What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my channel. Now in today’s video we are
going to do something that I’ve never really done
on my channel before and no I don’t mean
a group gang bang. We’re going to do a full
face first impressions, so basically I have a lot of products
laid out on my table and I’m going to be using things
that I’ve never tried before, so instead of doing all these individual videos
and all these things, and reviewing them, we’re gonna review them live
on camera and god forbid, let’s see what the hell happens. Now, everything that I’m going to be using today is brand new, except one thing I’ve tried it literally once. Well someone else did it on me. So I’ve technically never did it on myself. Now this is going to be a little interesting,
if something doesn’t go right, just pray for me. If you guys want to see me
try some new stuff and play with makeup,
then keep on watching. Before we get started, I actually put on a serum
before I did my makeup which I should have done on camera,
so you can slap me later. I discovered this crazy new thing
from the brand La Prairie, if you’ve never heard of them before, they are a very expensive skincare
and makeup brand, they mainly specialize in anti-ageing skin, moisturizers, serums, creams,
eyes, everything. They’re such a good brand. But basically, this is the white caviar
illuminating pearl infusion. This is going to protect your
skin from pollutions and sun and all of the crazy
dangers of the world. It’s also allegedly supposed
to take out sun spots and any discoloration so of course I’m going to use
this for probably a few months and see what happens. But, I did already lay it down. So today we’re going to be trying
a brand new primer from one of my favorite
brands Armani Beauty. Now, this is the day long skin perfecter. So basically this is going to create
a nice blur effect on the skin, allegedly, that’s what the packaging said and it is supposed to keep my skin
snatched all day long. Let’s give it a whirl. I’m just going to take a little
bit on my fingers. Oo. I don’t want to put too much on. Oh it’s like really … Mm, it smells a little almost like
hairspray and perfume. Which is a little weird to me. Not horrible, it wasn’t like overpowering but it was a little weird. Of course, I am going to do my neck, can never forget about that. It feels almost like the Sisley primer
that I reviewed months ago as well, it feels like really tacky which I love because that means the makeup
should be laid down amazing. But we will see shortly. Alright, bam. Now for foundation today,
speaking of Sisley, they have a brand-new foundation out. It might be a few months old,
I’m not sure, but I bought it like a month ago
and it’s been sitting here. This is the all day long flawless
skincare foundation. So I love their stuff,
but it all has like really expensive skincare in the makeup, it’s supposed to just really
be nice over time. We will see if that happens. Now this shade is 0+Vanilla. I tried to shade match myself
at the mall when I bought this, so let’s see if I did it correctly. This is a very long lasting
and smoothing effect blended with the lightness and natural
finish of a second skin foundation. It’s supposed to be soft and comfortable, oil free, it ensures a beautiful, hydrated, soft and comfortable skin-like look. Alright, now the bottle looks like this. I like it, it’s very slim. Kind of reminds me of the DiorSkin
star foundation, like the bottle. Now normally you guys know
I love doing a beauty blender with my foundation so I’m going
to try it and if it starts to look weird, I’ll use a brush but let’s give it a whirl. Oh this smells really fresh like nice skincare for sure. Let’s just do a little, I’m just going to dot it around my face. I’m just going to start here and
then we’ll work out way up so, did I put too much on?
We’re about to find out. Okay, just a few bounces of this,
maybe because it’s wet and maybe the foundation isn’t supposed
to be with water, it’s looking a little weird like watch, I’m just going to buff this part out. It’s almost like, blotchy so I’m going to go in with the Oval 8
brush from Artis and I’m just going to brush this
all over my face before it dries, god forbid it dries and looks crazy. So far it blended it’s like a little darker,
it’s blending nice. I think the beauty blender
was like not having it. Maybe it’s the formula, so I’m just going to take a little bit
more on this Artis brush. We’ll go in with the neck. Alright the foundation is blended. I like it, I’m not loving it so far. A lot of the times, you guys,
primers and foundations, sometimes they do not mix. Now this one looks alright,
it’s not like cakey or crazy, the foundation is I think beautiful but it’s a little patchy from where
the beauty blender was. I’ve tried to smooth it out
but using it on this side and everywhere else with the brush, definitely was a lot nicer, I think the formula probably
doesn’t like water or just, okay. Now for concealer,
what do we have today, where is she at? This is the new soft matte complete
concealer from the brand Nars. Now, I love Nars, I’ve been a huge fan of them for
about ten years. This is their brand new concealer, let’s open it up. I think this is like a full coverage
one, I’m in shade light one chantille. I’m scared to apply this with a beauty blender
because what if it makes the foundation weird, but I guess that’s the whole point
of this video is to try things out. So I’m just going to use my finger and see what happens.
Oh, okay. It’s like, it’s a thick formula which I like. I’m just going to try it out first with this,
before I do full on. Oh she’s thick, which I like. Oh that was a nice little highlight.
Okay, okay. I see what’s going on here, so let me dip in again and I’m just
going to press that under my eye. So I’m just going to kind of buff that in with my finger.
