GOING TO MY EX’S FUNERAL Makeup Tutorial | Androgyny Palette

What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to my channel!
I have a special guest here today. This is one of my closest
friends, Lipstick Nick. Hi, honey. Hi! I’m so happy to be here. My god, you guys, okay so me and Nicole
have been friends a long time. Her handle on all social media
is Lipstick Nick, yes, ma’am, how did you get that name?
Obviously, I mean, you’re a make up artist. Just, Nicole. I mean, yeah, when I started
making my Instagram I was like, “Yeah, okay, I love lipstick, my name’s Nick, my parents
always called me Nick, so Lipstick Nick.” Yeah, can we just go for eyelash
curler tattoo please? Oh yeah! She’s like getting her knuckles ready. I don’t know what’s
the best angle, but. I’m like comb my eye. I mean, hi, I have a lipstick tattoo on me in case
everyone forgot, look at that old school Mac. I love that, I love, I love, I love. Yeah, so we actually are both ex-employees
of Mac, that’s actually where we met. Mac fam, Mac Hollywood in Hyland. Yes, Mac alumni, wait, is that
gang related? LA! Fuck, we’re gonna
get arrested after this. We’re cool, we’re cool. Yeah, so we actually met at the Mac
counter and just became really close, and we’ve done a lot
of shoots together. We’ve done so many
shoots over the years. Yes, some really iconic moments.
Nicole painted the infamous pink bandana, skull bandana on my face which went crazy
all over the internet a few years ago. It did. And we’ve done a lot
of magic together. So, I just shot the beauty campaign for my Androgyny
eyeshadow palette and the palette is almost here. So, I thought, “You know what?
Let’s have Nicole come to the studio and recreate the look that she did for me.”
Well, you did all the looks! I did all the looks,
it was so much fun, this is like the B look of like we
were excited about it all day. Yes, so we just have to recreate and bring it back. When I first showed
Nicole the palette, I said, “Okay, like when you like look at colors
what are you gravitated to right away? That’s what I want you to do and then we’ll
build off of that and do more.” So, when you saw Fetish is
kind of the start of the show. Yes because you know Sketch for Mac
was one of my favorite colors and I was like, “Oh my god, this is like what
I wish Sketch looked like, it’s an intensified Sketch, so I was
like red!” ‘Cause I love red. Yes, and then she went ham
on Frosting today. Ooh, look at that lid, bitch,
like can we just look at that lid? Gets me excited it’s so pretty. The formula, you fucking
killed the formula, it’s like I put it on but it’s so buttery
and perfect and amazing, and beautiful. Yes, I can’t wait for everyone
to dive into this palette and to play with it
and to try it out. Now, this look is
very I think like, when I think of this look I think
like very classic lipstick, Nick. Like, this is just hi, you know, walking
into my ex’s funeral like “Hi”. Game over. Game over. Well. I’m obsessed with
this look, it is so stunning and if you want to see her create this
on my face, then keep on watching. All right, so we’re about to beat
this face into submission and I had Nicole use this primer on set
the other day. It worked pretty great on. Yeah, it did, I loved it. It’s amazing. This is by the brand Sisley, a little
pricey, but you get those pores snatched. I’m gonna use this foundation,
the LaMer soft fluid. Jeffrey also let me use this at the photoshoot,
I fell in love with it, it’s amazing. It smells expensive, which
I think is a good thing! It smells crazy. But it’s also just the actual
application of it was amazing. And now it is winter,
I am so pale, so I do like to use a little bit of
a bronzier, warmer foundation. Because it gives
me a little bit of life. Next we’re going to go in and start highlighting
with this is one of my new favorites, the Shape Tape from Tarte. Everything. She’s feeling sixteen again. We going to use this Laura Mercier contour book. I love that, she’s very well used. Yes, she is, I see this color, I’m gonna
go ahead and use this one. I want to start light and then we’ll
kind of build it with powders, because I like to do both.
I like to layer everything. And the way she does my contour
on the cheekbones? Wew! Okay, we’re gonna bake you. Yes. What are we gonna use? We’re gonna use the powder. By LaMer. Let’s just call it “The Powder”. It sets the under eyes so good. So for all over I’m gonna use the Mac
mineral powder, these are my favorite Which shade is that? This is light. So, you just put that all over? I am, put this anywhere that I didn’t bake
and kind of lightly over the contour. So, me and Nicole both used to work
at the Mac Store. Not the same location, but I would go in and Nicole would help me out.
