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Bonjour tout le monde and welcome to Musings of a Fox. For this video I am bringing you my fall makeup look, which is a nice daytime smokey grungy all matte look for fall. I’ve been really enjoying all mattes
because something’s happening with like the fall weather, that’s still kind of warm
and still also cool that it creates like a weather system in my eyeballs, that is a
combination of sweat and tears. And I find that with shimmer eyeshadows my
tears tend to completely wipe it away. It’s a bit of a combination with my slightly
hooded eye situation and I found that matte shadows are really impervious to
my sweat and my tears. And thus I’ve been wearing nothing but smokey all matte
looks and if you’re intrigued and want to see how I’ve been doing it, just keep
watching If you can hear those gallops that would be Castor, he has found an old
toy of Tucker’s and he is now in love with it and thinks it’s a real dead
mouse so if you hear the gallops it’s just my cat. For skin prep, I’m doing two
skin prep steps, the first one is a new to me product that I got in my September
Sephora play box and that is the youth to the people super food air whip
moisture cream. This is the kale spinach and hyaluronic acid one and it smells
really bubbly fresh salad but I’ve been really enjoying for what’s been doing
for my skin it’s now like all systems on red alert dry mode around here but my
hands are already cracking and bleeding we have a like monitor in our bedroom
that tells us like the temperature and also be like humidity level and our
bedroom used to be like 60 something percent humidity and now it’s in the 30s
and my skin is definitely suffering the lack of moisture so I’ve been trying to
slather everything I can on and this looks like it’s gonna be a really great
moisturizer for fall into early winter and if I need much more intense stuff
once it gets to be a journey we’re in February this one could really
take me through to least Christmastime plus it’s Maine California which you
know tell us what you represent inside is really it I never really talked much
about my score plays my early videos were all about reviewing monthly Ipsy
bags and how much I hated them and so I eventually switch from if Z to support
play and I’ve just been having a wonderful like two years with Sephora
play so if you’re actually curious about them I can do an unboxing and just let
you guys know why I have stuck with it for almost two years now it’s just a
great way to find new products for only ten bucks a month they’re actually like
nice high-end good functioning products and then my other skin perhaps have
lately has been the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD lip booster it’s just a really
nice lip kind of primer not in the way like Mac matte lip prep and prime was um
but it’s just nice when I lips feel hydrated and then plump because of how
great it’s not top over and doing good things they feel it really nice because
the hydration therefore they feel plumper without a tingling burning
sensation making them plumper but it’s just really nice since with the matte
eyeshadow I’ve been doing in matte lip and those can be kind of drying so it’s
just a great way to protect my lips from the elements and then also what I do to
them so I have already primed my eyelids off screen with the smashbox 24-hour
eyeshadow primer no big surprise there it’s just my favorite primer for this
look i am taking the gemini palette from melt cosmetics you don’t have to use
this melt cosmetics palette for this look i would just recommend any sort of
like orange browns but this is just obviously the palette I’m using because
I’m trying to be better at reusing palettes and destroy me multiple looks
with the same palettes and this palette is just so fall perfect and it would be
a real shame not to use it I have done I looked before I think the husband
marrieds my makeup video video with these colors specifically with goals
which is just a bee the full green eyeshadow but for today’s
video we’re going to play on this side of the palette but we’re not going to
dip into Gemini’s though it is a delicious like peachy gold that’s just
that just gonna ignore that beautiful deliciousness and just focus on these
four colors here so if you have a palette home that looks anything like
this definitely just use those if you don’t have a full palette at home then I
definitely just recommend melt for so many reasons from like the companies
owned by two amazing like boss women to just incredible products so you really
can’t go wrong hi there so I call this a good fruit
look because it’s really about the smudgy grunge enos of this look save for
the eyeliner like the batwing that has to be nice and crisp to kind of
counteract all this function is but with this you really don’t need to be perfect
and precious actually the less perfect impression you are the better it
actually looks I find them more rushed I am one thing if you just look like in
the mornings on the way to work but better it actually like the whole effect
