Glowy spring makeup tutorial | How to do smokey eye makeup with a pop of blue.

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel! today I’m gonna show you how to create this bright spring makeup look. I thoght it turned out very cute and it is very fun to create. let’s go ahead and I’ll show you how I created this look. I will start with eyeprimer Tarte and then I will put Mac primer I just like the way how they go together. I will highlight underneath my eyebrow using this Graftobian concealer, it will help my eyebrows to be more define and OnPoint 😉 Now I will blend all the products I put on myself and I will set up with this light eyeshadow underneath my eyebrow. today for this makeup tutorial I decided to use tape. I will make it not as sticky and then I will just angle up and I will start to apply eyeshadow. I really love that way to applying eye shadow it’s made my underneath area very clean and I didn’t have much fall outs. First I’m applying brown color all over my eyelids and then I will start to add different colors. I really love this BH Cosmetics palette it has so much colors and they pretty silky pigmented and very affordable. First I apply bright blue now I’m applying dark blue on an outer corner and I will finish up this look with a light blue turquoise on the inner corner of my eyes to make eyes shadow appear so bright, first I was dipping my eye brush to serum and you can use any serum. I just bought in TJ.Maxx very cheap serum for face and when I was making my brush wet then I dip it in eyeshadow and I got this way such bright colors. Now very quickly I will make my skin look perfect 🙂 I will apply makeup primer and then foundation and with a damp flawless beauty sponge I will set up my foundation. Now I will use TARTE shape tape concealer for under-eye area and I will blend it. I will contour my nose using this shade from TEMPTU concealer. I really love this shade because it is not too dusty not too orange. I just find out it works for a lot of skin tones very well. I will blend it and I will set up my face with this LAURA MERCIER translucent powder. now I will put a little bit of this pretty blush and then I will contour my face using this bronzer from BENEFIT COSMETICS. Now I will clean up access of powder from my face and I will highlight so I can be glowy and look really pretty 🙂 I will put eyeshadow on my lower lash line and I will blend it very well. For my inner rim I will use this COULOR POP pencil in blue. then I will curl my natural eyelashes and I will apply false eye lashes. I will use this shade of lipstick TARTE lipstick and it smells so good and I really love how it feels on the lips. One side of this lipstick is just lipstick and the other side it is lip gloss two-in-one I really love it. That’s all for today if you like this makeup look please put thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so you can see more videos that I’m creating for you

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