Full Face TESTING BRAND NEW Makeup! Worth it or Toss it?!

That’s so-cold oh, I’m so drinking it though, this is what dreams are made of Hey guys, it’s me Sylvia back with another video welcome back to my channel I’m really excited to be partnering up with rocksbox for today’s video So there’s gonna be an accessory portion where I show you guys some new goodies from rocksbox You guys are always asking me where I get my jewelry from so we’re gonna talk about it And then also we’re gonna do my hair cuz I’ve been doing it differently and then in the makeup portion of this video we’re gonna be using all Brand new makeup products drugstore and high-end we’re gonna See if they’re worth our money, and you’ll get my first impressions on those But before we get started with the video make sure you are subscribed to my channel before you forget if you’re not yet subscribed I dropped two videos a week and become part of my S Club by hitting that subscribe button and Without further ado let’s get into the video so I always usually try to Accessorize and do my hair before we’re doing my makeup cuz I get way too lazy after to do all that so I’m gonna accessorize Using my rocks box of jewelry today so for 21 dollars a month you receive 3 pieces of jewelry that are hand selected for you it’s all based on this quiz that you do when you first sign up you tell them your preferences you make your wish list and Then they actually pick from your wish list a couple items And then a stylist picked some for you as well to put in the set that they send out to you monthly so it comes In this really key box with this bow on it And then inside you get these really cute velvet little sacks with your jewelry. He says inside of them It’s like a little gift each month It’s really really cute so the idea behind rocks box is that you get to try on the pieces in comfort of your own home? and wear them on Lona for as long as you want and then you get to purchase the pieces that you love or return the Ones that you don’t when you’re ready for the next set shipping both ways is free So you ain’t got nothing to lose, so these are the three pieces that I got this month these uns are a pair of really Beautiful half-moon earrings and these are the ones that I did put on my wish list I’m very happy I got these look so it’s awesome. You get to try them on see if you like it with the specific outfit You have in mind with your wardrobe And then if you love a piece like I love these ones you can buy it with your monthly store credit If not ship that baby back for your charge, so this is what’s in the second one? Yes, I love This so I love this one as well. It is the hand of Fatima now. This is what I’ve got in the last one It’s another pair of beautiful dangly earrings, so I’m obsessed with all of these pieces rocksbox sells a ton of Valentine jewelry and you can see these ones are definitely my style because they picked from my Specific wishlist and everything so I’m really happy with them if you guys do and want to sign up make sure you use my promo Code it’s Silvia Guinea xox Oh because then you’re getting it your first month free and you can try it out too because it’s really cool a unique way to Start buying your jewelry if you are the type like me that likes to try them on before Committing to a purchase or if you’re really indecisive And you just want to see what it looks like with different outfits and stuff then this is the way to do it moving on Now let’s do my hair so recently I’ve been putting extensions in my hair So I’m going to show you guys how I apply those I was using the Bellamy hair extensions But I accidentally forgot them in a bathroom in an Airbnb in LA so I’m gonna using these ones that I got from I don’t even know it was some like loki Store in my city It says passion sores collection on there But it’s supposed to be kind of resent human hair that means that they can withstand heat you can style them and things like that They are not synthetic so usually I’ll always put dry shampoo in my roof Unless it’s like the day that I wash my hair Then I won’t but this just adds texture takes away any grease and just freshens up your hair so once that’s through my hair I’ll start to separate it so then I can put the extensions in and you always want to start at the nape of your neck When putting in extensions so leaving a small section at the back there, I’ll click the rest of my hair I’ll take the first strand which only has two clips on it brush that out and usually I’ll Backcomb a little bit at the root of each section before clipping it in but because this is just for the video And I don’t want to back comb my hair when I don’t have to I’m not going to do that so for the first strand At the nape of the neck what I’m gonna. Do is clip this in upside down I saw this tip from one of desi Perkins videos, and it was a life-changing This is gonna help to blend in your natural hair into the extension so now when I pulled it forward You can see that This is my natural hair, and it’s like on the outer part, and it’s the extension that falls right here So the natural hair is gonna be Blended in and covered up by the rest of the hair when we put it down shout out desi Perkins for that so now I’m just gonna section off the rest of my hair and start clipping in the rest of the extensions I’m not Spend too much time on this because I’m just doing the rest of the clips Normal, so if you do want to know more in depth on how to install extensions. You should probably just search it on YouTube I’m pretty sure that’s how I learned so I just don’t want this video to be 10 years long so all extensions are in I’ll Just give it a quick brush, so now. I’m just applying some hot rollers I’ve decided to switch to hot rollers for my hair actually just recently this is the first time I’m using these hot rollers because when I do want my hair wavy It’s usually when I have my extensions in and hot rollers are a lot less damaging to your hair So I’m trying them out. These are the t3 hot rollers I got them from Sephora, and it comes in this really cute kind of storage bag And this chic little plate here this hot Roller set comes with two different sizes One big hot roller size and one that’s a little bit smaller or the shorter pieces so the hot rollers are all in it says to wait for 10 to 20 minutes But I don’t want to do that because I don’t need them that curled And I also didn’t want to