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♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. ♪ – Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. ♪ Making money moves in
my d-bleu-dazzled durag. Yes. She is blinged out. First, I’m Nigerian. I have an excuse. That’s just what we do
on a regular Tuesday. You know, just a typical
outfit for walking the dog, going to Trader Joe’s, checking the mail, very standard. But seriously, check out d-bleu-dazzled. She has bomb stuff. Anyway, that’s not why you’re here. Have a seat, sit down. Today is actually my birthday party. I had a whole (laughs) whole, wow amazing time
in Greece for my birthday. But I’m back and I’m getting ready (phone ringing interrupts speaker) Who is this?! So y’all gonna be getting ready with me and going from ugly to fugly. I don’t know why people get mad when I put clickbait titles in my videos. Like you know I’m not ugly. I know I’m not ugly. God knows I’m not ugly. Rick Ross knows I’m not ugly. He don’t know me, but he knows I’m not ugly. Clearly it’s meant to be sarcastic. It’s meant to be in jest. It’s meant to be playful. It’s meant to be funny. Okay? (repetitive slapping noise) I haven’t told you what I’m using. I’m priming my skin with
the Too Faced Hangover RX. This is another Too Faced sponsored video. Too Faced has just been
such a great partner. I’m not gonna lie. They have been so easy to work with. They keep coming back, helping support my channel. I mean, I really can’t complain. I’m gonna be wearing Born This Way. Not only is it like my
favorite foundation, but I don’t want anything to be too matte. I like Born This Way
because it’s a club beat. It’s also a beach day beat. It’s a little heavy for the beach. She’s still a moment though. It’s cool. Okay if you thought I was
gone get make up on my durag, you thought wrong. You came to the wrong channel. After that, I’m gonna take
my translucent powder, look, look, look. Smell it, smell it. Smell it, smell it. Do you smell it? Do you smell it? That is Laura Mercier Translucent Loose. We always do this. You know the drill. I’m just going to press
that right over my primer. This is going to keep us
nice and matte tonight. There might be some twerking involved in tonight’s festivities. I can’t make any promises though. Look, you didn’t hear it from me. That’s what I heard. Okay? Word on the street. Sometimes after you put on a primer, especially like those hydrating primers might have a little shine
checking in for duty. It’s fine. The powder kind of takes
some of that immediate shine- oh my God! I almost flipped this
powder over my sweatshirt. (deep breath) That was a really traumatic
experience for me. Let me keep going. Look how good my skin look. I’m gonna take my Live Tinted corrector in the shade ♪ And I rise up. ♪ (heavy coughing) This is what I like to
use to color correct. By the way you guys, this isn’t just for color correcting. This actually makes a
really beautiful lipstick. I’ve also used it on my cheeks as a blush. I may even do that today. Now that I look like a natural redhead with this beard. (bursts into laughter) It literally looks like I’m a redhead. We need to blend her out. Do you like how we put on all this product only to blend and tone it down? Make up your mind, Jackie. Make up your mind. My sponge is too wet. Some of that products lifting. If you feel like your beauty blender takes off some of your make up, it’s because your sponge is too damp. Dial it back a little bit. Wring it out and dial it back. Set that again with my translucent powder, Laura Mercier. Go very lightly. This is extra helpful because the mouth is where product tends
to break up the fastest. This is what keeps it in check and keeps it on lock. So now we have a pretty healthy, even face after we’ve color corrected. I’m gonna take my Farsali Skin To Blur. This is like my secret
weapon for foundations when I want a little bit
of extra staying power, maybe a little bit extra matte. (banging sound drowns out speaker) And then I already told you guys we’re gonna go that way, Born This Way. So that’s what we’re gonna do. I’m using the shade Chai surprisingly. I guess I’ve just been doing
really good with SPF this year but I haven’t quite made
it to Spiced Rum yet. I’m usually a little bit more bronzed around this time of year, usually. Especially considering the fact that I’ve been traveling. Spiced Rum since last Summer of 1873. Spiced Rum is beautiful in the Summer. Right after a tan? Oooh. Now you know I love the
Hangover RX spray too. I’m going to, before blending out my base, just gonna spray, refresh some of my skin. Don’t go overboard. Relax. We’re going to the club, not New York Fashion Week. Calm down. Just enough to like keep
the foundation in motion when I start blending it out right now. Hurry up. And that Farsali like I said will help thicken up the formula, give us a little bit more matte. Oooh. It’s so satisfying to
blend out this foundation ’cause the coverage is just so beautiful. Okay now I have to spray the other side because you really can’t
get like a even finish because by the time you work on this side, it’s all dried down. Do what I do and spray them separately. We’re going full glam. Period. I want this to cover my brain activity. I’m taking photos. I’m taking videos tonight. This is basically like
