Gaga, Can We Talk?! Haus Laboratories Review | Jackie Aina

(sings) – Okay there we go. (laughs) Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Jackie Aina. Oh, excuse me. ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ Yeah I’m making a lot of noise
today, just deal with it. I’m just trying to match the theme of today’s make up review. But as you all know, unless you just really are not that cool and live under a rock, Lady Gaga (ding) just launched her first ever make up line. I think this is her first
ever line in general. Like, has she ever come out with merch? Has she over done other products? I don’t know. Haus Laboratories is the name
of Lady Gaga’s make up line and I’ve heard some pretty good… Well, there’s been some good things, there’s been some bad things. I haven’t really watched
any reviews on the line yet because we like to be
untainted and unwavering. I did see Raw Beauty
Kristi’s video though, because it just sucked me
in, I couldn’t help it. I love her, I think she’s really raw. That’s the only review I’ve seen so far. It is a line that is unique. I definitely have some thoughts. Now, to be completely honest with you, I don’t really listen to
a lot of Gaga’s music. – Electric chair. (gavel slams) – I think she seems
like a really fun girl. She she seems like a girl’s
girl, very unpretentious, so I’m not doing this review
in the place of a fan. Even though I don’t
think there’s necessarily anything wrong with being
biased a little bit. Naturally as humans, when you like someone and when you’re a fan
of them, that’s okay, that’s human nature. We’re all guilty of it,
don’t say you aren’t either. And if you do say it, you’re lying. I think Gaga’s cool. I don’t go out and buy all of her albums. I think that her, hold on. I do think that her
starting a make up brand is very on brand for her. I was however, a little confused by the approach of this launch. This is actually a really nice launch. I like how this is mirrored,
this is kind of cool. It is eye products and lip products, so we’re gonna be testing them out, swatching and reviewing them. It is an Amazon exclusive beauty line. I think this is the
first of Amazon’s kind. I see what they’re trying to do. Amazon is trying to come for
the other retailers, honey. I see what they’re doing. I know an exclusive when I see one, but you can also go onto the
Haus Laboratories website and purchase the products
on there as well, because I did confirm right
before I started filming. Today we’re gonna be doing some swatches. I did leave my make up partially completed because I wanted to create an eye look so let’s go ahead and get started. Haus Laboratories has been a
dream of mine for many years. Built on a foundation of love, I founded this artistic,
creative collection to inspire kindness and self
acceptance through beauty. I want you to love yourself and spread acceptance to
others around the world. Together, we can do this. I like that. I do think, (cardboard crashes) I think that that brand
messaging is very Gaga. She just seems like a do what you want, be who you want, no judgment, I see some of that reflective
in the branding of the line. The first thing we’re
gonna jump right into are the Glam Attack liquid shimmer powders and these are basically the equivalent of a liquid cream shadow from what I’ve seen in demonstrations. Now the only thing that
I will definitely say about the branding, I think visually, it’s actually a really well
put together collection but I am also in the pool of people who was a little bit underwhelmed when I saw the launch of this, and when I first saw it, I thought that for Gaga
to be this extravagant, over the top persona that she has, I guess I was expecting like what Christian Louboutin
does with his lipsticks. The spikes and the oblong shapes, and that is just to me what I think of when I think of Lady Gaga, but you know, maybe that’s just not what
she wants for her brand and that’s okay, but if I look at this, I wouldn’t necessarily visually
connect this to Lady Gaga. Does that make sense? And also for her first launch to be the lip and the eye products, it wasn’t really something that
I felt had been done before. There was just nothing that wowed me. But at the same time, maybe she wants the
product to speak for itself and the packaging to be secondary. That could be a thing too. I have six of these liquid shimmer shadows and I’m just gonna really quick
swatch all of them for you. So this is Aphrodite,
this is the first liquid, oh it’s really liquidy. Okay, so more liquid and less cream. You’re not gonna get
the same thick, frothy, what you would expect from Stila. They’re literally liquid, but I wonder do they
blend out in a powder. How does that work? Okay, so it does go liquid to powder and it’s very chunky, glittery. I think that they should call these liquid glitter not liquid shadow, because it is just chunk and just glit. The next color that I
have is Chained Ballerina. By the way, these retail for $20, I think that’s a cute amount. I would pay $20 for a liquid cream shadow. I feel like liquid cream
shadows go way longer than regular shadows, and they’re a lot easier to use. So this one is a black shimmer, and let’s see what she blends out. Oh yeah, this is just straight black. This one has blue glitter in it, purple. Very appropriate for
