(cheerful music) – Hi Guys! Welcome back to– – [All] That Youtube family! – Today the girls are gonna
be giving the boys a makeover. Winter’s edition! – No!
– Yay! – Wait a minute, do I need a makeover? – Yeah, you do. – No, we don’t. – [Mom] A girl makeover! – You guys do! – Wait! We bought you presents,
and you give us a makeover? – [Mom] Yep! That’s what we chose. – No! – [Mom] Okay, so who have you got? – I got Ty! – I have Dad. – [Mom] And I get Jake! Okay, so tell us the
inspiration for your makeover before you begin. – So I was looking on Pinterest for a lot of ideas, but I think I’m just gonna go with my own. – [Mom] Nothing to inspire
it? You’re gonna make it up? – Just like blues, and like
whites and Christmas-ey. – [Mom] Hey, I was thinking
of doing snow and stuff. Hmm. – Mines the opposite of you guys. Mines inspired by a Christmas tree. – [Mom] Christmas tree? – Gonna be fun Ty! Whoo! – [Mom] Well I was going to do the snow and the icy blues and like Ice Queen. But if you’re going that route I’m doing, Gingerbread Man! – Oh! (clapping) – No! – I thought you were gonna say The Grinch. – [Mom] Well, I could, but I think I’m going with Gingerbread Man. – Your eyebrows are so light. It’s so hard to see what I’m doing. – Ha ha ha ha! Wait–
– Oh there’s already something on this brush! It’s turning… I didn’t know there was
something on this brush. – How does it feel, Dad? – Kind of tickles. – We’re gonna go with… – Green! – Have you ever had your make-up done? – No. – Never ever?! – I don’t ever do make-up. – I know, but like, have
you ever had it done by us? – I mean, the pumpkin
thing you guys did to me. – You should pluck his eyebrows. (laughing) – It’s ticklish! – Your eyebrows are all
over the place, bro. – My eyebrows are on fleek? – [Mom] Uh… – And this is your own creation? – Yes! So far so good. – I thought you were gonna
do like ice. That’s black. – [Mom] Grinch! (laughing) – Well your eyebrows aren’t ice. – [Mom] Or evil ice queen? – Obviously. You’re
putting black on there. – [Mom] It’d be good color
for Jake’s eyebrows though. Cause he’s got really dark. – Not for Dad! Dad looks so weird! – [Ty] Stop tickling me! – [Mom] Wow. What a difference that makes. – Hey! Whatchu talkin’ bout, fool? – Okay. – Okay, look at me Ty. – I can’t see mine. – We’ll do your eyeshadow. – What have you done?! Let me see. Stop tickling me! – Open up, bro! – I don’t know what I’m doing! – Oh, my! (laughing) – This is going great so far, I’d say. – Frosty blue for Dad! – Nice and green for Ty-Ty! – You’re turning me, not
into a Christmas tree. You’re turning me into The Grinch! – Uh, no. This is Christmas
tree, okay, just wait. – Wait, that’s a lot. Are
you gonna do my whole face?! – I’m doing all of your
make-up for the holidays, Ty. – Oh my! – Is it on my skin? – Open! – This is something I’d never wear. – You have such tiny eyeballs! (laughing) His eyeballs are so tiny.
There’s not much to put on! – What? – Open! – Whenever you put your eyebrows down you can’t see any of the work I just did! (laughing) – See, put your eyebrows down. You can hardly see anything! – [Jordan] I have a vision
but its not working. Stop looking! – You put yellow! – I’m trying to make stars. So that’ll look it’s a Christmas tree. And then with the star at the top. And now I need to add in ornaments. – Where is the star? – [Jordan] Uh, I don’t know. So look at me. – Okay, open up again. Look at Dad’s eyeballs. We were blending. – Dad you gotta look in the mirror! – No, you can’t no! No! Stop! This is eyeliner, do you
know what that means?! He’s like– – [Jordan] Do you have
like, any metallic? Ooh! Over here! – Go get your liquid kind. – No, I’m not using my liquid on you, bro. – Stop rubbing your eyes! You’re getting your eyeshadow off! – Hey close your eyes.
Close your eyes for them. I have to put on more now. – No. – Okay. Close your eyes. Okay, now look up. Tah-dah! There’s Ty’s look so far. Okay. Now we’re gonna move onto lipsticks. Are you ready Ty? – No lipstick! – We’re gonna go with. What screams Christmas? Bright red.
