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guys it’s me Nikki hello today is the start of something old today I am
bringing an old soul back to life I am bringing back hits and no God knows is
seven years ago I started something called hits and a God knows where I sat
down had my makeup on and talked about my monthly favorite products and the
products that totally missed the mark for me and today after a two-year break
my last one was two years ago I am bringing it back but we have upgraded we
have perfected and we have improved because whereas before I just sat down
wearing my makeup and helped the products up and just talked about them I
want to be a little bit more informative and really showcase the products to you
so for today’s brand new hits it ‘god knows 2.0 i am sitting down and doing my
makeup and as i’m talking about my monthly favourites i am showing you how
they apply how they wear how i like working with them what the best
techniques are basically showing you what you’re missing out on so today is
the start of something old / new today is the start of hits it ‘god knows 2.0
all right you guys oh my god this feels so weird to be back and just talking
about the products that really make my heart pound a little faster by the first
hit of the month is my phantom UT and this is their brand new primer this is
called the mattifying primer and this is better than their first primer they came
out with I like this better than their hydrating primer this primer
really does a lot of stuff for me first of all it makes sure that my makeup
lasts all day I don’t have to powder as much and it definitely hides the
appearance of my pores is it as strong as that combination of the milk hydro
grip and the hood of beauty nymph no but I also think that the milk hydro grip
and hood a beauty nymph is a little bit too much and it kind of clocks the pores
a little bit whereas this doesn’t so with this you have to be mindful of your
makeup a little bit more by powdering a bit more often throughout the day but
not as much as with any other primer so this is a really good primer to invest
in so when you look at the face it just leaves you with this beautiful soft
matte finish like it definitely hides the pores like this is this is a primer
baby on to the next hit of the month and this is no surprise the Juvia splays
foundations are first of all the most full coverage foundations on planet
earth this gives me that complete blank canvas look that I can paint on whatever
I want this is the this is the goat okay this is a rag goat oh I did that
Oh cringe I do want to give an honorable mention to this uma oh wow uma Wilma I
still don’t know this is there say what weightless soft matte hydrating
foundation I’ve been testing this out this past week it’s really really good
but I’ve been only wearing it for a week so I can’t really make up on my jist yet
but it’s been good it’s full coverage it looks like skin it’s beautiful it looks
hydrating and a little trick now there’s a lot of hits all at once a little trick
that I’ve been loving and this goes out to jackie ina the for Sally’s skin
tumbler as a primer alone I am NOT the biggest fan of this because I just don’t
feel like it does a lot until miss ina told us that she adds in a couple of
drops into her foundation mix and this totally changed the game for me like it
hides my pores it’s almost as if there’s like a a soft blur to the skin making it
look photoshopped this is a good one and then just go ahead and tap that back
boy in ooh this one’s interesting okay so on to the next hit this is my
revolution Pro and this is caught the ultimate coverage creep roof concealer
in the back it says ultimate coverage waterproof concealer with hyaluron
gousen collagen antioxidants and peptides this is the strangest texture
and the strangest formula I have ever seen in a concealer but it’s magic so I
wouldn’t recommend this all over the face just solo I think this is a great
companion product I’ve been using the oume Romo luma stay woke concealer and
this one is in the color white pearl t2i pop it on first and then I go in with
like the tiniest bit of this after because this is like speckle this is
super thick it is insanely high coverage if you are a light coverage makeup lover
this will not be for you this is thick it feels thick it is almost a little bit
too thick to move around but as soon as you pop it on the skin and you give it a
little bit of heat it starts moving around you can blend it in softly and it
covers my entire bloodline back to the 1400s
so first luma Loma and I always go for a darker peachy color to really get rid of
the dark circles underneath my eyes and then I squeeze this out then you want to
heat it up with your finger on the back of your hip look how full coverage that
is this is true speckle and then I with my finger tap it underneath my eye so
warm it up on the back of the hand then with that same finger tap underneath or
wherever you want it so with my sponge I’m not just going to blend it in oh my God look at that it’s not insane
now I do want to reiterate if you don’t like full coverage products steer clear
