23 thoughts on “Gold Metallic Eyes & Dark Lips | Jaclyn Hill

  1. WHAT did you use to get your bottom teeth so white?!?! Holy Moly you got them as white as the veneers! That is amazing and super hard to do! It looks great! LOVE this look too. It looks so cool with your hair color! Thanks for the video!

  2. Jaclyn I love your tutorial's! I love this look, it kinda reminds me of a 1920's look which I would love to see you pull off! I LOVE YOU, thank you for your video's, they make smile and laugh cuz your so honest and humorous about whatever product your applying or talking about lol Keep it up We Love you doll! 💋💄

  3. Hi…………you have some amazing eye looks that it’s fun to see what your going to do next!!…..😘💋……go girl!!

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