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Hey, it’s Andrea. Welcome back to my channel.
I’m attending a Halloween party, I don’t have a
lot of time to like make a costume or go buy one so I’ve decided to just be a cat, one
in doubt be a cat but it slowly turn from cat to lion
because I have light hair and it’s like all over the place all
the time so it’s just fits and I’m going to show you guys right now how I got this simple
easy lion look. So starting with my hair of course it’s
very important part. I want to make it really big
because male lions have that main though. So I guess I’m a male lion.
So I shampooed and conditioned my hair already, I use my Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo &
Conditioner because all my hair will be really bouncy for this look, I want to be full of
volume so the cleaner the hair, the bouncier it is for
me. So that means I need to do a lot of teasing and
when I say a lot it means a lot and I use this teasing brush right here, I just like
a brush with a lot of bristle like this for teasing, you can
find them anywhere and I’m also using a lot of hairspray.
And I’m using a Suave Professionals Hairspray because it’s extra hold.
Now I like to use extra hold when I’m teasing because it holds all the extra. Now as you
can see I am grabbing a section, spraying with hairspray,
taking my teasing brush and I’m back combing it, I’m taking another section, pairing it
up with my previous section and then repeat the process
until you get to the back of your head and don’t worry about over teasing, don’t worry
about it overlooking very scary, it will for a little
bit until you comb it out style it, move it around a little
bit, you can add some curls if you want to after you teased it and then afterwards what
I’m going to do is just take my TRESemme No Frizz Shine
Spray shine spray and I’m going to spray it all over
like the ends of my hair and top just to give it like the extra shine that it kind of lost
when I was teasing it but don’t make it to neat because
you kind of want that wild messy look also you just
want totally know cute while you’re looking messy. I have become one with my hair.
And now I’m going to start on my makeup. I’m wearing some yellow contacts because I am
supposed to be a cat and usually have light eyes. All right, now for my eyes, I just kinda
like put on some neutral colors because I want this
look to obviously be dramatic and I don’t want it to be
too dramatic. So I decided to just put a little bit of cream around my eyes. I’m going to
highlight on the lower lash line, just to kind of mimic
that of a lions. And then afterwards for the crease, I
just added warm brown eye shadow color. All right eye liner a different story, I did kind
of want to be dramatic for the eyeliner because I’m
a cat. So I added a really thick line above my lash
line and then I also brought my wing up, almost like
towards my eyebrow like that far I winged it out and then on the lower lash line I also
added some black eyeliner but I kept it more on
the outer corner of the lower lash line instead of all the
way across and then I decided to finish my eyeliner or a little bit later but I went
to my eyelashes and I did that because it’s a get ready with
my video and sometimes I go out of order. So glue on my eyelashes and then of course
I added my mascara. So I applied that to my lashes
and also to my lower lashes as well. And then I wanted to add some color to my face because
I noticed that a lot of lions have red or black
color on their mains in some parts of their face. So
added some bronzer, it’s like a reddish bronzer around my hairline, my cheeks, neck all that
so I can have some coloring myself. Yes, bronzer
is awesome. Then I got to do the lion’s nosy and it usually
starts like the lower part of your nostril and you
want to bring it up and then you want to bring it down, almost like a heart. Lions have heart
shape noses, it’s so cute. So in the center make sure it is kind of curbing downwards
and then afterwards underneath my nose I also created
like a little curve area and since most lions having
nose that it’s either pink or fades from black to pink I went ahead and I added some pink
eye shadow in the center and then I kind of made
it fade from black to pink and then directly above
my nose I added this light cream color because many lions have that beautiful feature as
well. And then I just kind of blended that cream
line so it’s not so harsh and so it’s kind of fades into
the rest of my color gradually. And then of course I got to draw the famous lion that
connects the nostrils to the lips, just draw a line and
that line will bring us to our next step and that is the lips.
Now I noticed and I will say 90% of the pictures lions have black lips so it’s a perfect excuse
for me to do black lips. I am going to do it a
little different though. I’m going to line my lips, put
black liner first but once I meet my cupids bow which is that little curve in your top
lip, I’m going to trace over that because lions don’t
have our cupids bow and cartoons they do what I’m
saying they usually draw over as well so I’m going to do it too.
And then afterwards I’m just going to kind of flap my hair, I’m going to stick with tan
color clothing to match the lion and you have an
easy wild DIY lion face. I hope that you guys like this
video. Thumps up or comment if you did and I see you guys soon. I love you. Bye.

50 thoughts on “GRWM: 10 Minute Lion Halloween Hair + Makeup! |AndreasChoice

  1. ok so im the exact same skin tone as you so this should be easy ( I hope). I just need your help. is there a list of products and color that you used, specifically for your eyes and what was that creamy stuff you put over your nose? I actually very new with make up. So please help. P.S. I love your videos. youre so funny and gorg

  2. Hi I am 8 years old and you inspire me and I have a show in school for the wizard of Oz and thank you you are very beautiful

  3. You are gorgeous and amazing! It's random but you also remind me of Julia Roberts! Like your voice and your looks a little… I don't know 😂❤

  4. I’m kinda super late but OH MY GOD THANK YOU THIS IS A LIFE SAVER!!! All the other tutorials are like 17 years long!! Like I don’t have time for that!

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