1. You should have done half your face with the fake makeup and the other side with the real so we could see them side by side!!! Do that next time please! 🙂 If you make another one of these videos

  2. Laura I love you so much your so funny please pick me I would be happy with anything please pick me ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. I love you.you're an amazing YouTuber and have subscribed and turned post notifications on. I hope I win this giveaway since I've really been starting to get in too makeup lately.xoxoNeve

  4. shes kinna hypocritical because in her more recent video like this she was all against it and not sympathetic for people who copied her own brand but for others shes all sympathetic😒

  5. its ok but only i trust eyeshadow powder bronzer and highlight contour not foundation concealer all liquid and lipstick mascara

  6. Shes being dramatic 😫😩😮was her face expressions like 🤐 shut up dang but i still watch you videos 🤓❤️

  7. OMG my skin is super sensitive!! i'd rather get the real deal then skimping on the price 🙁 hope your skins alot better Laura!!! x

  8. Boy it’s sad when you “don’t want to say your opinion because you don’t want to start an argument online…” We should all be able to express our opinions without people getting soooo incredibly bent out of shape about it… smh

  9. i love Laura Lee's channel. she gave us all the T. she was straight up. Laura i love your positive energy and all the T hunty. sending good vibes

  10. Omgg Laura I love you so much!! Even though you damaged and hurt yourself,, you still did it for us!!❤️
    Pls can I win the giveaway?!😚😚x

    Thank you for being on YouTube,, your the one who gets me through hard times💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Oh and btw I bought the y6 because of your videos!!💋💋

  11. i litterly cringe when i think about fake makeup , like ppl pay hard earned money on makeup , and nobody wants to spend their money on something that possibly can harm them and their skin , coming from someone who has a medical condition that litterly i cant use acne treatments because it will cause me to possibly loose my vision , i don’t want to have to worry if i’m using a product that can possibly break me out , the whole idea of taking somebody’s name and somebody’s brand , and what they worked hard to create and worked hard to make successful , that’s just wrong

  12. @laura Lee I feel like fake makeup is good for people who can't but the real thing but if your gonna make fake makeup than use something that won't harm you skin

  13. I feel like I always buy like dupes or fake makeup cause I’m only a teenager so I don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend on specific brands no matter how much I want them and sometimes it is jus as good or better than the real ones.

  14. I think fakes are a big no no!!! make up even more so than other things – you never know what weird stuff is in there

  15. Laura Lee is very brave that make up could have unsafe levels of lead or asbestos not to mention other hazardous materials

  16. Plzzzzz distribute your some mekup for yours fans some persons not a fort this mekup i am also one of them soooo plzzzz lauree

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