curl them all the way right up to my root because I wanted a nice natural Kind of big wave I like these hot rollers they didn’t take that long to get hot and I have more than enough to put In on my hair, so these are the big waves and how I’ve been wearing my hair lately Let’s move on to the makeup, so let’s start with primer This one’s actually not new but it’s new to me because I’ve never tried it before So I thought I would try it out for this video It is the G way anti blemish matte primer So it really intrigued me because it says anti blemish So I’m like is this gonna cure my acne because I need that so it’s a solicit like acid acne treatment I don’t know how to say that it’s supposed to be a non drying non-irritating a pore refiner smells interesting not good interesting But also not terrible. Thank God if we could have a primer that cures your acne it’s the greatest thing ever it’s supposed to penetrate into the skin to help treat existing blemishes and prevent development of new acne and Minimizes the appearance of pores it has aloe vitamin C. Ginseng, that’s supposed to help promote a shine free even complexion I like the sound of all of that so it’s completely applied I
Feel like I won’t really be able to judge the whole acne treatment thing unless I wear it for a little while but for right Now decent, let’s see how the foundation applies overtop of it so for foundation I’m going to try out Maybelline’s super stay full coverage 24-hour foundation, so this was reformulated I know that they had it before but it’s supposed to be a lot better now comes with a little pump So I’m gonna try the shade natural ivory I like the pump it makes it really easy to get the foundation out it definitely is full coverage getting rid of all the discoloration And acne looks a little bit light on the camera I’m not sure Why maybe it’s reflecting the light because in person it looks like my exact match to my neck have you guys tried this? Foundation what do you think of it or what’s your favorite drugstore foundation and comment that down below because everyone loves an affordable good drugstore Foundation so it’s applying really really nicely I have a really intense dry spot on my chin from a blemish so ignore that and I feel like other than that it’s looking Really good on any of my other problem areas It’s not looking cakey around my nose, and it still has that natural skin finish so so far Okay, so it’s completely applied, and I really like the way it’s looking on my skin We are going to circle back to it at the end of the video and see how it worth throughout But for now, let’s carry on so for brows. I have the Maybelline total temptation a brow definer This is a brand new. This is the shade deep brown usually I do like to go a lot lighter well That could be really dark the spoolie on this is so weird so now let’s attempt to use it So it is quite a thick brow crayon type of thing usually I prefer the really really small precise Pointed brow pencils just to really help to imitate hairs, but I think cuz this one’s fresh I’m still able to do that so this brow is completely done And I’m gonna say I actually really like this brow pencil especially for an affordable drugstore brow product It really is good The only thing is I really don’t like the deep brown shade on me because I prefer a lighter brow So I’m gonna actually swap this out and use a brow product. That is a better shade for my brows so starting again I’m going to use a benefits Precisely my brow pencil in the shade number two just because my brows are so thick and coarse as it is and with my deep Set eyes if I do a really dark harsh brow It just looks very very intense especially when I’m doing a colorful or a smoky Eye, so using a lighter shade helps to keep them more natural looking so moving on to eyes I’ve already primed my lids and added some tape here we’re gonna use the Zodiac palette from BH Cosmetics now when I receive this I was in awe from the moment I Swatched it I have yet to try it on my eyes like would you look at this palette. It is so beautiful I’m kind of not a fan of the way It’s ranged, but I get the whole idea with like the Zodiac stuff, so I understand it I’m just like that kind of threw me off, but when I actually swatched it like that’s from the middle shade right there It’s washes beautifully all of these outer shades are so pigmented and so glittery I can’t wait to use so I’m gonna go in with this soft brown shade right here And I’m gonna take that right above my crease and underneath my brow bone. Just to warm it up a bit This is applying beautifully it’s blending out like a dream, and it’s so so pigmented I only had to dip my brush into the shadow at one time so now I’m gonna use this shade right here And I’m gonna put that right in the crease Blending back and forth into that other shade so far these shadows are bomb The matte are still creamy they’re blending into each other perfectly. They’re not changing color when blending into each other I can’t believe this is an affordable palette so far BH really did that with this one now I’m gonna use the black shade in the palette I’m gonna dab that on the most outer corner, and I’m gonna kind of wing it out I’ve been really into just shadow liner instead of actually doing a liquid liner these days. It’s also a good alternative if you maybe struggle with actual liquid liner I’m gonna take a lip brush use some shape tape concealer and carve out my crease now I’m gonna go in with Ares when I should be using Libra. I mean I am a Libra Hey, come here sign down below. I want to know let’s see what this goes on like without wetting my brush first It is so pigmented now, let’s wet my brush that is Beautiful like look at that this palette is honestly so much better than so many high-end Palettes that I’ve tried and you could create so many looks with all those shades, so this isn’t a new product But I just want to make this blue that much more glittery and intense So I’m gonna use the heavy metals glitter liner from urban decay in gamma-ray Now I’m gonna go in with a bit of this shade, and I’m gonna actually intensify That crease a little bit with a detailing brush Just right on the outer part connect it from that multi-link and blend whatever’s leftover on the brush So it is a nice gradient into those other great shadows now Let’s use the center Highlight shade just cuz we have to it is so Beautiful and this I never