Halloween, and very Gaga. I don’t know why I keep
acting like I know her. I don’t. I don’t even know really
much about her music but I do know that
“Telephone” is a banger, okay? (sings “Telephone) ♪ Stop telephoning me ♪ That’s actually one of my
favorite songs in general, let alone Gaga songs. So the next color that I have is Legend and Legend looks like a goldish green. Yeah, it’s kind of olivey. It’s like that goldish green. That is beautiful. Now the one thing that I will say, because these are so sheer and watery, I wouldn’t necessarily, okay there’s two approaches to this. If I want color payoff and
I’m doing a full face of glam, beat, going to the club, I
wouldn’t use these alone. I would use this as a secondary step, I would use this with shadows. I would put this on top of something. It’s almost like, in my opinion, like the equivalent of a
highlight for your eyes, but you wouldn’t wear this by itself. Unless you wanted a no makeup makeup look and you just wanted shine and a little bit of dew on the
eyes, then you can do these because they’re kind of transparent. It’s not a thick coat of shadow, it’s just like clear
liquid with glitter in it, if that makes sense. And this actually reminds
me a lot of Trophy Wife, because my Trophy Wife is over there and I see it, I see you. The next color that I have is Dynasty and Dynasty is a turquoise blue, gorgeous. Oh, that’s really pretty. That’s really pretty but I don’t like the fact
that this one is liquidy. So far, my favorite in this consistency, this consistency does
not work for every color. I want to see color payoff,
I want to see thickness. I don’t want a sheer turquoise. I don’t know girl, maybe I
need to see how she dries down. I just think that this should be more. This should be more. I’m the least impressed with that one and I’m also the least
impressed with the black one because the black one
needs to give me black. Blackity black. The next color that I
have is, what is this? Biker.
(mimics bike revving) This one is like a gray. Mm-mm, oh no. (screams)
– What the freak is that? – Okay, that one’s not that bad. It’s kind of gun metal. I see what they’re doing. It’s a really unique color though. We don’t really see a lot of
this, oh there, in society. And then, the last color
that I have is Rose B*tch. Rose, B, star, TCH. That’s literally what it’s called. B, asterisk, TCH. Rose bi… Okay, Rose B is like a muted pink. Oh, it looks different on camera. I don’t really see a color story here. The two dark ones are
damn near the same color. Those are okay. I wish that they were more color payoff, I wish that they were thicker. I really only really liked the gold. That was the only one that
looked really good blended out and matched the texture and consistency. I really feel like we’ve raised
the bar for liquid shadows, ever since Stila came out and
changed the game for everyone and we’ve seen different
textures and different types but I like what I like and I tend to not go for this kind of texture and consistency. Will I use them? Yeah, it’s not something
that I necessarily dislike but something seems like it’s missing, something seems off about
the texture of these. Because this is just
shimmer, I can do two things. I can either just do an eye using this and go really out of
the box and avant garde, which is probably what Gaga had in mind. I, however, I’m not Cara Delevingne, okay? I’m not a model, I don’t pull
off those looks very well. So I need to give you guys a look. So I am gonna do some shadows
and I’m gonna go grab, I don’t know what I’m gonna grab. Let’s go see what we’ve got. I definitely thought this
palette was gonna be real ashy but then I swatched it and I was like okay, okay, okay, I’ll fall back, I’ll fall back. So I’m gonna use the Naked Honey palette. I do have to be honest, I
have a dinner party tonight and it’s a more professional setting, professional environment and I’m really someone else’s plus one. I want to show up looking like “I Love New York”
from Flavor of Love. – Look at the material. – You should be going home anyway. – You can be the judge of it. – I just don’t want to do that to her. I’m gonna keep it really cute and match just like my style anyway and I definitely want to find
a way to incorporate Legend. I thought this color was
really pretty, the gold. Look at the material. First we’re going to prime the eyes using some concealer from Too Faced. I did want to lay some
powder down real quick in case I fall out though. Let me lay it down. So because it’s a dinner party and I have to be somewhat professional, I’m gonna do something a little
bit more on the glam side. I’m gonna start off with Drip. Drip right here, that was
not supposed to happen. I went for Drip and accidentally dipped my
shadow brush into something else. Anyway, Drip, came through dripping, I’m going to be applying into my crease. I typically start with the crease color. This look is gonna be very boring. So if you came for theatrics,
if you came for graphic liner, it’s not moi. I’ve got carpal tunnel. I need to pick my looks wisely. I’m applying Drip into my crease because I’m going to be
adding in that buffer softening things out. This look is going to be very wearable. Oh my god, I originally wanted
to do this look by Orpha. Like, look how stunning that is. (groans) But I just feel like it’s really rude to show up to someone’s