– No no no no no no! – I feel like this one. Or this one. Oh! Yes, Ty. – [Dad] No! (laughing) – Go like this! – [Jake] I wanna do this to Dad. – More out, I can’t fine
details. There we go. – You’re shaking, not me. – Well, you got a stick
going in my eyeball. Of course, I’m shaky. – [Jordan] Okay, Ty, Ty let me fix that. Look at me. – This is not good! This is like, I see this big black thing coming at my eyeball. And it’s shaking. – Okay. Close your eyes. – Why are your eyes watering? – Your eyes are watering. – [Jordan] Yes, Ty! Yas! Looking great for the holidays. (squealing) (laughing) Will you pass the brush and the blush? Ty! (laughing) – Ah! You got it on my white shirt! You’re like Audrey and
it doesn’t come off! There’s gonna be stain
on your lips tomorrow! – Oh no. – [Jordan] Audrey, next
time just use the powder. – I know, why didn’t you use the powder? – [Audrey] Cause that goes on after this. – You do that, and powder? – [Audrey] Yes! – This is supposed to be Christmas themed. That color is not Christmas themed. – Well, its part of makeup. – Okay, Ty, look at me.
Time to blush! Oh, Dad! Where’d you get that
mascara?! I want that. – I’m red? – [Audrey] You’re like a golden hue. It’s like gold! It’s gold! – [Mom] It’s sun tan looking. – Am I orange? – A little bit. – No! – Ty’s not liking this holiday look. I’m lovin’ it. – [Jordan] Okay Mom. What
are you doing to Jake? – Okay so, I’m going to
start with foundation because I’m going for
the gingerbread theme. And we may need some gold make-up. – No. – [Jordan] Well, that’s how mine looks too and its very gold. – No! – [Jordan] Hey it actually
matches Jakes skin. It doesn’t match Dad’s. – [Mom] That’s because Jake
and I have the same skin tone. And you girls and Dad have the, and Ty all have the light, fair. But Jake and I have… You’re
not gonna see much on him. – [Jordan] You look like
you’re enjoying this. – Me? – [Jordan] Yeah! (laughing) – [Mom] Alright, so next. Because I am going gingerbread. Gingerbread men are brown, so therefore, brown eyeshadow. – [Jordan] Hey brown’s normal though Jake. Oh yes. – I wanna squint so bad. – [Audrey] Boys don’t
have like a crease line. It’s just one flat abyss. – On this side it feels
heavier than the other. – The eyeball feels heavy now? – No, the eyelid. – [Audrey] Like you know
how you can see my eye and then my eyebrow thing. – [Mom] Well look, because
this is this crease. – [Audrey] It’s so tiny. – [Mom] It’s so tiny. It
doesn’t come up very far. So we have to build him a fake eyelid. – [Audrey] You look fabulous Jake! – No! I can tell you’re lying. – [Audrey] No. I’m being for reals. – [Mom] Its really great. – It feels thick. – [Mom] It is thick. Wow. – [Audrey] Yeah, it’s very thick. – [Jordan] You may wanna
raise your eyebrows. – [Audrey] Oh mom, he just got plump. – [Mom] Yep. – [Audrey] It looks wet, like very wet. – [Jordan] Raise your
eyebrows. Don’t, don’t… Here, raise em. – [Mom] But the good thing is, like this is spot on match to Jake. – [Audrey] That’s true.
