Get Long And Thick Hair Within 1 Week/Best Hair Spray For Hair Fall And Thin Hair

Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and merciful Assalamu Alaikum, welcome back to my channel Secret Hacks. today i have brought you a wonderful remedy which is very effective. you will be surprised by the wonders of this remedy and you didn’t know the benefits of it. the fruit that we get at our home on routine basis and how its leaves are very beneficial for us. that is very beneficial for our hair. today i will tell you that today we will make a water or hair spray from which we will wash our hair or with which we will spray our hair.and how we can prepare it. viewers, what you need to do is to take guava leaves. this are guava leaves and you need fresh guava leaves. what we need to do is that, we need to add 10 guava leaves in a blending machine. and then we need to add 1 glass of water in it. i have added 1 glass of water and viewers what i need to do is that, i will first mix it properly and then i will boil this water. viewers i have mixed these leaves properly in it. our purpose it to blend this leaves in water properly. after mixing it, we need to take a pan and pour our mixture in it. this whole material including ground leaves should go in pan. now i will boil it for 5-7 minutes. after that i will turn off the flame and let it cool down a bit. viewers, this water has cooled down so i will now filter it. i have filtered the water and nos we have got the water for hair growth and reducing hair fall. which is very effective. viewers, i will tell you that how you can use it but first you need to add 1 vitamin E capsule first. after adding that, i i will take a spray bottle and i will add this mixture in it. viewers, how we need to use is that, we need to spray this water on our hair before taking a bath. after 15-20 minutes of spray , you can take bath. viewers, you will notice its effectiveness within a few days of using it. you will notice hair growth and reduction in hair fall. you can use it 3-4 times a week. so viewers. you should must use it as it is very effective and also tell me its results on your hair. viewers, if you liked my video, then subscribe to my channel and people who have already subscribed people who have already subscribed i am very thankful to you.take great care of yourselves Allah Hafiz.

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