event as a plus one and look like that. And I was gonna wear a purple wig. My purple unicorn, purple
and mint green wig. Doing the most. You’re not getting promoted, sis. So I didn’t want to do the absolute most. I’mma just stick to what I
know and that’s being basic. I’m basically taking
this flesh toned shadow. I could have just used Ginger for this, but I’m actually gonna try and see what that shadow looks like by itself in the middle of my eye first and then if I really don’t like it, I’m gonna put something
on on top of it and shuzz. Here we go. Oh, does this spill out girl? Oh girl, it spills out
of the packaging, girl. Make sure you don’t store this upside down because it’s so watery that it will spill. So we’re taking Legend, that’s going on the center of my lid. It looks pretty opaque on camera. Okay, I’m not mad. Okay, I’m mad at that though. The only thing with these liquid, because they don’t stay put,
if you have hooded eyelids or any type of fold on your lid, you could get transfer, which
could be really annoying and I already feel like I’m
resisting the urge to fight that and I don’t even have hooded eyelids so I can imagine for someone who does, that would be pretty hard to work around. These aren’t blending that
great with my blending brush. I’m trying to add my shadow
around it to soften it out. So I’m popping it onto my other eye and it actually looks really pretty. I like the color, I like
that this is a greenish gold. It’s giving me a really
nice vibrant, fresh look. I am glad that I tried this on its own because it shows me that
it does have potential to really show up on
the eye and stand out. Watery but definitely not
sheer, that’s for damn sure. You know the applicator is quite nice because what you can do is
the cut crease application, you can get a really
nice, sharp application and really carve out that eyelid. You guys, that’s actually really pretty. Unblended, I’m getting there. Now I’m taking a bit of Drip,
you can use any flesh tone, eye base color that you like
or crease color that you like, and I’m just blending out
around the corners of it so I looks like we’ve got
this natural cut crease look. I feel like I need
something dark back here and I wouldn’t normally do this but in the name of all that is Gaga, we’re gonna switch it up
and do something different. I’m going to take the black, which is in the shade Charmed Ballerina. Why do I feel like that’s my
first time reading this name? Did I not read this name earlier? The black one is called Charmed Ballerina and I’m gonna take a bit
of Charmed Ballerina. Oh my god, I’m scared. What am I doing? I’m actually scared. We’re gonna blend it out
with a blending brush. I feel like this could
either go really wrong or it could be revolutionary,
let’s just see. So first I’m gonna pat it
in, kind of in a V shape. Oh, and that’s turning
green because of the gold. Cool, I can work with that. I’m just using this in
place of black shadow because I thought it’s shimmery
so that could be fun, right? That is actually not blending out too bad but the only thing is,
you’ve got to work quick because it’s liquid shadow. Liquid dries. And I’m not necessarily mad at that. It’s shimmery. I don’t normally put shimmer back here but it’s kind of cute. And then I’m gonna add a
little bit more of that gold and our flesh tone crease
color again around it to blend and soften everything out. Soften. This took an awkward turn, because at first I really liked
it and then I put on shadow, and then I got really creative and now I’m not as, as wowed as I was and I’m almost, this is the second time, I can’t believe I’m doing
this, I want to take it off. (disappointing music)
– Huh? – I never ever, ever, ever,
I never wipe off makeup because I always feel
like I can make it work, I can figure it out and
now my eyelids are burning because I’ve been layering
on this liquid shadow. ♪ Poor unfortunate soul ♪ Back to the drawing board. I’m just gonna take my
crease color, which was Drip, and pop that onto our lid. (harsh breathing)
(tense music) It’s fine, fine, I’m not in a
hurry or anything, it’s cool. I’mma just put on my two layers of Legend and shut the hell up and whatever the hell I was
trying to do with the black on the outer corner, that’s canceled. – Period. – This looks much prettier now that I’ve toned it
down and softened it and didn’t layer on as much. This, I feel is a little bit
more wearable and more me. There is a graphic liner,
liquid Eye-Lie-Ner, literally, it’s eye and then L-I-E-N-E-R. Eye-Lie-Ner. Now this eyeliner seems
like it’s being positioned as one of their stand out items. I don’t really feel like
there’s anything revolutionary about liquid eyeliner. It is $20 and you know, some people love their liquid eyeliners, so if it’s worth it for you and you really love
the eyeliner that much, then I would say go out and get it. I’m not mad at that $20 price tag. Oh my god, look, this is
what I was talking about. This is what I was talking about. It transferred up here just a little bit but it’s okay, it’s not
the end of the world. I think I can just buff
that out a little bit. This is a black felt-tip liquid eyeliner. That’s pretty thick. I don’t really feel like black liner would look good with this look because it’s very light,