kind of is so I’m taking Luna on a very fluffy brush this is the Smith 232 and
I’m just going to rub that all over my eye from brow to lash like get all up in
your eyebrow with it just get on up there’s a good chance that you are not
my complexion so I would just take an eyeshadow that is a shade or two darker
than your skin tone just to give it a kind of nice corpse II like base I guess
you just want to look a little unnatural like you tried for your skintone but
something kind of went wrong and it’s just not quite right you want to go over
like a bruised up back corpse it’s like just something that just feels a little
off put in a very glam pretty way and so I just like this because otherwise you
get that real like skin tone or you’re using the light
then you just get in town that just pops and we’re not trying to make anything
pop we’re trying to make everything look fucking sink it all then I’m going to
take a another big fluffy brush that’s obviously still big but not quite
because the one that we just had and I’m going to jump into Lorelai and then take
that most of like my high crease area not all the way up to the brow bone but
where you would usually put a crease shade before you like get really deep in
the socket but just kind of a normal like this was a normal crease instead of
the way all the way up to the eyebrow crease we’ve been doing Lorelei’s like
just beautiful mustard shade I just think it’s like that set perfect rated
if you want like a nice dark brown or black smokey eye like where you go black
or brown all over the lid you want a shade like Lorelei to just add a lot of
dimension rather than just looking like the middle school costs we all look like
in the 2000s but again don’t be precious it doesn t be perfect as long as it’s
blended as long as it’s blended somewhere then that’s a great you want
to look like a nice old bruise the bruise er the better I’m just taking the
brush that we used Luna I’m just marrying them a little more
then I’m going to take yet another fluffy blending brush again smaller this
one is the Smith q47 and I’m going to go into you cupcake and work that in the
outer corner and a bit into the deep crease you can definitely build this one up to
taste I prefer to keep it a little bit more sheer just so it all just looks
like washes of watercolor rather than high-impact pigment we want to look
lived in I’m gonna go back in to Lorelai and just mustered up above cupcake one
more don’t want the mustard to get lost all right and the last step is taking a
flat shader brush this is a Mac ooh 239 brush and going into polka dot 4 all
over the lid sometimes I swap back and forth between weather cupcake or polka
dot is on the lid to pave on how smoky I’m feeling but usually a for my day job
I go with polka dot on the lid so instead of going traditional kind of
rocker grunge with a black liner on the upper and water lower lines I’m going
with a brown liner this one is from Easton cosmetic is their double under
liner I’ve really really been loving their lives and discovering them at the
make up show in San Cisco it’s just a great kind of makeup artist brand that
is available to the rest of us and so really good long-lasting power in these
eyeliners playing with a Knicks epic ink liner
give ourselves that good good good flick flick and I’ve been stopping about there
on my eye because like I said my eyes have been tearing so if I stop there the
tears totally miss my liner and don’t screw it up I’ll go in and darken that
upper waterline so it’s not quite so start of where the black exactly stops
we can all breathe we got through that we’re just gonna whack on some
perversion mascara and then starting with the rest of the face for a primer
I’m gonna stay in the family with my foundation and I’m going to go with the
smashbox classic photo finish primer less is way more with the stuff you can
never use a silicone based primer you don’t want to turn your face into
silicone mask and I only put this where my foundation that tends to move not
necessarily all over my face just mostly at my forehead my nose under my eyes and
my chin so I appeared to be a bit in between Jesus so I’m going to do a mix
of my Smashbox Studios skin foundation in 1.1 and my Smashbox Studios skin
stick in 1.2 so I’m going to do have a mix and kind of paint my face and then
it’s gonna do a little bit of a painting just to get a bit of a mix I need the
yellowy tones in the 1.2 but it’s a little too tan for me and I don’t have
orange face so we’re gonna do that and then use the 1.1 to calm it down
looks like I’m painting boobs all over my face because the center of my stick
is gone out that’s a look there you go Halloween tutorial Dan colony museum is
here so then these are the pops at the 1.1
I’m at Jackson Pollock and then my trick this summer into fall for my foundation
as then while my foundation looks like this or is just kind of smeared on my
face I go in with my setting spray and just give myself a spritz tone that
