[Music] hello everyone how’s it going today I’m gonna show you how I create this galaxy inspire look now you’re ready to see my bare face I mostly use the element of surprise palette from colour-pop for the look today but first I’m gonna use some concealer as an eyeshadow primer to even out my lid and to help the eyeshadow stick on better using a deeper blending brush I’m gonna deep into this nasty pink color right here and apply it in two mysteries next I’m gonna use a smaller blending brush taking this deep maroon shade and apply it also into my crease but a bit lower than the dusty pink color I felt that this shade is a bit harder to work with compared to other shades in the palette but all you need to do is patiently blending and you get there using that same brush I’m taking this bubble Futura straight right here and apply it into my crease again but just a bit lower you see it [Music] moving onto blue you can use any dark blue shadow that you have I got this as a gift and I don’t even know what brand it is it’s not the best eyeshadows ever but I thought it would be helpful for this particular look so now I’m using a flat brush to pack the color on my entire lid [Music] going back to that Papa Shay I’m gonna plan out the edges to create that individual transition this is a metallic lavender with blue and green duochrome and it’s gonna be the star of the show today but first let me wet my ring finger with a bit upsetting spray and apply the color directly on top of the blue [Music] okay so I’m again taking that purple shade too deep in the other corner to create some dimension for my eyes I’m not done with the ice yet but let me finish the rest of my face and I’ll be back but I I’ll list all the face products in the description box using a tiny pencil brush I’m going to use that purple shade one more time and run along 2/3 up my lower lash line I want a pop-up blue under my eyes so I’m just gonna take them and apply very close to my waterline I’m taking this iridescent shade right here it looks white but it’s actually pink on the lining and I’m gonna pop that into my inner corner and the inner part of my lower lash line then I feel like that she is a bit too pink so I take the champagne shade from another palette and apply on top of that I also use that champagne shade to highlight under my brows I’ve just apply eyeliner and mascara to type the look together I know I need to do my brows too but I see don’t know how anyways I hope you enjoyed today’s video please like and subscribe to support your car thank you so much for watching good bye and see you later [Music]

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