attention of this palette, so we are going to use that on the inner corner of my eye Spray my brush to really get it intense might even be too crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before Is that not the most blinding inner corner you’ve ever seen alright, so now we’re ready to take off the tape Yeah, honey, that is Sharp clean up the under eye. I don’t have any concealer to try out today We’re gonna go in with shape tape this foundation is still looking flawless by the way I haven’t even said it yet and there’s no creasing on my smile lines. No creasing here where I usually get that so Soon, so I forgot to hit record, but I’m baking my under eye using Patrick Starr’s setting powder This is the newest loose powder that I have I have used it before and I’m just gonna dust that off so now I’m gonna smoke out the under eye using the same shadows in the crease first going in with this shade again and just Keeping it on the most outer Corner of my lower lashes and acting it to the wing and then going back in with the black I’m gonna connect that wing right to my lower lash line with a small detailing brush so that there’s no gap between the wing and The lower lash line so that’s it for the eye shadows I am obsessed with this palette I’m obsessed it did such a good job. Those shadows were blending out like a dream I could create literally any eye look with all of these shades, and the best part is it’s like 20 bucks It’s so affordable and the quality is insane, so I’m really happy with this That’s going right at my desk to use for later now for mascara. I have the Maybelline total temptation mascara It is brand new it looks like a pretty thick wand which I like. It’s very fluffy That’s usually the type of mascaras I am really down for it actually really looks like Mossi or big Lancome mascara Wand you see how jet-black that black shadow is by the way it literally looks like I used to look with my hair And it’s just shadow because that’s how pigmented and good that be a shadow is why not Wow that coated them So well it definitely does remind me of legumes Mahseer big mascara the ones look so similar Do you see what this did to my lashes? They look so bomb, but this is exactly how I like my lashes I want them extremely thick and coated with a lot of product and longer and more volumizing This is honestly a really great dupe to the Lancome Mahseer bag Which is my current favorite? But I can’t tell the difference between the two right now because it applied exactly the same the only difference would be obviously in how? It wears which I can’t really tell you right now cuz it’s a first impression video But if it doesn’t flake it doesn’t smudge. You know I’m obsessed with this truckster products for the wind today They’re doing so well now for false lashes. I have morphe lashes. They finally came out with some falsies They have so many different styles They look very fluffy and very thick they look like the real mink lashes that are like $30 So hopefully the quality is just as good So I’m gonna apply these off-camera to save time and be right back so lashes are on and they are so Long do you see how long and? They really do look like the $30 like huda beauty real mink lashes And they’re not so that’s amazing. I love this style too How it’s very dense, and it kind of flares out at the end? That’s for sure the style that I normally reach for so I’m really liking them and I’m So glad that more picking out with lashes because I love these so moving on to the rest of the face to try and make Me look a little bit more alive. We’re gonna use the new park out princess palette from Tarte It is a contouring and highlighting how beautiful it is. I have tried this already. I couldn’t help myself I’m gonna use the shade angle to bronze I love like the original contour and highlight and blush perk up princess palette So I was really excited to try this one so I have to mix it a little bit with princess cut and I feel like I like it a lot better It’s less orange so when I only used angle you can see it’s a little bit too orange so mixing those two shades together gave Me like the perfect contour slash like bronze soft glow over there, but the formula is really really nice pigmented But still easy to blend out and I really like it. We’re having a bunch of hits today I love this they also have to highlight shades in there both of these are very very bright And I feel like it’s gonna make me look too Ghostly if I use that maybe I’ll use a little bit just The tear part there where I really want some extra brightening, so I’ll try the shade enhance for that Now for a highlight I’m going to use the new vanilla quartz highlighter from Becca cosmetics Becca makes some of the greatest highlighters on the market They are so so buttery and soft And they have so many different shades that you can choose from so we’re gonna give ourselves a glow Put it on the cheekbones a little bit on the forehead here where the light would hit and even a little bit on the chin So I’m looking really dry there right now and instead of blush today I’m gonna actually bring the bronzer a little bit on the apples my cheeks I’ve been kind of liking that look lately It makes it look really sunkissed, and I think it’s really pretty very neutral too because we have a very colorful Eye, so I feel like it won’t take away from that it’ll just look like a nice Sun Tan And I’m gonna melt all those powders together with fix+ for Mac’s. I don’t have a new setting spray for lips I’m gonna use the park ave princess lip paint from Tarte. This is also from their Park ave princess collection They just came out with And the outro today has to be a voiceover over top of these aqua clips will be posing because my camera has stopped recording So well but check out the description if you want to know more about how the products wore And this is the final look. I really like how it turned out. I hope you guys do too and before you go Don’t forget to check out rocksbox the first link in my description to learn more about their jewelery subscription service And that is all for now I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to check out these videos of mine if you have not watched them yet and of Course click here to subscribe the little subscribe button if you’re not yet subscribed to my channel. Love you guys in my next video. Bye

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