Full Face to Screen 💆 Realistic ASMR [리얼화장/リアル化粧] Korean Makeup Roleplay

nice seeing me, huh? I feel nice seeing me, too. [I’m not bald…]
let’s talk later about what happened, first of all, for the last month… I had written “new videos everyday” but I didn’t keep the promise. anyway… I’m sorry, and… enough with the bullshit,
let’s talk one by one. let me start your makeup. I’ll do your cleansing for you first. let me fix your hair. front hair. let me fix your front hair. everything’s fixed. I’ll do your cleansing for you. with me who’s back after a whole 3-week break,
let’s relax today. my mic broke while I was doing this last time. so I’m being careful
trying not to make it splatter to the mic. alright… I don’t have a spray today. with my fingers… pumping sounds. let me put it on you. cleansing you thoroughly. I’ll give you a thorough massage
with this cleansing puff. close your eyes. oh, I should squeeze some water with it. do you hear the sound? dang, flooding in the ground again. okay, close your eyes. I said, close your eyes. let me take off my ring for a sec. it’s hard. okay, let me wipe it for you. refreshing, huh? once again today,
with the rose petal witch hazel toner, let me prepare your skin texture. let me pour it on the cottons. not coming out. [now that’s class] close your eyes. smoothly. I’m done preparing your skin texture,
now… oh, shit… okay, now that I’m done
preparing your skin texture, let’s start your makeup
with today’s foundation. today’s foundation is… today’s foundation: clio kill cover
sparkle cream cushion, lingerie. I’ll do your skin tone. do you like this done slow or fast? it’s like if you like whispering or… if you like this voice. I can’t target the right taste. please give me your opinions. cover opening sounds. we won’t take the film off the mirror. this is originally really pretty. this is originally really pretty, but… it became like this because I used it
before filming this. it was originally like this. I’ll do your skin tone for you. I will do your skin tone for you. puff pressing sounds. I’m really sad about
this line here being smushed. let me press it hard,
generously. close your eyes. let me spread it evenly
with this big puff. close your eyes! the puff sound is good, isn’t it? I was saying the puff sound is good,
why does that make a fuss? I realized, doing this makeup roleplay, the puff sounds are half of it. the rest is only decoration. okay, your face got… okay, now that your face
got bright enough, with the shiseido
spotscover foundation… this is a foundation,
but close to a concealer, its texture is very thick and sticky,
but covers spots really well instead. “spots” in “spotscover” doesn’t mean sports,
it means covering spots. now, lid opening sounds. I’ll put this on you with my fingers. look at these finger marks. my lips drying out again today. I took it too much. blemishes, one by one. naturally. that kill cover cushion was
really bright, so we’ll make your skin tone
more natural. those who can’t do makeup… usually just have their face
(pale) like some ghosts. you have to mix two tones of
foundations like this, so that your face looks
natural and lively. I don’t know why I’m
putting this all over your face. okay, I apologize. anyway… a little more. you should spread it overall
like this, centered on the blemishes. got it? the screen was really bright before,
now this tone… should match the asian tone. although of course asians are not
all who are watching this. anyway, I’m doing your tone
in this yellowish mood. this isn’t a makeup lession, but as I try to explain,
it gets like a lecture, but I haven’t prepared it as a lecture,
so I can’t speak well, which drives me crazy, anyway… okay, with this brush… it’s dirty, huh? I’m sorry. it’s originally clean like this. with this, I’ll spread those two tones
of foundations thinly. “thinly”? I’ll spread it evenly. does this sound good?
a little tearing. I’ll pull it fast. come out fast! I’m sorry. why am I shaking it? let’s get to it. should I do it with my mouth too,
not hitting? close your eyes. some people ask me why my eyes
seem so anxious… first, because since the camera is here,
and the monitor is here, so I’m trying to see the monitor. and second, something I’ll talk about later, there’s somebody I want to kill
from the deep of my heart. don’t be surprised. so I’m constantly trying to
suppress that thought, that’s the reason. this topic doesn’t go with asmr,
so maybe I’ll have a chance to talk about it later. oh, you can pull it like this,
let me try again. I did it the hard way. takuwa, takuwa, takuwa… [rapper from
recent korean show ‘show me the money 8’] how sparse do good ones have to be
for punchnello to win it? very unfortunate. anyway. let me apply contour & blusher on you. most popular ones… (in korea) artclass… like you’ve seen in my last videos, solid contour and solid blusher fit the best for me, because they’re thick and fast, but many use these a lot too, so let’s try them too. let me apply contour on you first. cover opening sounds. opening sounds in the front. blusher opening sounds too. they look like this,
I don’t know if you can see the colors. many use them. mirrors make me nervous,
so pushing them down. many use them. ok, for contouring, let’s use this puff. I don’t know if I can use it to be honest. let me just try it. to apply this thick and sticky. it’s on it. let’s put a lot on it. let’s go. along the cheekbones. along the cheekbones. not very good because it’s a powder type,
as I expected. yeah, and… the jawline too, to make it sharp… and, this middle part… a little bright… let me try a bit bright color for you. well, no need to close your eyes. let me spread the contour damn fast with a sponge. you gotta do fast with this kind of sponge. yeah, your skin got a lot more natural. I was feeling something was missing