bright and all that. I think that black liquid liner would be a little harsh for this look but should we try it? Okay, sure, why not? If anything, I can always smoke and smudge it out if I need too. We are gonna wear falsies. Now I would definitely
say, that’s a good tip. The tip really, really lets you get super close to the lash line. Sometimes felt-tipped
liners can be too thick, which I think is the reason
why I’m just not into them but I got really close to that lash line and yes, I am going to smudge it out. The vibe that I’m getting from
most of these products so far is really avant garde, and you guys probably are gonna be like your eye make up sucks! Yeah, it’s not my best work, that’s okay. I’m just trying to make
do with what I have and I’m making it work the
best way that I know how and I want this look
to be pretty wearable. It looks like there’s
jewels on my eyes, like wow. This is pretty. I’m also gonna dab on over,
on my bottom lash line, just a little sparkle glow. See what I did, right there,
in the middle, down here? Yeah. And then I’m gonna add some Drip along the bottom lash line as well. Again, this is just a crease color. You don’t have to use
this whole entire palette because I really ended up
using one eyeshadow anyway. The eyes are pretty much done. I threw on lashes. These are So Extra Mykonos from Lily Lash. Of course we have to add
our inner corner highlight. So I ran over to, oh I
didn’t physically run but I grabbed it, it was right here. I grabbed Aphrodite and I’m gonna be splashing
that in my tear duct for a little extra sparkle and shimmer. We’re done with the eyes. Let’s go over to the lips. In addition to the liner
and the liquid shadows, we also have lip glosses. There are six glosses in the
Haus Laboratories launch. I do think it’s kind of weird that they gave us lip
glosses and lip liner instead of lip pencils and lip sticks, or liquid matte lippies. So there’s some glosses that have shimmer, there’s some glosses that have
no shimmer in them at all. They retail for $18. It’s a little up there
in price for a gloss as opposed to the liquid shimmer shadow. I would pay more for shadow because shadow’s gonna last me way longer. I don’t have to apply it as
often, you get what I’m saying? There’s no smell, and that makes me sad but it’s not a deal breaker for me. I don’t have to have a
scent in my lip products but it is a bonus. The first color that
I’m gonna be swatching is the shade Corset,
and this is a pretty… From the swatch alone, it’s pretty sticky and it’s pretty goopy. It’s also very sheer. I almost feel like it’s a waste of time. Swatching glosses, these types of glosses, you’re really not gonna
get a ton of color payoff but we’re just gonna do it anyway. This is a cool toned
pink, the shade is Blaze and it kind of matches my
nails, it’s really cute. I have Venus. It’s kind of pink, I would
say this is a nude pink. It’s pretty sheer, they’re all very sheer. I have Entranced, which
looks like a really, I just want to shake it up,
just in case it’s watery because you never know. It looked a little oily at first. Entranced is a glitter gloss. These do not swatch that
great, I’m not gonna lie. They feel really sticky and really goopy. The next color that I have is attitude. Attitude is, okay, this is a pretty color. I actually have a color from Pat McGrath that reminds me a lot of that. It’s almost like a reddish orange and there is shimmer in it. (lid shuts) Oh god, did you hear that? That was from the gloss. And the last color that I have
is Scream and it’s a purple. I feel like I fumbled the bag with this because I don’t even
know what I’m wearing yet and I’m already doing
yellow and gold on my eyes. It’s fine, I’m sure I can make it work. The struggles of being a YouTuber, I just pray that it works out. I feel like lipstick is really missing, like it’s an obvious empty
presence that I yearn for. Oh, these look like liners that match the color of the lipsticks, sort of, kind of, except for Enchanted. But there’s six of them. We have Slayer, which is a deep plum. By the way, the pencil liners are $16. This is Myth, and Myth
is a cool toned pink. I don’t know if you can see
that, that’s a cool toned pink. This is Drag and this
one is more of a purple. That’s a really unique liner
color, I kind of like that. Very cool toned. This is On Point. It’s a nude, but we all
know what that really means. It’s not nude for me, Kathleen. Okay, nude for you but not me. This is a color that I wouldn’t, like I would probably use this on my lips but I would still need to
definitely line my lips with something else because
this is way too light. I think it would make a
pretty cute color though, like a lipstick color. Then I have Rule, ooh, that’s nice. It is a orangey terracotta,
coral terracotta I should say. Close to terracotta than it is orange. And then the last color
that I have is Ride and Ride is a pink. A cool toned pink. Unlike how I felt about the eye products, I do feel like the lipsticks and the eyeliners all correspond together. I feel like the eyes,
there’s a mismatch there. There’s no color story here. This is a color story. I feel like I could definitely
use all of these liners. Like none of them, except
for this one of course, these are all pretty. I’m glad that they didn’t
do too many nude shades that wouldn’t have been
