Full Face Using Only James Charles Makeup Pallette & Brushes

hey guys it’s Hashtag Zoe, welcome back to my
channel. so for today’s video I’m gonna be doing a, full face of makeup using the
James Charles X morphe brush set and makeup palette. so I was so excited when
I got these two products in the mail I’ve been waiting for quite a while and
i swatched them yesterday let me tell you this color payoff so good I know
it’s an artistry palette and I wouldn’t call myself a makeup artist in fact I’m
not at all a makeup artist I try to do my own
makeup like I think I’m okay at it but like I can’t do it on anyone else so I
got this to experiment on my own face so it’s how it’s gonna work I’m gonna try
to do my contour blush highlight and whatever else we do on my face obviously
I’m already wearing a base I have foundation on my skin tone is a little
bit uneven I have like red skin kind of not like red like pink it’s really cute
that’s why we’re foundation I also have freckles what you might be able to see
but I love my freckles I just hate that I have to cover them up because my skin
tone is uneven but that’s just a personal choice I’m talking too much
about my skin and you probably don’t care so we’re gonna get on into the
video let’s get started so normally after I do my foundation I
move on to contour so I’m gonna try to contour using these eye shadows
hopefully I can find a cool brown shade the only one that I think could work is
the shade T which is at the top t I say to you all the time but I love this
shade it looks really nice it’s a matte brown so maybe if I just do really light
contour hopefully it will work okay the shade punch me the shade punch me you
might also work actually okay I’m gonna start with the shade punched me because
it’s lighter it’s also a matte Brown but it’s way lighter so I think that’ll work
if it’s too light that I’m gonna move on to the shade T so the brush I’m gonna
use is the M 405 brush looks like a brush that james Charles would use for
contour so we’re doing that this is my first time using these brushes also so
I’m like a little nervous but let’s get into it
picking up a little bit oh it’s actually not that wait time it into it hold on
it’s actually working really well okay so now I’m gonna do my other cheek okay
so now that I have some sort of depth in my face which um kind of good kind of
like it I’m gonna contour my jaw line because I don’t really have a jawline so
I kind of make one sometimes we’re just gonna do that as well I’m like not
disappointed at all like this is really good for a freaking contour haven’t even
gotten to the eyeshadow part yet I mean this is an eyeshadow palette but wow I’m
genuinely impressed okay go James Charles you have created a face
palette inside of an eyeshadow palette well I guess we’ll find out later on in
this video but I like it so far so moving on to contouring my forehead I
have a four and a half head some people have a warhead mine’s four and a half so
now that contour is done I know I did it kind of light but I don’t want it to be
too harsh I kind of like how it turned out it’s pretty like natural contour
anyway the shade punched me worked well as a contour so let’s move on to blush
and highlighter so the shade for blush that I really
like is this shade it’s called Mary it’s a Mavi blush tone and I think it’d
be perfect for blush it’s also matte so I can go ham with the highlighter later
but I’m excited to do I’m not blush the blush brush that I’m gonna be using is
the morphine for obviously it’s more for you this is a more few video okay I’m
using the e4 brush and hopefully it’s a blush brush because this is the brush
out of the collection that I would use for blush hopefully it’s the right one
because I’m a makeup artist as I said before okay so we’re just gonna dip into
the shade oh wow this is really pigmented okay I’m gonna go into very
lightly because I don’t want to look like a clown anyway we’re not gonna try
to look like a clown we’re just gonna put a little bit of blush okay it’s fine
okay we’re gonna take this not panicking because I thought I was James Charles
for a quick second there I’m not so we’re gonna be oh wait oh wait okay I
think it’s working nevermind I need this wait oh never mind
it kind of works so like now I’m still James Charles and my foots asleep and
you can totally probably tell I’m wearing pajama pants now okay we’re
gonna take what’s left on the brush and pray for the mess some other side so okay wait are you kidding me I like
dabbed it on on here anomaly take not that bad kind of looks like I have a
sunburn or a rash not sure um we’re just gonna go with it
what would James Charles do probably better than this but you know it’s okay
we’re just gonna work with what we have I’m gonna be blending this out a lot Oh
God I’m gonna use this this is a foundation brush I know it’s a
foundation brush actually have this brush though now have two which is
lovely I’m just gonna use this for blending since it’s clean I’m not gonna
use it for foundation cuz obviously why are you wearing it so please work
all right guys kind of work kind of a makeup artist no big deal I know it
