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Hey what’s up you guys. Spring is right
around the corner. Hopefully fingers are crossed. I’m over winter and ready
to move into a new makeup routine. All right. This time we are doing.
Do we make up for spring. It’s gonna be glossy and glowing. I’m calling
it fresh morning dew. Some of you may have noticed if you watch The Real
that I’ve been doing this look that almost looks glossy it’s all the rage
right now it’s the newest trend for spring and it’s actually using more
cream based makeup Than powders. So we’re talking cream based highlighters
cream based creams. That was wrong. I must say cream based
blush So naturally our first step is foundation.
Now we’re moving into a warmer season I like to warm it up a bit and
actually use a foundation that’s a darker shade. Another thing you want
to look for is to make sure that you do not Use a matte foundation.
You wanted to be a cream foundation that is liquid and definitely will create a
dewy effect And then you’re going to use your sponge
right here which I like to get nice and wet. Going to squeeze my foundation
right on top and then we are going to start at my cheeks.
Mainly because that’s where I have a little bit of redness. So it covers that up.
See that that’s darker than I really am. We’re already starting to get a tan
people and this takes some time. Are you just going to use like a spackle
effect Around make sure you get your hairline.
We don’t want to see that you fake this tan. Make sure you get your ear.
People always forget about their ears. Let’s do a before and after of how
pale I was like two minutes ago versus now. So now this is just like a healthy
glow for some days this is really all you need. This a good lip gloss that
has a little bit tint to it’s a mascara and you keep it pushing. So the next step is going to be contour.
So I’ve got two different shades here I’ve got a darker and a lighter
one the darker one I’m going to mainly do around my hairline. You guys knowhow this goes. And this will almost play the part of our blush and our contour. So although I always used to use this then I would go over it with
a powder. And that we are not going to do today. We are keeping it Dewey
and glowey. I even love now the effect of like a glossy cheek which I’m so
excited to get into. And yeah there are days sometimes on the real where
like Loni is telling me girl you looked greasy a little like your face was
wet like that was the point. I love that look. So now did we put a little bit of contour there.
Now we are going to conceal I’m gonna grab a concealer that’s a
bit lighter than the foundation that I put on and I’m just going to create
my little tribal effect again. And now we shall blend. OK this is really important. Do you
see how now I’ve got almost like a little halo going on. You always want
to make sure that you bright in the center of your head. So now I’ve created
what looks like a shadow here. So my hairline is darker and it looks
like it’s tan because naturally when you get a suntan normally your forehead
gets really nice and bronze that’s the same effect you want to create
here like that. Now remember I contoured my nose. So this part is now darker
but now I want to make sure that I brighten in the sides so I’m dragging
down the concealer down the sides of my nose so that this will be white.
This will be dark and we kind of just leave the middle alone. Moving right along the next step is
I’m going to do my brows so I’m so obsessed with brow gels right now because
the new look for eyebrows is to actually create a spiky look with
your brows. Guys. I’m so obsessed with this look. I’m like wishing that
I had longer eyebrows so that it could just come out like alfalfa Just want them to stick straight up
especially like this part of your brow you really want it to just stick straight
up so I’m going to fill them in and then I’m going to use a brow
gel that’s gonna make them really look like they’re sticking straight up. It’s very editorial hard to not bless
me with super full brows but he blessed me with some bomb ass makeup to make
it happen. OK. So there’s really no one way to
tell you how to do your brows. I say you’ve got experiment you’ve got to
do it over and over again until you find a shape that you love. And that
you’re committed to This right here is the shape I’m committed to.
We’re in a committed relationship exclusive So what I’m using is a tinted brow
gel and I’m gonna use this to spike my brows up. And again I love this
look it’s a super editorial look when I say editorial. Like when you look
at fashion magazines. This is how they do makeup on the girls. They don’t
do makeup where they’re doing a bunch of eyeshadow and they’re creating crazy
contour and everything’s packed on and powder down no. When you do
it like fashion photo shoots and even my photo shoot that we did for XIXI
I campaign the faith and family campaign. We barely had on makeup like all of
us girls. No powder. We wanted to see the shine. We wanted to see my freckles
in the picture. And I love that. I think this is like the new era of
makeup And I’m obsessed god I love this so much.
You see my spiky brow I have one spike
your eyebrow than the other. This is my less spiky eyebrow. This front or you’ll be working with me brow.