Now before I do this side, I am going to take the brush and just kind of test the waters. I’m scared, I’m scared.
Oh wow this blends so easy with this brush. That is really really nice. Like right away,
I’m judgmental with concealers. A lot of the time you can tell really quickly if it’s going
to settle or get weird and this one is like butter. Now to set this concealer, I didn’t have
any new setting powders around the house so I bought one from the same brand that
made that crazy serum I first showed you guys. La Prairie has something called the cellular treatment
loose powder, I know it’s a fucking long word. This is supposed to be fucking amazing so let’s open her up.
Comes with a spatula embedded into the back. Woah. That’s crazy. Then it comes
with a little fluffy pad type thing. Whoo, never used this before so I’m like holy shit.
Oh, oh my god. Okay, so then this comes up. Oh my god and then it’s sealed. There’s another
barrier oh my god, so it says to pull this. There’s the powder, holy shit. Now I always apply
setting powder with a damp beauty blender so we’re just going to try this out. I’m going to use
this plastic actually and pour some in here. Press in there, oh that’s a lot of fucking powder. Oh, lord.
Oh wow, it definitely has a little bit of color to it. I’m just going to put a lot on and we’ll brush it off
in a second. If you guys hear any weird noises, my jacket it just sounds weird. I’m sorry about that.
Alright, so I’ve let that soak in for a minute, now I’m just going to take a blank Nars brush,
little kabuki and just kind of dust it off. Okay wow. That powder was kind of everything.
The concealer has like settled, unreal. It’s not cakey, it’s not clumpy, it’s not weird. Huh, okay,
I’m waiting for a disaster to happen but it hasn’t hit me yet. Next up, let’s do some contour
before we set our entire mug. I have a few new products from Benefit that I have
been dying to use. I just recently did a trip with them where we went to an island and we got to play with
some of their new products. I was like oh my god, bitch, I cannot wait to film with this. So this is the Hula
quickly contour stick. This is a cream contour, now one of my makeup artists lipstick Nick used
this on me the other day for a photo shoot and I was like oh okay this formula though. So she used this on me wherever I would contour then
she set it with powder which of course is recommended. I was like really really impressed,
so of course you can go in with the stick and go in on your own face if you want.
I mean, hi honey, are those cheekbones or what? This is more of a sheer formula so don’t be like
oh my god, Jeffree you just put on way too much, it definitely sheers out and it looks
beautiful. Let me just blend this out, now beauty blender of course can happen. Maybe a brush,
let me just show you how this sheers down you guys. Everyone at home is probably like, bitch you’ve lost
your damn mind. No this does sheer out, I promise, don’t think I’m coo-koo. Yes, now I know
at first you were probably like oh my god bitch, you put on way too much product because I always
rip people to filth for doing that but see the difference? It sheers out really really pretty and just kind of
gives you that definitive what’s up bitch, what it is, you got a problem? Now, another
trick that I love that lipstick Nick did on me is she took a synthetic brush and went back and
forth on the product and instead of drawing it on, she just took it like this and more so just kind of
painted it on which for my forehead and nose I love because sometimes I do go overboard,
but this is really easy to apply, so I’m just going to go all the way down
my nose and just kind of cut her in half. And then same thing for the forehead,
we’re just going to cut my forehead in half and of course it’s going to look a little intense at first
then we’re going to sheer her out so do not worry. Alright, the nose is looking a little slender,
the forehead is a little dark but you know what? We’re doing a severe highlight
and contour look today. Now normally I would take a powder
and coat my entire face with ti, but I don’t have any new finishing
foundation powders. You guys know I always go to my Mac cosmetics
studio fix powder, sorry girl not today. So I was looking in all my new
packages that I bought recently, new makeup and YSL put out something that
is called the matte finish and blur, it’s in French and you all know I’m not even
going to dare try. So basically this is blurring and finishing
the face without additional coverage. Now when I opened it right now I was like, oh my god,
it’s like pure white, by the way the YSL symbol in there, I live for, I die for. So I’m just going to take
a brush and let’s just see what happens. I’m just going to put this around the contour
incase it really does fuck this shit up. I’m scared. Okay now I’ve done my eyes, around my mouth,
underneath the contour, let me just grab this powder brush and dust off. Tell me why,
I don’t know if you can tell in the camera or not but that shit made my skin like, woah. Okay, finished
my face. I am excited to try this out more. The face is set now I am going to go in with
this Morphe 527 brush for a little contour and I’m going to pull out the new Benefit cosmetics
cheek parade palette. Look how cute this is though. This comes with blushes, it comes with bronzers,
this has the infamous Hula of course and then there’s a new shade Hula light. I’m going to
mix Hula light and Hula bronzer just for an added little, now they are already carved out but of course you want
to set that cream and just kind of gently go over them. Alright, the face is fucking bronzed girl, the jaw is cut,
the forehead is on fleek today. Next step before I do anything, I’m going
to do a little blush, a little highlight, yes. Now for blush today I am going to be using
the Kylie cosmetics pressed blush powder, it looks something like this,
kind of like the highlighters, not kind of really the packaging is identical of course.