probably does it look like I’m wearing a lot but honestly in person like it kind
of looks natural which is kind of like I’m going for I don’t want to like
be a clown as I said earlier okay moving on we have highlights so I’m super
excited because I love these two shades for highlight this one’s called ring
light and this one’s called face and I think it’s really really good and let’s
find a highlight brush I’m gonna be using the M 501 brush it’s a very small
tapered brush hopefully it will work for highlighting I’m pretty sure that’s what
it’s for because I use a bigger one of these for highlighting which probably
honestly this is gonna be my new highlighting brush because it’s smaller
I think mine’s too big that I use normally but we’re going with this one
I’m gonna be going in with the shade ring light first so I’m just gonna be
taking a little bit a little bit I mean a lot because we love a highlight okay
so this looks really nice I don’t know if it’s reflecting the light but I
really like it in person so this is just ring light on so I’m going in with the
shade face now because you can never have enough highlight so just saying
we’re going in again taking the same brush and just putting out right on top
this is so glowy I’m living right now and of course you can’t forget the nose
highlight so I’m going back in with a ring light and just putting that on my
nose so hopefully you can see the glow on camera I like it oh my god I need to
do my nose contour I’m James Charles I need in my nose contour I just
highlighted before my contour so I guess I’m not James and Charles but not gonna
stop me I’m gonna be taking the e62 brush I’m pretty sure this is the brush
that he included in the set for nose contour so I’m gonna be taking the shade
punched me again and just dipping into that very lightly and praying this works
because I’ve never contoured my nose before so we’re all just gonna witness
this for the first time and I’m gonna wait kind of good okay so I don’t know if my nose looks at
any different but I’m just gonna go with it and say that I contoured my nose I
think it looks slimmer but I definitely think I need some more practice anyway
we’re gonna move on now to my eyebrows my eyebrows are pretty dark already but
I’m just gonna go in with let’s see what brush I should use Oh duh the eyebrow
brush so we’re gonna be going in with this dual ended brush this is the m150
eight brush has a spoolie and an eyebrow thing brush at the other end so I think
we’re gonna be taking the shade called Benny right here and there’s gonna be
dipping into that hopefully this will work
the way I want it to I’m a little nervous because I don’t want my eyebrows
look too dark and this is a really dark shadow okay okay I feel like when I’m
doing this I’m like not breathing because I want it to be perfect I’m like
wait kind of good okay so this eyebrow is done I know it does not look perfect
at all but I tried we’re gonna move on to this eyebrow and hopefully we can
kind of match it I hope let’s have moment of silence and prayer for Zoey even to the other one thank you
alrighty guys so now that the eyebrows are done honestly not a lot about it
they kind of look good now we’re gonna move on to eyeshadow this is the part
where I’m honestly most nervous about because even when I do my everyday
makeup I like maybe put some bronzer in my crease that’s kind of it so we’re
just gonna try our best please don’t judge my makeup skills okay there are so
many brushes here I’m honestly overwhelmed I know this was made for
like a makeup artist kit but these are just all my brushes now so I have to
decide which one I use for each step in the eye shadow routine okay
we’re gonna get started I think I need a big fluffy brush to do some type of
crease that I can buff out and then we’re gonna do other things let’s do it
now okay okay so I got the box that the brushes came in so I can see what they
each do so I found out that the m-43 three brush is a firm blending fluff
brush so it’s firm and fluffy I guess then I have this which is the m-44 one
brush which is a firm blending crease brush
so they’re both firm blending brushes ones fluff and ones crease so I guess
I’m gonna use a fluff one I’m gonna be starting out with canvas this is just a
matte shade I’m just gonna be putting that all over the eye just so I have a
base okay I have no idea how James Charles does this as many of his
tutorials that I watch I literally can’t process it so I’m gonna try my best to
do my own version of a look using this palette I think I’m gonna go for a pink
purple blue look and hopefully it holds turned out okay so I started off with
that base next I’m going to go in with an m4 for one brush so this is the fluff
firm blending brush I think let’s just go with that I’m gonna take this light
pink shade I’m gonna be easing into the dark colors okay
I might freak out I have an anxiety attack because uh okay anyway we’re
gonna go in with the shade pink kitty drink it II love that shade name it’s
really beautiful and just blend that wait this is really pretty actually
so now that I’ve eased in to that I’m gonna be taking the shade love that
which is next to pinky D drink of you which is a very bright shade right here