part two to my birthday. And by the way, while I’m blending this into oblivion, I’m just here to tell you, don’t think I forgot, you’ve already gotten this far, you might as well subscribe. Because let’s be real, this is probably your third tutorial. No. I don’t have to make these announcements at the end of my videos. I’ll do them at six minutes. I’ll do them at three minutes. I’ll catch you off guard. I blend this part out last because I don’t want the color corrector to like mix into my foundation. Got my Thai tea. Yes that is made with almond milk. Mind your business. So the star of today’s show is the Born This Way Multi-use
Sculpt and Conceal. It’s one of my favorite
concealers this year. It has bomb coverage. The finish is impeccable, stupendous, splendid, fabulous, flawless. It’s oil-free and non comedogenic. I really appreciate the
fact that the shades that I made in the Born
This Way foundation, you know the collab that we did last year, also launched in the concealers because I really like this concealer. Fortunately for me, I can use Spiced Rum around my mouth area because that concealer around this area is just gonna provide a
little extra coverage. It’s just gonna really kind of like stamp this all in and make it look more fine tuned in my opinion. This concealer does contain coconut water. So if you’re struggling, all of my moisture
deficient friends out there will love the entire Born This Way, not only the Born This Way line actually, you really like the Hangover line as well. And I hear dry people
rave about both of these products all the time so there’s that. I’m also gonna go a
little bit under the eyes to kind of work as corrector. This match. (groans) It’s just so freaking satisfying. That’s what the hell I’m talking about. It is so satisfying watching Chai just blend in to not only my face but my decolletage, my neck, my corns, everything else. Did I say corns? Moving forward. ♪ Handle me, who gone handle me? ♪ Chestnut is the shade
that I highlight with and it is bomb as an
eyeshadow primer as well. We’ll get to that a little bit later. I really love how this concealer isn’t super matte and super drying, and it kind of adds a nice like bounce back to the under eye. It doesn’t like settle in and make the under eye dips that I have look more prominent. That’s really annoying. Some concealers that are
maybe great for oil control but like don’t look that good on my skin. They just look really dry and flaky. The receipt speak for itself, honey. Everybody is constantly always raving about this concealer. I’m just saying. If you don’t wanna take my word for it, just read the Sephora reviews and read the Ulta reviews. Since you know everything. I’m taking advantage
of that hyaluronic acid in the formula. And you know she loves to
let her concealers dry down. You can let this dry down as
long as you need to honey. She’s not going anywhere and it’ll still be really easy
to blend when you come back. I have not been contouring lately. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know if it’s because it’s Summer. Who is this girl? I haven’t been doing cream contour ever since we went on my birthday trip, I forgot to bring it with me and I was like, well I don’t really need it. I have bronzer. Uh huh, ever since. Everybody roasted me because I said I was too lazy to contour my nose and yet I have a twenty
step concealer routine. Yeah and regardless, mind your business and
worry about your career and your children. Why don’t ya do that? Okay now I’m blending
out Miss Chestnutica. I love this color. It’s like the perfect amount of golden and it makes a gorgeous highlight. Gorgeous, gorgeous highlight shade. ♪ Shining, shining,
shining, shining, yeah ♪ ♪ All this concealer ♪ Can you blend out your
highlight please and shut up? Don’t I look so hydrated and refreshed? Look at my skin. If only I could like
capture this without powder, but you know what, I value my life. I have goals I want to accomplish, and I can’t do that
without setting powder. As for the concealers and all the other Too Faced products in today’s video, I will as usual have them linked down in the description box down below if you wanna get them for yourself. Ashley Blaine Featherson
recently collabed with Mented. This is my second time using
this bronzer duo in a video but that video’s not coming
out until after this one. So when you see me introducing that bronzer for the first time, disregard. This is technically
gonna be my first time. Anyway. This is her collab that
she did with Mented. I think this is Mented’s first collab. And she created a bronzer duo. So it comes with a highlight on one side and a bronzer on the other. I do sometimes like to bronze my skin before I set with translucent powder. I just feel like it
lays on the skin nicely. But look at this, look at this, look it. And you don’t even need a lot of product. The difference between this and this. And I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw this, I was like oh, this is a little light. Guys, this is a little light. You need to call the chemist. The product just failed the team. What went wrong? But you know, it’s actually like a little deceptive. I think it’s not pressed very hard. When you dip your brush in there, you get product. And some bronzers, like they just don’t have the range. Not only are they not dark enough but you have to like swirl and swirl and swirl and swirl and keep swishing until you get enough product