helps the foundation kinda get rehydrated if it dried out like we did
while I applied to the rest of my face but it also helps to set it faster the
summer solstice smell reminds me of summer camp as a kid it smelled like the
sunscreen my dad would put on me in the 90s and so I am blending this out with
the it cosmetics radiant foundation brush which is one of my favorite
companies read all the time so it’s definitely a bit of a more medium
coverage than a lot of the lightness I was weighing in the summer I’m actually
just I’m enjoying a little bit of a cleaner slightly like faux airbrushed
skin with these matte eyes I really like the mat eyes to just pop off and just
have a little bit more of a blank canvas kind of face it also leads me to my next
point and that I’ve actually been straighten away from blush when I’ve
been doing these smoky eyes I haven’t really liked the matte eye dramatic wing
and blush combo I’ve been going with really matte neutral bronzers or contour
contour and then a nice gentle highlight so I’m just going to take the contour
side of the Smashbox stick foundation just a little bit and use that kind of
as bronzer just to warm up my face a little bit I’m just pretending just
slightly less dead slowly slightly well undo all the corpsey work we did on the
eyes and then just go and also at the foundation pressure are you since the
cream from my highlight drawer I pulled out makeup Forever’s h10 six artists
face color highlighter with my London brush company fan brush we’re just gonna
glaze all over that cheek I think the artists face colors are
really underappreciated for the kind of glow they give it’s just nice and not
chunky a very finely milled almost do we just a beautiful soft I like I like a
chunky highlight but I just want to keep it fresh like I’m perpetually in Golden
Hour all righty brows are a smidgen wild I’m
working on really growing them out with my wax ologists and getting like much
thicker brow so they’re gonna look a little wild and scraggly we’re doing all
this regrowth down here from the time I tortured them in seventh grade so I’m
going to get my nice thick Cara Delevingne
natural brows back well sit tight with me if you’ve got regrowth guys be
patient it’ll maybe sort of be worth it in the end all right so as always I’m
taking the urban decay brow blade this time I’m taking cafe Kitty because I’m
getting closer to my natural brow color versus whatever’s going on with my hair
color right now let’s just not talk about the brown all right and so I’m
just going to gently do the classic aligning them along the bottom she does
know that I’m like sort of blind so when my mirror is like this far from me I
cannot see it underneath it so I am gonna have to take the lavash in little
pocket one there we go um I don’t wear my glasses much in video mostly just
because in the glare of the the lights will reflect on my glasses
mama got it for a sponsorship so I will be doing hey glasses video very soon for
you guys cuz ya actually wear glasses a lot he’s all manager gave me see them I
am a nerd who loves her glasses and then switching it to the black all the hair
drawings I and then just adding some nice spiky hairs amongst it okay I’m
like I have just skipped into having all that regrowth what have you a nose let’s
go ahead and pop on the lip to go with the grungy look I’m
a lipstick with a lip liner and that is going to be Urban Decay’s on Fuego
you speak French not Spanish so that probably sounded terrible and I
sincerely apologize but this is just a perfect really waiverable Brown for me
and I’ve just been really enjoying it I think you can see the brush around the
edges of my lips she just kind of feather out the lipstick for me gently
and last touch is taking Bess amaze brightening vanilla powder translucent
foundation powder actually can be just a beautiful foundation powder on its own
and just press that into my more greasy looking spots
she’s just tone down we may have gone a bit overboard a lot overboard my please
do not look already oh let’s zoom out shall we alright guys
there you have it my goof proof savor the liner fall a makeup look this is
quite literally it’ll look I’ve been wearing just everyday just kind of
mixing up which mattes I use but still things other than the oranjee crunchy
leaf family I really love just kind of how this look has just changed my
perspective on my face and just how I always thought that I had to have a
shimmery lid to make my eye pop and I feel that you know letting the colors
play against my blue eyes really does that for me and I didn’t have to put in
a lot of effort I just kind of smudge a bunch of color on my lid and it comes
out looking really smoky and intriguing feel a little old 40s mixed with 90s and
I am I really dig that and I hope you do too if you guys have any suggestions of
what you would like to see next leave them down below if you think you
know what Halloween tutorial I’m doing this year also leave that down below and
yeah as always I’ll see you guys next time bye

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