Hair Sunscreen Nature-Plex spray

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk to you
about something very special! Therefore sunny days is the usual thing in the region here, we need to protect our hair. So for me very special is the Nature Plex
protective sunscreen. So you will apply it usually when you are out the
Sun and you want to protect your hair. But this is something more than that
because you can use it as well if you go to the swimming pool or if you go to the
beach. Because the south of the water can damage so much your hair or the water
from a swimming pool which is so bad for our hair so this is going to protect you
there. For me, this is a very different kinds of protecting hair sunscreens. You can see there is one and two because it made for
different kinds of hair. So for the fine hair we got number two and for very damaged, thin hair we got the number one. So it depends on how much moisture you need to decide which one you will use. So please remember, when the summer starts your hair looks okay. But after the summer if you’ve been
exposed to all that we’ve been spoken you will feel proper damage on your hair.
So if you want to avoid that I can recommend you the Nature Plex Hair Sunscreen for sure!
It is an excellent product. You will feel a difference on your hair.
If you have any questions and want to comment please write your comments down below and we will be very happy to answer you. So, thank you very much and
see you on the next video. Bye.

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