to show up on your skin. So I’m just warming up
the perimeter of my face. Concealer is creasing
and crackling as we speak but it’s fine. Without adding more product, I’m kind of going over my neck too. So going all down here. Okay I really need powder. This has gotten way out of hand. I’m gonna take my Fenty Pro Filter setting powder in the shade Cashew. Ever since glam tech
Steven T. did my make up for an event a couple months ago, he used this powder on me and
I got so many compliments. I was like you know what, I been kind of looking for something new, not as drying, I’ll just use this. Also the less powder you use, the better. I notice that sometimes
when I use too much, it really emphasizes
some of the texture under my infamous when I dip, you dip, we dip. We don’t want that. I like to just like tap off the excess and instead of re dipping my sponge back in the container, I just go off what’s
on the back of my hand. Looking nice and smooth. Like I said, don’t contour my nose. Do like to do a highlight situation. I’ve always noticed my nose kind of, it doesn’t go straight down. It’s like at an angle. Do y’all see what I’m seeing? Look. It’s crooked right? I’m gonna do my brows. B-R-B. Let’s go. Chisel. Move. Shape. Sculpt. Shape. Give me more brow. Brought you in a little
closer so you could roast me much more than
you probably already do. Let’s be real. We love Chestnut as eye primer. So I’m gonna pop that on to my lids. I’m not gonna do too,
too much with shadow, just a little glitter, maybe a little bit of a cut crease. I may even just completely restructure and reshape my eyes. I may actually give myself
a miniature face lift, but it won’t be anything
like really over the top. It’ll be kind of basic. Before I do that, I’m just gonna take a
little bit of my bronzer. When I mean a little bit, I mean like that and even still, I’m gonna dab off the excess because this bronzer is pretty potent. And I’m just gonna do my little
bridge sculpting situation. I don’t know what this
area of the face is called, but I like doing this with bronzer because it just looks so
clean and put together, and it’s a really easy
and quick way to like cheat a nose contour. Please for the love of God, make sure that you blend this out because when it’s not blended, ooh child. Right in between my eyes, going up a little bit more powder. Eyes are prepped. Let’s get into of course my palette. Duh. The pallet is going to
be in stores on the 15th. Today’s look is going to be very bling, glam and very over the top. I actually kind of want to do something a little more simple. So I’m gonna start with Ginger. We love Ginger as the transition color. And I’m gonna start blending that into the crease of my eye to sculpt and shade. I like to round out the shape of my eyes. I don’t really drag out or wing. I just feel like rounded
eye is so much more flattering for like narrow
or like oval face shapes. This is only for the advanced. Like if you have had a little
bit of practice with shadows. If you new to it and you really
want to get a better blend, you can kind of lift your eye up. The only thing is if you’re
kind of new with shadows, and you do this, you could totally lose the
natural shape of your eye and you won’t know where to blend. But I know where to blend. I’ve been doing this for forty years. And if anyone asks, that’s what you’re gonna tell them. Isn’t she pretty? Say hello to Credit. I’m gonna take Credit and
start stamping that along the outer V area. I obviously really like Credit, that’s why I put it there. I feel like a dark brown in
palettes is like a must for me. And funny enough, I was watching I think it was Shania, Make up by Shania. She has a really great
tutorial using my palette. And she was saying the
palette would have been perfect if it had a matte black, and that was like her one critique. Normally Shania I would
actually agree with you, and I at one point
initially went into this wanting to put a matte
black into my palette, but when you put a matte
black in a palette, it changes the entire color scheme. Visually it just wasn’t
working with the color flow. I opted for brown because
I fell like brown was the next best thing. Brown isn’t as harsh or as intimidating. The softer version of
a standard matte black. This eye is gonna be like very basic, like you’re probably gonna
be a little underwhelmed but my outfit is so blingy and extra that I really don’t fell like I
need to prove myself anymore. I have tons of videos that
already do that for me. How about that? I’m just smoking this out into my eyes, and really oh, this is just giving my
eyes a really nice shape. Next we’re gonna take Dwollahs. I think this is my first
time really showing Dwollahs some love on my channel
and it’s this shade here. It’s a foily olive green. We’re gonna pop Dwollahs- whoa! I always get punched in the
face with that pop of color. Right on to my lid-uation. I’m gonna take my favorite
dark brown eye pencil from Pat McGrath in the color Black Coffee and I’m going to line my waterline and then also hit that top lash line. We’re going in with a line of credit and we’re going to stamp
right over the liner. You know we love smmudged
