how I do my face makeup here. Here. Time for
bottom lash mascara and contouring. So like I said, I’m taking this thing. This is,
actually this is from NYX Powder Blush in shade Taupe. Also nothing crazy and I
will not use a bronzer, if you want you can, but I want to make this makeup as
much minimal, but still still visible. I only want to make a little,
little touch of highlighter, but you know not Jeffree Star glow, something more soft.
I will add also in my inner corner too. And by the way this brush isn’t green, it’s
clean, okay? I used very pigmented eyeshadows or
paint, I’m not sure. What can I do now? I can mm-hmm apply lipstick and I even
can apply the same lipstick that I used last year.
This is Project Chimps Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. By the way
don’t do your lips very big, don’t overdraw them as you usually do, because
we want to overline them with black eyeliner too, so keep that in mind.
We can now do details, so you should outline only one side, so choose your
more prefer side. My hands are shaking, I am human jelly. I have no idea what my
camera recorded, so let’s start over. For me the most hard thing with my lips
are corners and remember that your corners should be not exactly in your
corner. My corners are here and I am sure yours too. And you have to do your
corners up. Also I think I should make them not so big. Concealer in pencil – my savior! Yeah,
that’s better. And now I need black paint. You can use black eyeliner, but not in
pencil or this kind of thing, you need eyeliner in jar something like this. So
you will easily grab with concealer brush and paint lines. And with that
paint you want to outline your face. Don’t be afraid of thick line, it will
look good you’ll see. Okay now jawline, I am fat so it’s not easy, from
here somewhere… Now line here in the middle of your nose, somewhere here you
will end this and do a little tiny line here. Shall I demonstrate it to you. And
here… Something like this. Now you need to accent
these sides of your nose, so here you do just a very thin line and that’s
all, and here a little bit lower. And of course you can with for example black
eyeshadow just paint everything on your hairline black. Of course it’s not
necessary and I didn’t do that actually last year. Now let’s paint a little bit my neck. The
last one thing to do is white. Let’s start with the lips. Do line here and dot. And dot.
A little tiny white line here on your tip on this side where your highlight is.
The same thing under your brows. The last thing are those white dots, I’m going to
tell you how to do them. No matter if you have eyeliner or paints, take your white
paint on tip this side of your brush, just be sure that it’s size that you
want… Look at this! I will do here white dots in
three or four rows. I added also these two rows of dots, of course this is not
very super crazy detailed and precise and I think that’s good, because anyone
could do it. And you look good from every single angle. I hope you like it, so leave
me your like if you liked it, and of course you can check my previous video
and my whole playlist 2019 Halloween makeup tutorials. And as always I love
you very, very much! And I see you soon! Bye!

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  1. You look so beautiful! The only fat you are is Fabulous And Talented. You make this look easy but I have a feeling it’s not lol. πŸ˜‚ ❀️

  2. You look so beautiful in this makeup! 😍😍 team double chin! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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