Dad’s, it was way dark. – [Jordan] Uh, I didn’t use it on Ty. – [Audrey] Dad grew an eyebrow. (laughing) – [Mom] That looks good for Jake! – [Jordan] Whoa, Jake! Wow
he’s got really dark eyebrows. – [Audrey] Eyeliner! – [Mom] I know, just hold still. – [Audrey] Ooh, nice mom. You’re a professional with eyeliner. – I feel like its going inside my eyes. – [Jordan] Stop moving! – [Mom] Now it’s going chunky! Now he’s got one chunky
eye! Stop squinching! Jake you’re squinching
and you’re messing it up. Hold still! – [Audrey] If you get one chunky, you have to make the other chunky. And then pretty much, your
whole eye becomes black! (laughing) – [Mom] Seriously, he’s
botching my eye do’s – [Audrey] Oh! You’re doing under the eye. – [Mom] Hold still! Okay. This one. Hold still. (laughing) – [Mom] I don’t know if I got it. And we’re calling it good. This is how you do boys eyelashes. (laughing) – [Audrey] You force his eyeball open. – [Mom] Careful you’re
gonna shmear it all. – I gotta blink. – [Jordan] This is a great idea. – [Audrey] Jake! – [Mom] Your smearing it! – Sorry! – [Audrey] You can’t do that. You’ve gotta suffer
when it comes to makeup. – [Mom] This is what we do everyday. – [Audrey] Every morning get up an hour before we have to leave just to do this. This is so funny. – [Mom] Aw. Jacob! Okay, So. We are back. The boys are finished
with their awesome looks. Jake’s got lipstick on his teeth. – [Dad] Are we supposed to
put Vaseline on your teeth? – Audrey says he looks more like a doll versus a gingerbread man. – [Jordan] Yeah, he does. – [Mom] What do you guys think? I thought I did pretty good. I thought gingerbread men had rosy cheeks. – [Ty] Doll. – [Mom] I was going for gingerbread man. But dolls good, its still Christmas-ey. – [Jordan] Ty. Christmas tree, I mean look at the sparkly eyeshadow. Don’t mind the mascara smudges. His eyebrows are
literally Christmas trees. I tried so hard to make
them Christmas trees. Red rosy lips for like,
chilling by the fire. Christmas tree. Just makes sense. – [Audrey] Do your fashion face. (laughing) – [Mom] Do your beauty face. – [Audrey] Here’s Dad’s look! (laughing) – [Audrey] His is frosty
winter wonderland. With a little bit of
sun tan from the beach. – [Mom] Which, Jake got
the exact same foundation and you can’t even tell. – [Jordan] And Ty got
the same foundation too! – [Mom] So it shows how much lighter Dad’s skin is versus the boys. – [Audrey] And he has
some shiny corner eyes. And then dark eyebrows. So, show your fashion look. Face. – [Audrey] I like how all of you did this. Also show the back of your head. – I gotta do the duck look. – [Audrey] That’s the flat lip. – What’s the one that everybody does when they do their Instagram. All their selfies are like… – [Mom] Pout your lips. – [Audrey] Like this. – You can’t just smile. You have to go – This is my new fashion…
– It’s like Zoolander. – This is my new fashion move. – [Audrey] So who do
you think has the best face out of all of you guys. – [Mom] Who’s is the best? Vote down below, or up in the polls. Let us know which look do you like? – Which one could you see your dad, brother, grandpa wearing? – [Jordan] Oh man. – Wait, who’s the grandpa? – [Audrey] You! – [Ty] You. – [Mom] Uncle. – Oh, that was fun. – [Audrey] Show the back of
your head Dad. Go like this. Smiley face! – [Ty] Let me see! Woo! – [Mom] Jake drew a smiley. Awesome. That was pretty fun. Did you guys like that? – [Ty] Yeah! – [Mom] Yeah! Ty said woo! – No. – [Jordan] Good job Ty, high five. – I wanna open presents instead
of getting face painted. – I know. – I’ve gotta say, the
beauty work is perfect. – I tried to blend it into your head. – [Mom] So girls, who was
the easiest to work on? – Definitely not Jake. – [Mom] Not Jake at all! Jake was hard. – I feel like Dad was the easiest. – That’s ’cause you guys made me laugh. – [Mom] What do you say? – Dad was pretty easy
‘cept his eyes were like– – [Mom] That’s how Jake was! I was going so good on the eyes. Audrey even said “Wow you got the best!” And then Jake scrunches his eyeballs and the entire look goes down the drain. – I feel like Ty was pretty hard though because he kept wanting to look at himself in the mirror to see where
I was doing everything at. And he like, his lips were really hard. So that’s why there’s
big bumps and everything. – [Mom] He couldn’t stay still? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Mom] But were they as hard as his lips. He didn’t wanna hold still for lips. (laughing) – You tried making me laugh, though. – [Mom] So boys, would you like to do this every single morning? – No! – [Mom] It’s what we do. – I don’t even comb my hair in the morning let alone do makeup. – [Audrey] You just get
up, put on your clothes and your ready for the day. – I get up looking this good everyday. – [Mom] That good? That good right there? Nice! – Alright, well thank you
guys so much for watching. – Make sure you like! – Subscribe! – And share! – And hit the bell! – See you all next time! – [All] Bye! (cheerful music)

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