of this one because you’re gonna hate everything about this you’re going to
hate the consistency the thickness all of it but if you can handle yourself a
layer of makeup and you like that entire sort of like transformation this is
something you really have to check out and also really really important you
need to set this with powder if you think you could get away without setting
this with powder you are wrong and today I am going in with the loose setting
powder by a BH saw Co Beverly Hills in vanilla and I’ve been trying this for a
couple of days now haven’t really made up my mind about it yet but I will
report back soon alright so it went off camera to do my brows and to get myself
started with the first eye and the makeup look that I’m wearing is totally
inspired by one of my other hits of this month
euphoria you’ve seen all the rhinestones going around to makeup artists worked on
the season and they have changed the makeup game this last month and today
I’m inspired by the look that Donnie Devi created on Jules the character
Jules in the series 4 episode 8 and she has this like very red smoky eye going
on and then she has these like chrome stickers that are so cool and so awesome
and thank God I have these stickers I haven’t touched them in like two years
and I saw this look and I was like I need to recreate this right now with
pink then now moving on to primer not to prime is a what a crime thank you so
much today I’m priming using my P Louise base and rumor oh one and if you didn’t
know it yet I am now an affiliate to P Lewis if you want to save some money
when buying these bases or their eyeshadow products or all their other
fantastic products you can use discount code Nicki at checkout to save some
money then on to the next hit of the month that deserves so much love the
beauty BAE and Mitchell me myself and Mama Mitchell eyeshadow palette the
is truly in packable this is created by one of my makeup friends after in the
industry memo Mitchell he has been on my channel he is one of the most talented
artists out there ever since I’ve received at NPR I’ve been taking it
everywhere with me that has traveled with me to Norway to America to
everywhere and I keep like getting inspired by all of these colors and that
is the power that I’m using today if you want to support a true artist and gets
really insanely pigmented rich shadows you need this palette the first color
going in with is this coral here called mr. H who’s that by the way Mitchell
who’s mr. H and I start by placing this color into the crease just stamping it
onto the base and today I’m definitely going for a bit of a more rounded shape
so definitely keep that in mind when placing the shape and once you’re happy
with your shape you can start using circular motions to drag it up and to
soften and blur out the edges okay then I’m dipping my brush back into you mr. H
once and then a little bit of modest this right here and that will create
this soft peachy color and that is gonna be my transition color above mr. H so
just placing my brush flat against my eye and sort of scratching at that line
and this is the technique that Mitchell himself taught me I’m using his
techniques with his palette also by the way this brush for blending the morphe
and jeffree star js9 and must have it makes blending that
transition color above the first color so easy on the lid and blending into the
crease I’m applying that crazy shimmering pink heart and Michelle for the lower lash what I’m taking mini
you really want to create some vamp enos with this one now off-camera are gonna
apply some false lashes and the lashes I’m wearing today are taught to your
lashes and tl7 and my favorite another hit of the month
is by color pop these are the cream gel liners when I tell you that almost no
pencil liner stay on my waterline it’s a literal hell this one is one of the few
along with Marc Jacobs that actually stays on my waterline all throughout the
day so that is going on my waterline some lashes and then I’ll be back for
the sticker fun so no I think lashes really make this look work because
without the lashes it just looks like a pink blob and now it looks like a look
one of my biggest makeup pet peeves is when you wear lashes and you have that
sort of bald inner corner it just it looks like a disconnect to me not a lot
of liners can survive that inner gap you know how things move around there and
especially for me because I have smaller hooded eyes when I laughs like
legitimately laughed my ass off I have fat cheeks my cheeks will push up
against the skin under my eye and this will sort of transfer onto here giving
me weird black lines on my inner corner throughout the day it happens with
pretty much every single liner out there for me except for this one so far so
this is the Urban Decay perversion waterproof a fine point eye pen and this
is what I’ve been using to fill in that gap but not letting it transfer through
out the day all right now for the cool and fun part
faceless stickers by Phyllis Cohen look like this I used these than I look a
couple years ago so when I saw this on the actress that plays jewels I have
those I’m taking one of these like pointy ones on the inner corner and the