I appreciate you I love you and continue to spike this one’s trying
a little struggle brow. But it’s OK. Now we’re going to highlight our brow
get a highlighter stick like this and I’m just going to put it right
in the arch of my brow. Right. There. See that. See that. And then we’re gonna
blend that. You’ll need a little concealer brush like this And my brows are done voila. Moving right along. And now we are
going to create an eye shadow that almost is like a contour as well. You guys know I love this but this
time we’re using creams. So. I’m going to go back in from my contour stick
I’m actually going to use this as an eyeshadow. And. I’m going to
just blend that just like that. I’m going into the corner. And again we’re
not going to use any powders because we want to create A daily glow we affect that just looks
like skin on skin on skin. And you know I love to make my. Eyes look
wider by pulling. The cream shadow out. But it’s not that I like to use The same products multi-purpose.
This technically wouldn’t be considered a cream eyeshadow. But I’m actually
just using my contract as I like to keep the colors color continuity. So That’s pretty much my shadow.
Wait till I highlighted it. It’s going to look so cute. And then I put it down
into my nose stub the tip to make it shorter and then I’m going to use
this side of this brush. To go under my bottom lashes. And again this is
going to create a bigger eye. I also am grateful for these bomb eyelash extensions
I have on. Let me know in the comments below if
you guys are into eyelash extensions or you like to put a strip on every
day or do you love your natural lashes. I had a really great natural lashes
I would never put on falsies. Really into the natural look I’m trying to
tell you I love eyelash extensions especially
if I’m home and I’m not working or during the summer or family vacations
they always make me feel like I’m awake. They look super cute but they have
to be done well. We’ve got to make sure that you’re also taking good care of them.
OK So this is pretty much my eyeshadow And now we’re going to add the highlight
my favorite part. You don’t normally see like it’s a powder highlight.
we’re using cream highlights. Now most of time you would see that it’s
on a stick like this so you would think you’d just go on there like that.
Oh no girl that’s totally gonna take off the concealer that I already
laid down the contour that I already laid down so instead I take these two
fingers my ring finger and my middle finger and I like to rub it like this.
Also the heat of your hand is going to be really helpful in this warm it
up Scheme global like this. So I warmed
it up it’s on my fingers now. And now I’m in a place that on top of my
cheek bone like so the other side. I’d also like to add highlight to my
cupid’s bow right here and then I’m going to add it to the tip of my nose
might even add it right here to my forehead for a little bit more of a glisten.
Then you can actually blend it in like so. It’s a little bit and now
we’re actually going to add dewey highlighter onto our eyes so I’m gonna use this
same stick to rub it really well. And then I’m going to place the highlight
in the center of my eyelid And this is now my shadow. Now remember
I said I had a lighter. Contour stick. We’re actually gonna
use that to once again go back in and this will almost be like a bronzer slash.
Brown blush. Blend that a little bit more. And now one of my favorite parts is
cream blush. I’m obsessed with cream blush. I use them on my eyes. I use them as lipstick.
I used cream blushes on my cheeks naturally
but I love them and again you want to make sure that they’re warm
that it’s not going on. And this really gives the ultimate dewy effect and
I’m absolutely obsessed. I literally have been doing cream blushes every
single day on the real. And people are commenting like Oh my God her skin
looks so dewy and fresh cream blush is the key. I also think that doing cream products
also helps if you have skin that has texture because you don’t see it
as much with cream products as you do with powders or powders you actually
can really see the texture of your skin. And this is a cool way to disguise it.
I mean add a little more to my eyes OK. So now we’re going to move on to lips.
I’m going to use a really natural nude lip liner and you guys would like
to create a fuller lip look so I go outside of my line. Fill it in just a bit I’m right now currently obsessed with
really glossy. Again it goes with the whole glossy dewey look glossy
lips that are like iridescent Pinks. So I love this nudie lip color type. My favorite right now. So now I’m going to add some mascara because I have eyelash straight to the bottom. So I don’t
want my top ones to look any more dramatic than they already do Sometimes ignore our bottom lashes and that’s not nice. So let’s show them some love. You definitely want
to use a mascara brush that can separate and doesn’t cause clumps because
there’s nothing worse than clumpy bottom lashes. But is not the look
we’re going for today. I wonder if you guys change your makeup
style for every season. I know I do. And this right here is going
to be my look all spring long. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know
if you try it out. All the products that I used are in the description below.
Love you guys Now don’t forget to subscribe

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