And for some reason, I was gravitated to that energy
and her makeup was so slayed. Like, I remember, like I’m one of those judgmental
people that would go into the store and be like, “Okay, I only
want the person”… Who has the best make up, yeah! The best make up to help me out, ’cause you know,
I’m like, “Hmmm.” So I would gravitate towards Nicole and she’d always have like crazy like colors
and just weird stuff that was a little, you know. Unconventional for like a Mac store,
even though Mac is very creative, it’s still not everyone is down to wear
six colors on their eyes and make it look sickening. And then we
started working together on some shoots. Nicole actually did my make up for my very first
ad campaign for Jeffrey Star Cosmetics. Feels like yesterday. It feels like literally yesterday,
but it was over two years ago now. It’s crazy. Okay, so I’m gonna start building my contour
I’m gonna use the Laura contour book. Ooh, yes. Right here, medium contour. Medium. Come on medium. Okay, so I’m ready to prime, I’m gonna
use my Mac Painterly paint pot. It’s just soft ochre. You use soft ochre? But yeah, I love paint, I think especially like
for your skin tone, this is gonna better. I’m just gonna use a flat,
kind of concealer brush. It’s a little synthetic
if you will. So we’re gonna go on on brows,
we’re gonna freehand some brows, which is my favorite
thing to do on you. I’m gonna use the Anastasia
dip brow and blonde. Come on blond, I’ve been
using that forever. All right, we’re going back in
with that shape tape. Going back in with
that shape tape. Now, Nicole carves out the brows
with the concealer. Okay, so while Nicole’s doing the brow, I just looked
back on my channel and three years ago, you guys, Nicole did a pink skull
bandana Halloween mask on me which was one of my most liked picture
ever on Facebook back then. And I’m just clicking and I’m like,
“Oh my god, come on memory”. So if you go all the way down on my
channel, you guys, you can find it and it’s a time lapse of Nicole doing like
the sickest make up, like I’m sorry. That was so fun. I’m like “Hi, come on video
and video” this was so fun. Look at my hairline we’re old
new, come on old scalp. That hair color was so fun. It was fun. Okay, so first I’m gonna take
the Beauty Killer palette, the only reason we’re using this ones because
I need this china white to set and then everything else is gonna
be from that Androgyny palette. Cool. All right, what are
we dipping into? We’re dipping into Charm, with the big fluffy brush.
Come on, Charm. And I’m just gonna deposit
this on the crease. So next I’m gonna use
this NYX Vivid Brights. I’m gonna use this as a base,
not that the color really needs it, because they’re so pigmented. But I just love to layer
and build the intensity. With creams, yeah. With creams, I always do
cream and then powder. So I’m gonna take
a little bit of this, it’s the exact same color
as Fetish in this palette. It looks so similar,
it’s cool, yeah. It’ so similar, I love these,
they blend really nicely. And you know everyone’s gonna rate
us to fail if we don’t say the name of this. Bad Blood. Bad Blood, think
of Taylor Swift. So now I’m gonna take
a little bit of Fetish. Yes. That’s one of my favorite shades in
my own palette, but I just love that red tone. It’s so pretty. I’m taking out
a little flat packer brush, I’m just packing it right on top of
anywhere that I put that red base. Right.
The next I’m gonna do is take my fix plus. This is the… oh my god, coconut. It is coconut. Thank you, sorry, my brain
was like red bull. That’s amazing. Come on, now. But I don’t want to spray it into
the pan because it’s beautiful, I don’t want to ruin the palette, so I just sprayed
my hand, and then you close your eyes. And I’m just gonna take a little bit of fix
and just give you a little, little tacky. I thought it was one of those Mac products that
me and you have been using for so long. For ever. Never leaving our kit. Nope. Never, never, never. Perfect.
I’m gonna take my finger. And you’re gonna dip it in a shade.
Frosting. Shade Frosting. To Frosting and just gonna
go right, oh my god. What? Look at how beautiful that is.
Come on, eye porn. Now, when I was
creating this shade, I just wanted something that
was really pigmented. But had like a cool, golden, not dual chrome,
but kind of a shape shifter type of effect. It totally has that. Now, obviously,
you don’t have to wet it, it’s so intense because it’s wet,
which is amazing. But any metallic, when you wet it,
if you want that extra drama. But even if you don’t, you want
something, it’s super wearable, I mean you could just wear
this if you don’t wet it, it’s just such a pretty gold
shimmer for your lid. Like, I love that. Right, before I do mascara, I’m
gonna use this make up forever. Ooh, that’s a pretty color. It is pretty. It’s M40,
it’s like a yellow. Those are the new? Aqua XLs. Look at that beautiful
canary yellow. It is I really like it, it’s
so brightening, but acts like a little bit different than a whiter
beige, it adds like a little extra something. And I’m gonna play off of the frosting
and then it’s kind of like a yellowy gold. Go ahead and look
all the way up. Okay, next we’re gonna do mascara.
