Alright! Time to hop in the shower. Yikes did I get electrocuted in my sleep?
Now what am I gonna do! Nope, not working. who cute hat alert I’m having trouble
there Olivia why is it that having curly hair makes your head feel twice as big
oh man come on just and weave in okay we’re smoothing
out the out oh yeah try a ponytail man the hats trouble is real people can’t
even see through this stuff unfortunately curly hair people just
can’t be hackable oh my bracelet is totally stuck in my hair act casual ever
notice curly hair just grabs on to stuff whether it’s your glasses or a bangle
your curls just attractive things and so now the more I struggle the more tangled
stuff gets yet see here people I can only smile for a little longer – I’m just flavored by hair and laughing
let’s see all right let’s get organized with my
weekly to-do list yes right my pen go whoa who knew I had dessert in there
maple oh yeah my pen oh really stuck in there huh
finally okay where was I buy more pens okay alarm is set finally it’s time to
hit the hay whoa what’s all over your face Lily long-haired beauties know that
sleeping can sometimes be a challenge see what I’m talking about
Vicki however is enjoying a nice deep hair freeze lumber help I’m drowning in
hair over here phew I can breathe okay that’s it I’m calling
my hairdresser first thing tomorrow and making it appointment ever sit in front
of the mirror examining your hair it’s always fun to experiment with different
looks to see what works and what doesn’t cute bommana you look great – Vicki whoa
check out that brain check out Vicki um till lookin good girl if you have short
hair sometimes it feels like you’re stuck wearing it the same way every day
nope no fun buns or braids for you Vicki sorry
Wow Lana your hair really is versatile lucky for Vicki her short hair is cute
enough to wear down every day there is nothing better than taking a selfie
after you’ve just gotten your hair done Wow this has got to be the best we’ve
ever looked yeah but we the new haircut comes a nice hefty bill more hefty than
others why is it that the more hair you have
the more expensive your trips to the first salon are Willie need to borrow a
couple bucks you may be running up your credit limit
but at least you look fabulous doing it yes
gentle prince I’ll be yours forever and ever oh wow that was the best dream
alright time to get up a hundred pounds of chocolate all for me
Wow having sweet dreams as well Sophia what does someone have a brush for this
girl if you have short hair you know the bedhead struggle is real
yikes that’s pretty bad whoa is this a fashion show runway
because if Niki is looking like a full-on supermodel and those heels should work in these in before wearing
them out all girls know that wearing a brand new pair of feels feels more like
a form of torture than a fashion statement thank goodness I remembered to
check these bad boys what an easy quick pair okay now we’re talking I got it
through these heels away check out that smoking workout gear let’s get our
Fitness on girl what a great time of morning for a jog 27 28 29 oh nice sneak
Sophia T is do you even sweat you still look amazing
yes I can see those triceps bulging already either Sophia drank 10 cups of
coffee this morning or she has the strength and energy of a superhero and
she just keeps on going Wow Sophia we got a safe that forum is
impeccable and this is just the first round after this I’m doing it all over
again twice once your workout carries on nothing can
stop you from having a fabulous fitness session unless the weather is less than
ideal some cold out here hey you’re not exercising so take a
second to subscribe to one two three goes YouTube channel
ouch this cramp is killer I’m heading back to bed people mirror mirror on the wall who’s the
prettiest of them all okay Amy we get your makeup looks extra
fantastic today yes unlike Amy’s makeup her hair is not looking too fresh these
days oh my hair is definitely due for some shampoo action oh right I guess I
have time to do a quick lathering up before the party in an hour
there you go really getting there those roots definitely need a good scrubbing
oh no looks like your mascara didn’t fare too well there yikes I look like I
just stepped right out of a horror movie no need to cry Amy let’s just take these
back a few steps shall we okay next time you’re wearing eye makeup and have to
take a shower grab some protective gear this way your eyes won’t ever come in
contact with any water looking good girl simply pull your hair out from under the
band and wash it just like you normally do whoa looks like things are getting a
little steamy in there see no water is even close to her eyes
and once you’re all done rinsing your hair take the goggles off see her
makeups untouched now all I have to do is dry my hair and I’ll be party ready
go get dressed you’re gonna be late for a lot of people the general movement of
a car ride can put them right to sleep yep Emily here is definitely one of
those people if you’ve ever nodded off in a car before you know how badly it
can hurt your neck wait a second eating my cigar can help
me hold my head up now spread the scarfs fold so it covers your face whoa check
it out I’ve gotta take a picture of this to show my friends I’m gonna post it
packet hashtag scarfing hey at least your face is covered right every girl knows that when it comes time
to get ready tackling your hair is one of the first challenges of the day all
right let’s get curling shall we starting with the front good thinking
Amy hmm I wonder if I should wear that view dress today whoa looks like that
electric current just did a tease hair for her your hair ease it’s okay you
just gotta be a way we can fix this take this old sock and help actually yeah
first take a good chunk of hair and separate it from the rest now tied the
sock to the midpoint of the desired strength make sure it’s on tight now
wrap the rest of the strand around the remaining cami material easy right when
you get to the bottom tie it with an elastic once you’ve done both sides your
job is practically done now all that’s left is to wait it depends on how tight
you want those curls but about an hour should suffice okay let’s see the magic
unfold shall we um is it just me or are those sock curls just as fabulous as
curling iron curl don’t worry Amy I brought the pirate oh
well looks like hair styling just got a whole lot easier right ladies

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