in my own makeup, which is blusher. I can’t fix my makeup now. why is it not opening? like the last one, with the same brush… is this a brush… oh, with the same puff, let me apply it naturally. all… yeah, making all the colors soak in it. scratching it once. let me get to your cheeks. the solid one is certainly better, isn’t it? among those who live in korea, anyone who’d like to have this contour and blusher, contact me. I’ll give them to you. I should buy the solid ones again. basic makeup will be done
if I spread this with the sponge once again. ok, good job on that basic makeup. of course I’m telling that to myself. I did a pretty good job. additionally, colors… yeah, let me start your eye makeup. today’s palette is… also a popular one, ‘clio pro eye palette’ it has ‘simply pink’ and ‘coral talk’, let’s go with ‘coral talk’ today, ok? why’s this rattle so much? ‘coral talk’ is… I don’t think there’s much difference. not much difference. maybe one or two different colors. I bought two of these thinking there’d be much difference. ok, first… the red color… first, a little… yeah, first, a little pink, let’s go with the redish tone, then let’s apply the one with glitter in it. let me try pink for you first. wow, the powder… close your eyes. intensively over the eyes… and more heavily with the brown… a little darker on the upper part of the eyelids. should it be the other way around? is it supposed to be pink on the top
and brown on the bottom? dark on the top. dark on the top like this. sounds good, huh? now… let me spread it more naturally with this brush. let’s mix something in. with an apricot tone… let me mix it more with an apricot tone. why’s it so powdery… let me spread it on the whole for you. close your eyes tight. powder might go in. ok, your eyelids are complete naturally, let’s put in glitter, so that they’d look a little… fancy. let me give them a bit of a fancy look. a little in detail with this brush
that comes with the palette… this color. with this coral one which I’d never have a chance to use, a shadow that would give you some highlight… this white thing looks like some mold. so, first mixing this… see it? do you see it sparkling? do you see it sparkling? let’s go. close your eyes. softly over the lashes. not that soft, is it? and then, making a little different layer… close your eyes. done. detailed and natural… [shadow attack] let me spread it once more with this brush
to make it feel detailed and natural. oh, it sounds good. each brush has its own sound. although it’s a little waking… those who don’t like it can just skip it anyway. poking it. let me draw eyeliner for you. being careful, trying not to break it this time… around your eyes… let me apply it for you. I feel like it will break this time too. just a little tip… do you see it? you see the eyeliner, don’t you? eyeliner. the other one too. eyeliner’s complete. let me put lashes on you. man, scary. let’s put just one. lashes. do you see the lashes? are they too low? no. they’re about to be taken off. no, no, no… let’s set them here. you see the lashes, right? ok, with swabs… breaking a swab, let me raise the lashes for you. and… let me pinch them with the curler. why’s it not pinching well? let me do mascara on you. the sound. the sound. good, huh? close your eyes. do you see the lashes? you see the lashes here, right? the lashes are becoming art. you see them, huh? wow… the lashes… are… complete. let me clean this up a little. ugh, shit… me cursing in the middle means
something fell in the water below. it’s up to your imagination what fell in. now… ok, let me trim your brows for you. I love this sound, the brow trimming sound. right? ugh, so good. so good it drives me crazy. isn’t the brow trimming sound great? I feel like I could do this only for about 30 minutes. I’m making this for myself to listen to it, myself. I’m done trimming your brows… damn brows on the floor. and… let me draw on your brows for you. you can’t see it because it’s not eyeliner. sorry. ugh, it sounds good, huh? let me retouch on your brow strands. ugh, the sound is so good. all brow sounds are good. it’s this sound. done. ok. it’s almost over, and today’s lips would be… l’oréal… where is it? lip… oh, shit… today’s lips would be… where’s the name? l’oréal’s… today’s lips would be l’oréal’s tulip blossom… cushion tint. let me do your lips with this,
it’s very natural. I put it on my lips before I came here. it looks natural on a guy, doesn’t it? this isn’t eyeballs, it’s lips. with the cushion tint… naturally… I think this is so good. really. I don’t know why I’ve had a hard time until now
with the liquid tint. ok, let me spread it with the lip brush. delicately… what the? sorry. delicate lip making. alright. all done. ok, finally… it’s finally over. I feel like it was long because it’s been a long time. ok, let me wrap up with perfume for you. today’s perfume is… a men’s perfume I use. it’s dior homme cologne, the scent is a ‘pocari sweat’ scent. you can just think of the ‘pocari sweat’ scent. it smells so good. I’m so rude I sprayed it on your face again today. of course it’s a gender-neutral, refreshing scent
that there’s no problem with spraying on women. alright. I hope you enjoyed it today too, and… yeah, I hope videos continue, too. so… I have nothing to ask for… but anyway, even if I go absent, just remember me at least, that’d be all I could say. thank you for watching and enjoying this again today. good night, and the weather’s constantly back and forth,
but it will be cold soon, right? I hope you take care of your health well. buh bye. buh bye.

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