100 thoughts on “Glastonbury Perfect Makeup | ALEXACHUNG

  1. Why is she giving a make up tutorial if she keeps saying that she knows nothing about it?…
    She doesn't know what her stuff she uses is called and seems like some of them she used for the first time…. Do people watch it because she is funny?
    Well I clrealy wasted my time because I could give her better make up tips.
    But that chick looks without or with make up gorgeous… 🙄

  2. I thought she said “Car Key” until I put it into context and realized she was saying “Khaki”. lol

  3. I never would have remembered about Mac’s kohl eyeliner pencil in Teddy bronze if not for AC— very grateful to return to an old beloved

  4. Every eye look suits you. You just need to watch some makeup tutorial on YouTube!
    Sam & Nic Chapman is good choice for you bc their makeup is very simple and beautiful

  5. DYING!! 🤣🤣🤣 “oh look I’m flushed, I just came in from milking the cows” ROTFL hahahahhahhahahhahha I LOVE YOU ALEXA CHUNG!!!!

  6. Such comic relief! and beautiful skin – watch those neck wrinkles – cause they will come sooner than you think :>)

  7. Love her, I didnt knew her. And love her make up practice. She is beautiful and so funny 😊 wanna take a coffe and chat with her ❤

  8. Does anyone else get this vibe that Alexa is being 'dumb' over makeup on purpose. Like shes 'trying' to seem like she doesn't know even though shes been in the industry for a decade. Weird vibe. Like be just be your true self instead of whats meant to be 'cool'. But at the same time I'm sure we all try to act cool in our day to day lives so eh

  9. I am LOVING your tutorials, so fun! As for eyes, buff up the cat eye to soften it and it's like a 241 on eye looks 🙂

  10. I really love your videos, Alexa. We‘re the same age, so I can really use your advices. And I have the neck wrinkles too and my mum never wears make up… that’s why I‘m still struggling 😂 but now you are like a sister to me, helping me to get some skills 😂 hugs from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  11. Great make up vids with dry, intelligent, self effacing humour thrown in… what more could a girl want ! 😂😍

  12. I like this because this is basically how i approach makeup. I have almost no idea what I'm doing and i hate foundation and any really high effort eye makeup. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I feel like this method of gently concealing what needs concealed and lightly accentuating everything else looks more youthful anyway.

  13. Try to avoid paw paw. It's just petroleum jelly which seals your lips. Meaning they stay dry with an oily layer that 'feels' nourishing. Try to find a lip balm that actually penetrates your lips and you'll find they may not be so dry in between applications.

  14. For the longest time when I heard the British pronunciation of “khaki” I thought they were saying “car key” and I thought that was just so weird. I’m such a sillyhead.

  15. I came here prepared to feel intimidated by a make up savy model. Pleased to say I was instead charmed by an adorable, funny, almost entirely clueless about make up but incredibly smart lady! Loved it!

  16. Alexa is the kind of girl whose personality makes you fall in love with her, and it’s just a bonus that she’s pretty.

  17. I wouldn't change anything about this make up. You look great!. I couldn't stop smiling while I was watching this tutorial, because you remember of me when I make up: I try to keep it simple, I always use one or two brushes for everything… And it works for me!

  18. You would totally rock a smoky, messy black liner look! Top and bottom waterline, upper and lower lash line half way and then blended out a bit with a smudge brush + mascara. And soap brows!!

  19. Alexa, you’re an absolute gem! You make all of this 100% accessible and fun. Thank you! Also, I’m sure you know if it already but Glossier’s Boy Brow is a pretty fantastic “browscara”. I like it best when it’s almost empty and less goes on the brow. Thanks for being you and doing what you do! 🕺🏻🙏

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