this is very intimidating but I’m gonna do it okay because it’s a sister saucy
look gonna be blending this into my crease now thank you kind of good
wait wait wait okay okay wait like I’m cut into it okay so I’m going and would
love that again and tapping off the excess because that is a kind of a lot
and blending it I hope they could do it the same way on this I kind of really
good I know I only have like one like bright color on but kind of thicken it
if you couldn’t tell I’m doing this all as I go so please bear with me I really
hope this turns out well okay now I’m gonna be taking em four five six which
is a mini firm blending brush these are really cute honestly I’m gonna be taking
a purple and doing a deeper crease and then later I mean to go in with a
shimmery shade on the lid I’m like right here I think I hope next I’m gonna be
taking this shade which is called single which is kind of relatable to my life so
fine I’m fine anyway we are going to be putting this
in my deeper deeper crease the word for it just you’ll see beauty guru beauty
guru lingo like just watch okay okay so this is what one eye looks like I really
like it so far and I might actually bring in a darker purple also okay I
honestly really like how this is turning out I never coin myself to be someone
who likes super bright eye shadow but when I saw this palette like online
on Instagram and stuff I was like kind of neat that and honestly I’m so happy
that I got it because now I see myself with more vibrato and I’m so excited to
like keep trying these different looks next I’m gonna be taking the same brush
that I used with the lighter purple I know you’re probably not supposed to be
mixing colors with like on each brush but I’m the type of girl who mix
playdough when I was like 2 so we’re just gonna go with it you live in you
learn right so we’re gonna be taking the shade escape and just dipping into that
very lightly because it is pretty dark and just any kind of good I would kind
of impress myself it’s probably the brushes that are doing
the work for me but it’s not I’m doing myself right honestly I think we’re done
with the matte shades I’m gonna be going in with artistry next this sheet is
absolutely beautiful so I’m gonna be taking a flat shader brush let me find
it hold on so I’m gonna be using this brush to go in with the shade artistry
and I’m gonna be packing that onto my lid this shade is beautiful like so
pretty it’s a sparkly purple shade okay so I
finished putting on the artistry shade I think it looks pretty good I wish it was
a little more shimmery on the eye but that could be because I didn’t use a
primer which is kind of stupid I honestly should have used a parent but
there’s no primer in this palette so I couldn’t have used probably because this
is a fullface using a palette so obviously anyway we’re gonna be moving
on I’m gonna be taking some of this pink shade up here putting it underneath the
eyes I’ve never put eyeshadow underneath my eyes before like I don’t know I’m a
little bit nervous but I know that it’s like a thing like people do it all the
time so I need to be going in with the shade love that and just putting it a
little bit underneath my eyes so I know it’s not perfect but for somebody who
never does like anything like this I’m kind of proud of myself kind of give
myself like an A+ I normally don’t wear eyeliner ever in fact I don’t even
really know how to do my eyeliner so I’m just gonna skip that part on the other
hand though mascara I wear every single day I
need mascara and I can’t use mascara from this palette because I don’t really
know how that works so I’m gonna use my mascara I know this is a fullface using
palette but I feel like mascara kind of like gets a pass because how am I
supposed to put on eyeshadow as mascara okay so I’m gonna be putting on mascara
off-camera I’ll be right back to do lips and then finish up the face okay I did
not mess up my eyeshadow with my mascara thank you Ron applause thank you thank
you you know it’s kind of hard work but like I did it
I don’t wear our lashes either so I’m not gonna I didn’t add lashes so just my
mascara is enough next we’re going to move on to lips this should be very
interesting so I did put like moisturizer on earlier that’s why my
lips might look a little glossy okay I’m gonna be taking the shade love that on
my finger kind of good like really impressed
myself okay guys um that’s it I just took my makeup using a palette with the
heck okay really like this lip color like a lot also if you stayed till the
end of the video and if you’re watching us right now comment down below
sister slay so I know you stayed to the end thank you so much for watching and
thanks to James Charles for making such a beautiful palette and brush set with
morphe I love it and I’m gonna be using this stuff for a long time like I’m
honestly so fronting myself about to go take some Instagram pictures go follow
me on instagram at hashtag Zoe thanks for watching I will see you guys in my
next video bye full face using only the james charles x morphe palette and makeup brush set hashtag zoe

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