flattering universally. I’m glad that there’s some color and some depth in these liners. Nowadays, lip pencils
have really stepped it up and I’m not used to
this old school wooden, like I’m used to using
the ones from Colourpop or I’m used to using
the ones from, is it LA? Yeah, LA Girl I think is the twist up. I’m not really a fan of the old school, wooden, sharpen up pencils because you just don’t get
that creamy application. Like, if I really like the
color, I’m still gonna use it. So I think the color
that I’m gonna use today, because we do want nude is, no, can’t use that one,
can’t use that one. I almost fell for it though. I’m gonna go in with the shade Rule. This almost looks like the
only nude that I could use. That glided on really nicely. Definitely better than I expected. I expected a little bit of tug, I expected this to be really dry. It’s actually not. So I line my lips pretty heavily, like almost halfway through and I know the rest of my lips look gray but stop disrespecting me. It’s been a long week, okay? I can’t find my lip balm. For a gloss, I definitely
want to go nude, duh. Like you guys know me so well. I’m so basic. I’m gonna take the shade Corset. Corset seems like, well. Actually, Corset looks a little light. Let me go for Venus and let’s just see how much
color payoff we actually get, which I don’t think, okay there’s a little bit of color. Girl this applicator is not it. It’s not soft at all. Cute color, don’t know if I’m wowed, but I’m not against it. I actually like the lip color. I think it was a cute combo. Even without lipstick, I’m
kind of into it, it looks nice. Now the last thing that you do get, I didn’t realize you can
buy this but you get these, well you don’t get
them, you purchase them. There’s a collection of two eye masks and the one that I have here is this big, I thought people were drawing
these on with the liner. I was like, where’s everybody
getting this idea from? Did I miss the stencil or something? Excuse me. No, you can actually
buy this which, I mean, cute but why though? You know, why? Is it supposed to be a Halloween thing? What’s the tea with this? Are these supposed to be eye flicks? Is this supposed to be
eyeliner in a stencil? Yeah, these are wing tips. I mean, they’re fine, but, I respect it but it’s not me. Is this a safe space? I don’t know if I like this
make up line, you guys. I just, here’s what I’ll say. Right now we all know
celebrities are trying to cash in on the extra lucrative business
of beauty, we all see it. And whenever I would hear people say celebrities are always putting
their name on make up lines and blah, blah, blah, and
they’re just coming out just with products just
for the sake of it, just because they’re famous, I genuinely low key always felt like that was a little bit of shade. People were just hating, and I always felt like,
you’re just hating. If you were in the same
position that they were, you’d probably be doing the same thing. But honestly, when it comes to this line, I kind of see what people
were talking about. I do kind of see what
people were talking about. – I don’t even know why you here. Security, can you please
escort this lady over here out? – I will just say, I think
that the products were likable. I think that the products are usable. I don’t dislike them. However, when you step
into the world of beauty, it’s not one of those things where you can just wave
transluscent powder over our eyes and we won’t be able to see through the products for what it is. When you step into beauty,
you gotta be ready to bring it because there’s so many
different beauty brands and everybody is constantly
churning out launches and coming up with new
revolutionary things and girl, I’m not getting revolutionary the way that this was hyped up to be. I did get invited to the
launch party, but I didn’t go because it was at a time where I had just got done with a lot of travel and that night, I was
just extremely exhausted so I opted not to go and I only mention that
because people did ask me. I think people sometimes feel a way when I don’t get invited to things, so I don’t want you guys to feel like I am only saying this
because I was snubbed. I wasn’t snubbed, I was invited but I did see people’s Insta Stories and I saw when Lady Gaga
was giving her speech about the brand and why she started it and don’t get me wrong, you’re supposed to go hard for your brand. That’s what I would expect. I don’t expect you to
stand on stage and burp and be like, I started this
because I was bored one day, in my closet, that’s it, bye. No, that’s not what I expect but I feel like I was watching
a political rally speech, the way that sis was
going in about her brand. It was going to just change the world. I just don’t know if lip
liners and lip pencils and liquid shadows change the world. I don’t think that changes beauty, I don’t think that changes
the game or moves the needle. Maybe she got a little excited, maybe she got a little ahead of herself. I’m just paraphrasing, please
do not quote this directly or drag me in the comments
if you’re a Gaga stan. I’m separating the art from the artist, I’m not talking about Gaga as a person. She seems like a very nice lady and I think she’s super talented. If I remember correctly,
hearing her speech, she made references to
this being the game changer for diversity, and inclusion in beauty. – Hmm.
