I’m gonna start off the oil to get some such a glow before I do my face makeup I apply to my face body and lips where I feel dry Next I’m going to apply a balm primer underneath my eyes nose and around my lip where I will wear concealer. To cover my dark circle I pick up this product cos the shade perfectly it matches to my skin tone, and it is very moist I always wanted to try this product and finally I cut it so the shade is new and slightly lighter than my skin tone So I use this to highlight the centre on my face It is a shade with a bit of bronze and pitched journey, I apply to my lids and lower lashlines As you can see if I apply more you can move low so I keep doing it until I get that low look I want To get deeper eyes I will add some brown shade to inner lids and outer lids and connect it a little bit. I did the same o the end of my lower lash lines To highlight the inner corner and keep it well, I’m going to use this eyeshadow stick from NYX in yogurt I love this product cause it gives natural volume to the leaves if you apply to the cupid bow Because the shade matches naturally with the natural lip colour. Today I’m not going to use any eyeliner to get a natural look so I will move on to the eyelashes straight away I curl my lashes and I use this long lash fixer to get my lashes longer rather than more volume. I apply this basic mascara to my lashes. I have been asked many times why I powder my eyebrows if you put some base makeup products And I even put some oil on my face so my eyebrows is quite oily now So you need a matte finish for the eyebrow product to apply Properly to appear visible and get that required definition After brushing my brows are used to say to fill in my brows With a ash brown shade I contour my nose and underneath my lips I’m gonna fix my brows up if you have any hairspray you could use it as an eyebrow fixer It doesn’t fix as strong as a eyebrow fixer But it gives natural look so you could try it Next I’m going to use this liquid illuminator in peach and gold shade this is multifunctional so I use it on my cheekbones nose, and chin as a highlighter and Just cheeks as a blush to add natural peachy glow on my face I’m obsessed with this lip product I mentioned it previously on my skincare routine, which I uploaded ages ago And I have used original one for at least three years This is another version of this with pinkish color and SPF 30. It gives a natural pink shade and long-lasting hydration on your lips I even apply this over my cupid bows and gives more volume on my lips as well. So this is finished look I hope you guys enjoy these make upload and there is the next video

100 thoughts on “GLOW MAKEUP | Haley Kim

  1. If u have enlarged pores DONT USE COCONUT OIL Because they will clog and pimples and black dots will become more

  2. หน้าเหมือรเก้า สุภัสสรามากกก ฮัลโลล

  3. I can't apply coconut oil on my skin my skin is oily can anybody suggest anything else other than oil for this kind of shine in face??

  4. i already have this kind of glow, but my sweaty ass and oily ass self looks haggard instead of looking poppin'

  5. Today i get the same question… Hey what r u put on ur skin it's glow… I said it's my skin's oil…. Lol

  6. I trying makeup like this, guess my acne prone skin looks disgusting af. Step1: you should have clear skin like this to achieve this kind makeup look. If u have imperfection in ur face, pls no😂

  7. oh shit, if i put coconut oil on my face my pores on my face will die and all of them will get clogged and ill end up breaking out real bad

  8. The moment i clicked on this ,i knew … Girl !!! I KNEW this was not for me :'(. But imma watch , coz im genuinely fascinated at how perfect her skin is .

  9. It's funny how youtubers cash on this look, while oily skin people just wake up like this in the morning & get shamed for it.

  10. You all are so weird leaving the same two comments again and again, three steps, be pretty have flawless skin n have dry skin.
    appreciate her effort and how it looks so pretty rather than be whiny about it…..

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