pencil liner on my channel. It’s my thing. Give us a nice thick healthy lashline. And just keep going like
back and forth over it. You don’t even have to necessarily
keep adding more product, you just want this to look really blended and really smudgy without
actually smudging. Patting it gives you more control. For lashes you guys
know I let my lash glue dry for like twenty-five minutes. I’m gonna use So Extra Miamis, but I’m just gonna like
just let the lash glue dry while I finish the rest of my eyes. I want Soleil in my inner tear duct. – Oh lord. Again. – So predictable. I love how I swear I’m
not basic and yet I still end up doing the same eyeshadow
steps with different colors. Would you come up with something else? Actually no. I won’t. It’s time to add blush. I’m going to take my
berries and bubbly blush from Too Faced from the
Tutti Fruitti collection, and just add a pop of color to my cheeks. Going peachy for the rest of the face because like I said the
dress is very over the top. Wait, this isn’t the
blush I wanted to use. I don’t think I’ve ever used that blush, but I grabbed Cor de
Rosa from Sigma instead. That is what I’m looking for. Yes. Give me pregnancy glow. Actually let’s not. Nevermind. Forget I even said that. That is a self drag. See this? I had ice cream today. I am the only person to blame for this. Me, myself, and I. It’s time to apply the lash. Bon appetit. I be playing because my AC is on, and now they dried too much. Talk about not being very self aware. My apology. Okay I’m a let that dry again. While it is drying, I’m gonna add highlighter. This is from the Tutti Fruitti, I just had to do that real quick. It smells so good. This is also from the Too
Faced Tutti Fruitti collection. It’s the hyper reflecting
highlighting palette. I love these because they
look wet when you apply. So I’m gonna take the pink one first. And I’m not gonna do a ton of glow, just maybe half a pound. I’m not serious. And then I’m gonna go over
it with the bronze one. That’s my thing now is
layering my highlighters, and I always use something bronzey like underneath the
highlighter or on top of it to kind of mesh. This is really glittery though. If you don’t like glittery highlighters, she’s not it. I mean it is for me, just warning you. And you wanna really buff her out to really just get her
to melt into the skin. Don’t be shy. Dare I even spray my brush a little. We can go all out. We can make this a moment. Now as you can see, I do like to apply
highlighter into my forehead and if you go back in with my bronzer, it balances out a lot nicer. I just kind of go over it. I don’t add bronzer. I just take the brush and just
really kind of stamp at it. I’m gonna do my Urban
Decay All-Nighter spray to stamp in this beat. And then using a beauty blender, I’m gonna press it into the skin. This is great after you highlight ’cause it just really not breaks it down but kind of breaks it down, makes it look a lot more
melted into the skin. I think we good on these lashes. For my lippies, Carly Bybel’s collab with
Il Makiage looks so cute and I actually am really
happy that there’s a liner that looks like it’s dark
enough for my complexion. The branding is so cute. It’s like celestial, very zodiac. Look how cute that is. I’m a little skeptical of
this particular brown on me. It’s kind of like a greige, like a brownish gray. I’ll try everything at least once and if I don’t like it, I’ll take it off. So I’m gonna start with her
liner in the shade Luna. It kind of reminds me a lot of like BFF 3. Oh you know what, this is more cool-toned
and I’m gonna sharpen this a little bit just to get a finer point. Oh this color’s perfect. I do wish the pencil was a little softer. It is a little bit of a tug, but it says it’s waterproof. I’ve never tried a waterproof liner. I’m assuming that’s why. It’s a little dry. Like there’s a little bit of tug. And then the lipstick from her collection is in the shade Libra. Oh. Oh that’s a really cool tone. You know what, I’m actually not mad at it with the liner, you know? This is kind of fire. It just needs a gloss. I’m gonna take the shade Starchild. Oooh. So that has pink shimmer in it. Mmm, no. Not the direction we’re going in. Nope. I’m gonna use Pat’s gloss in Gold Allure ’cause this has green in
it and I think that if we- yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Oooh, my lips look wet. You know what, this nude turned out to
be a freaking banger. I’m actually impressed. Miss Carly. Putting that in my purse
and I’m ready to go. I left my wig cap downstairs. Do I wanna put my wig on? Yeah you know what, I’ll close it out. I’ll give you the final look. We’ll do you right. We’ll do you right. That is the final look with miss Dwollahs being the main attraction. I’m gonna try to get
video of my full outfit because it is definitely a birthday dress and it’s fire. Oh this is cute. I actually really like this lippy guys. This looks really good. Like it almost looks like a true nude. How the hell did that cool toned, almost ashy brown end up
looking like a bomb nude on me? I’ll take the credit for it. Yes I will. I’m a genius. And yeah, for those of you
guys that are gonna say “this look is so basic,” I’m going to the club. What did you want me to do? Draw the Eiffel tower on my face? Get out of here.

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