(man laughs) – I was like really, like what? Like I said, maybe she got excited, maybe she got a little ahead of herself and maybe she just couldn’t
stop at that point. I’m not gonna fault her for that. Sometimes we say things and we don’t really understand the depth of what we’re saying. I’m not gonna hold this to her, but I felt like it was a little tone deaf, to discount all of the work that’s been done before Haus Labs and that was a little bit
like, oh girl, oh girl. Hold on, let’s settle down
now, let’s settle down. She wants everybody to feel accepted and welcome when they try her products. I love that, I think that that’s great, but don’t claim to be the one
who’s breaking the barrier because you’re not. Had these products maybe been complexion, then maybe you can say that, but not through lip and eye
products, you know what I mean? The products themselves, like I said, I think that they are just okay. I can’t comfortably say I would
go out and purchase these. I have them, so I’ll use them. I don’t know if I would
necessarily go out and buy these. I already have liquid eyeshadows
that I absolutely love that I keep going back to and these for me were just probably the least
favorite from the launch. If anything, the lip products were the better part of the launch and I honestly wasn’t that wowed from the lip products
either, so that says a lot. All in all, it’s just me
sharing my opinion and thoughts. If you want to support this line because you genuinely
like Gaga, that’s okay. I see a lot of people shame others for saying you only bought
this because you like so and so or you only bought this because you like the
person who created it. There’s literally nothing wrong with that. People are allowed to spend their money the way that they want. I’m not gonna shame or
fault anyone for that. If you just want to go
out and buy the collection because you want to
support her, that’s cool. I’m not gonna judge you. I don’t necessarily think that this competes with
where we are in beauty. This gives me 2012 make up tease. Like we’ve advanced with lip products sis. We have been there with liquid shadows. We need something else now. I will definitely say this isn’t going to completely rule out the brand for me. Like, do I think she can redeem herself? Sure. We’ve seen it with Kim. Kim K came out, she tried
it, she definitely tried it, but since then she’s redeemed her, I mean I don’t use her brand, side note, but she has definitely stepped it up and I think that for me, I’m gonna need to see the
step uppage of it with this because it’s not really there yet. I don’t think this should
have been the first launch. I think that this should have been, get a strong presence
of other products first and then throw this in for kicks, for fun, for a little cute holiday collection. I’m not shook, I’m just
being completely honest. The girls will eat you alive if you don’t bring it for the next launch. I’m really excited to see what she gives us for the next round. This isn’t the end, this
is just the beginning. People definitely ask me thoughts
on the whole Amazon thing. I think that Amazon is doing this to compete with other retailers. Like I definitely can see them probably bringing in other brands
to try to do this thing. I’m not opposed to it
being available on Amazon. It would be nice, however, like with the glosses for example, to be able to touch, feel, try, swatch. You can’t do that obviously when you’re buying something online. Girl, you better just order them online and pray for the return
policy and the best, okay? That’s all I got guys. Other than that, thank
you so much for watching and hanging out on today’s video. What you gonna do is enjoy my side profile and my straight backs, okay. I’m giving you set it
off tease, Prison Patty. No but seriously though, this is just how I have my
hair braided for under my wigs but it’s kind of a look, right? I had to give you a little edge for Gags, just a little bit of edge. And I don’t mean baby hairs, I mean like edgy, like edge, edge. I mean like edgy glam, honey. Edgy glam. Okay, watch the next video. Hurry up, so I can wipe
off this damn lip gloss.

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