I’m gonna use the Roller Lash from Benefit. My tried and true. I’ve never used this before,
so I’m excited. ‘Cause I see it in your videos,
obviously, but I’ve never tried it. It’s just really good, doesn’t
smudge, it looks amazing. All right, next we’re gonna do lashes,
these are the SlayLas from Flutter. I love Flutter. I love these,
they’re my fave. They’re full drama. Full drama and I like to put it with
a little spiky, but they’re full, these are perfect for obviously this
dramatic look that we’re doing. This simple, soft
wedding look. Just really easy to wear,
natural look. Next I don’t really need to do an eyeliner
with this, but I kind of want to, just so like complete the eye up top.
So, I’m gonna use Weirdo, these are eye safe, because I know that I used
these liners all the time. Yes. I’m gonna take a little bit of Weirdo,
just a super, skinny brush. Little Cosette brush. My baby.
And look down to the left. I’m gonna add a little color to Jeffree’s
cheeks around the apple and I’m gonna use this Marc
Jacobs blush and Lines and Last Night. It’s a cool name. It’s a really cool name,
I love it. Slutty. All right, my favorite time of the day,
time to fucking highlight. So, what are you gonna do? I’m gonna use Frosting,
because it’s fucking beautiful. Okay. Just you take this on a fan brush, just gonna
right on your cheek bone, oh my god. How does she look? Oh my god, that’s so
pretty, I love it! Now we know one highlight
is not enough, so Nicole’s gonna go in with my Skin Frost shade
in peach goddess, one of my favorites. It’s my favorite. Is it? It’s my favorite, yeah.
I love it so much. I’m gonna take a little bit of this
right here on the arch. Peach goddess? Peach goddess. I love highlight on the brow bone. Me, too. I think it like really ties it all in. I think so, too, and it just like
helps to lift a little more and it just looks so pretty in pictures,
especially in video stuff like this, ’cause it catches the light. So for lip we kind of did like a 90s moment?
So, instead of using a liner on the lip, I’m just gonna use celebrity skin on the outside,
and then I’m nude on the inside. Last step is setting the face. My favorite, almost favorite. Yes, Urban
Decay all nighter is my go-to. So, let’s set this mug. Let’s do it. Yeah. All right. I’m feeling
ready, baby. You feel it now?
You feel set? I think the only thing that’s missing
is maybe some hair change. Go for your hair change. Yes, let’s take it there. All right, we’ll be right back. All right, girl, that
was a journey. It was. An amazing one.
We made it. Yes, we made it,
it was unreal. Like, I just looked in the mirror,
you guys, off camera and I was like, “Oh” even though we did recreate this
look from our Androgyny shoot, I’m still like a little shook about it,
I don’t think I’m ever taking this off. What’s hard is like at the shoot, too,
we had go to right two different looks, so it wasn’t like definitely
sitting there for a while. I didn’t get to sit, spin,
suck on anything. We had to wipe it off and move
on to the next look. And I was like, “Oh, no!
I hate destroying like, I feel like I’m destroying your
art by taking it off”. It’s beautiful. I’m so happy we got
to recreate this look. I love it. So happy, yes. All right, we want you
guys to recreate this look at home, try out some craziness, put some shit on your lid,
like just get out of your comfort zone. All right, you guys, thank you so much for
watching this video, thank you for doing this. Yeah, thank you for having me.
It was just so much fun, I love your face. Your face, so anytime you call
me I’m gonna be there. Okay, if you guys wanna see more
looks from this shoot recreated, I mean, the blue one, though.
The blue one is sick. We could do that one? Okay, we might bring
Nicole back soon. But if you guys aren’t already
following Nicole on Instagram, Snapchat you’re actually starting
a YouTube channel. I am starting
a YouTube channel. Finally! Finally, isn’t forever, but So if you want to prepare for Nicole’s onslaught
of videos click in the description box down below and click them damn links, girl. Yes. Yay. I can’t wait, I’m excited. I’m excited, too. Thank you guys so much for
watching this transformation, with me, I had
so much fun. Yes, I loved it. And we’ll see you guys
in the next one. Bye. Bye.

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