trick is to almost like pointed down a little bit and then this one is going on
the inner third of the crease oh so cool oh I am loving these eyes I
know it won’t be for everybody but I think just having like one bright color
to really speak for itself and then having these ripe really futuristic
stickers and the crease on the inner corner it is a look honey like this to
an event or like a club you know it’s also a hit of the month that I got
nominated for a People’s Choice Award I know holy shit I literally have no
chance of winning just the fact that I this girl from the Netherlands got
nominated for a People’s Choice Award is like I’m like okay I’m good I want it
life already Thanks Oh everyone’s asking about this brush I
finally found out which brand makes it I kept daily questions about this one it
is by the brand Peggy sage then for some blush I’m going
in with I know I’m a broken record this is the dare to be different blessed by
hme cosmetics in self-made this is this is heaven this makes you look youthful
awake fresh it goes with every single look you have this is the blush of all
blushes baby and since this look already has kind of editorial and unusual let’s
plate up some more with a different type of highlighter this is the highlighter
that I created myself in collaboration with over cosmetics it’s called space
baby it looks normal in the pan until it hits the skin see that pink purple blue
shift well time to line the lips and another hit are the doll beauty doll
lips lipsticks they came out with a bunch of nude shades and I love the
consistency some of them are a little bit too soft where when you press it
onto the lips it kind of like pushes into the side leaving like little marks
I am going in with two colors today golden girl for a little bit of warmth
and then the ultimate light nude called a foam Oh on the see how they’re a little bit too soft
and it kind of pushes the lipstick into the side this might all we complained now on to the part that some of you if
not all of you have patiently been waiting for my oh god knows of the month
oh yeah no the first one should have come as a surprise because I’ve been
very vocal about this fee Pat McGrath labs skin fetish primer now I think a
lot of you were expecting the foundation now the thing is with the foundation
there’s ways to make it work for me I feel like with a different primer with a
different mindset most of all and some different powders and a different
technique that foundation can be beautiful if you’re looking for that
type of finish it may not be my preferred type of finish but it can be
beautiful and especially on models or people with beautiful clear skin love it
this primer however the packaging feels cheap like it’s so classic II and I know
a couple of people said that it’s not about the packaging but what’s on the
inside but when we’re seeing that let’s adapt that to all the brands because
with some brands you are roasting them for packaging and the products inside is
stunning yet with this one we don’t I think if you pay $60 $60 for a primer it
needs to be worth it and this in my opinion does too little to the skin to
be worth $60 I feel like it hydrates absolutely it gives you that luxurious
like luxe feel to the skin like it feels nourished and like taken care of but for
my skin it doesn’t really do anything for the pores it doesn’t really do
anything for longevity so for me it kind of losses at $60 the powders bomb though
the powder is where it’s at and girl no the final oh god no is this right here
this is my makeup up session and this is a mega conceal long work concealer and
here we go with caffeine and when I saw this in the stores I was like say what
now caffeine I need seven of these and I remember doing my makeup that day
and I was like ah finally we’re going to do a mega conceal so I’m expecting
coverage kiss like why would you call them mega conceal of in-house no
coverage and caffeine I’m like chronically tired like I wake up tired I
go to bed tired like I’m tired constantly you wouldn’t believe it but
it’s true I read caffeine I was like this this is
gonna do it you know this is gonna be the one in fact I was so excited about
this concealer that I planned an entire solo review video on this
thank God I tried it before I did that let me pop it out
big-ass wand love that but then when you pop it on the hand it says mega conceal
right okay okay so there we go now let’s say we’re blending this in under the eye
oh that’s right it’s gone so I’m like doing my makeup the day and I’m like
where is it is it has it evaporated like where is it like you smell it like you
smell that it’s still there but you don’t see it it’s like a ghost
I am intensely confused by this so if anyone has this and knows how to make
this work let a girl know alright guys so those were my hit Synagogue knows and
if this video does well and if you guys are excited for this to come back I will
do more in the future I can’t promise a monthly one but I will definitely do
them more frequently and without any further ado let’s go on to the Dutch
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