Get Ready with Me ♡ Blue Eyeliner Brown Eyes

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today
I am doing a really fun makeup look, I love blue and orange together, I think they are
so beautiful. This look is actually inspired by a football game that I recently saw with
my little brother, and the field was just gorgeous it was orange and blue so I just
wanted to play around with orange and blue today. I think it makes the orange pop so
much, it is so beautiful and so pretty. So if you guys want to see how I got this really
fun look with a pop of color then definitely please keep watching.

15 thoughts on “Get Ready with Me ♡ Blue Eyeliner Brown Eyes

  1. I decided to post a GRWM video, since I rarely get to post these! Hope you enjoy 🙂 don't forget to THUMBS UP! xoxo

  2. hey darling nice vid as usual! 🙂 however why is there a discount link if its not sponsored? I have no problem with sponsorships or anything…just wondering xxxx

  3. Love the look ! 🙂 , just became your new subscriber :). I have a channel that I'm just starting on, check it out when you get the chance , sub for sub ? 🙂

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