This shade is called barely legal. So let’s just put this on the apples of our cheeks.
I like this so far because it’s buildable. I’ve of course dipped in twice now and it looks really natural.
I don’t like blushes where they’re so pigmented it looks like a clown right
away so this is pretty. Alright for highlighting today I’m going
to be dipping into the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora glow kit. It looks
something like this. Now for this look today, I don’t even know what kind of look I’m doing,
I don’t know what I’m doing for my eyes so today I’m going to be dipping into Lyra and
then Helia. I hope I’m saying that correctly and of course I’m going to be using the Anastasia A23
highlighting brush. So let me just start out by… oh come on pigment. This is like a peachy toned
highlighter. It is really powdery I will say that. I mean it’s there, it’s subtle, you guys are seeing it,
but I’m using to like blinding. So that’s cute, it has a little bit of a glow to it. I want a little more of
an intense effect so I’m going to try to dip into Helia, it’s like a shapeshifting yellowish green type of color.
Let’s put this on top and just see what happens right here. Okay that has a little bit more shine, I think we’re getting
somewhere. Oh okay I’m liking how this is looking. Alright, the verdict on this one is that I’m
kind of loving the Nicole one a lot better, this one has a lot of fall out, the colors
were not blinding blinding like I’m used to. Maybe because there brand has always delivered such
intense ones, maybe this is a little bit more subdued but I will have to try putting this
over lipsticks and other things. I’ve seen a lot of you on Instagram like put
the pigment over lipsticks and stuff like that. So I’m not hating it, I’m just not obsessed with it yet.
The cheeks are cute. Alright. Let’s move on. Alright I’m going to shock you guys for brows,
I don’t have any new brow products, I’m so sorry. You guys know I’m obsessed with my Benefit
precisely my brow and the Anastasia dip brows but I have no new brow products but the cool
thing about me is I don’t have any, so if I don’t wanna draw them on,
I don’t got to draw them on so, I’m just going to do a really cute
kind of alien soft glamour and I’m going to be using the Urban Decay
eyeshadow prime potion original. I do use some of them but the original… I don’t know if
I’ve ever used this, have I? Maybe once on my channel. So I’m just going to take this
and do it all over my lid. I like to take an eyeshadow brush
and just paint it on before it dries. For eyes today I’m going to be dipping into
the new Jouer cosmetics eyeshadow palette, this is the springtime in Paris matte and shimmer
palette and it looks a little something like this. Now I’m going to start off with going into
this pale kind of ivory shade called petal and I’m going to coat my lids all the way to
the brow bone and just set it to filth. I mean this matte shit has some
pigment honey, thank you Jesus. Alright now I’m going to take a brush
that I normally highlight with, this is the rose gold R33 brush from Morphe.
I like to take this and just kind of bend it up, so it just really goes all into my what we call
the arch? My real brow? That is blended out now we are going to go into the
shade right below it called Camel and just take a little blending
brush and let’s dive in there. So I’m going to tuck this into my crease and
we’re going to use this as our transition color. Now I’m going to go back to shade Petal with
the big blending brush and just kind of go over that and soften the edges so we like airbrush and
fucking snatched, damn hoe look at that crease. Now to deepen the crease a little bit, I will be going
into this darker shade right here, it is called Mauve. Now, I don’t know if you guys can tell on camera
that this shadow have a lot of fall out. I mean a lot of palettes have fall out,
but the good thing about this one is the pigment isn’t there which is amazing.
I’m looking at my eyes like, yes girl! If you’re into like natural looks, this palette you can
create endless looks for this. For this for that, for him for her. So I’m just going to put this
right in my crease, now I don’t do brow looks, I like to bring down the shadow
all the way down to my nose, just kind of creates a extraterrestrial
feel if you will. Alright now we’re going to use the shade Aubergine
which is next to Mauve, it’s a more darker color. I’m just going to use a little pencil brush
and just kind of go along my lash line really thinly just to create a little smoky effect
and we’re going to be very subtle with this. Now for liner, I found, I know I used a different
shade before so it’s kind of a first impression because I’ve only used one ever but the new Marc Jacob’s liners.
These are the eyeliner matte gel eye crayons, these are I think amazing because the one shade
I used the other day, oh my god, was stunning. Now this shade is called Mist Me? Okay. Now, this
is almost like my liquid lip shade Blow Pony. Work Alright lets put this in the water line and
see what happens. Okay the liner is on. Okay, I’m going to take that brush that I just used on
the top and I’m going to go on the bottom. What can I say? So let’s go into the Mauve shade here and I’m actually
going to dip a little bit into Amethist which is this purple shade and we’re just going to mix and
see what happens. This makes the liner pop even more. This look is like so subdued for me but I’m kind of
living for it. Now ‘m just going to kind of flick back. So with no new product, I’m just kind of going
back and giving it a little bit more smoke effect. Alright you guys now this look definitely
needs some mascara and lashes. I’m going to keep it simple
and just keep it like this. But I am going to be using something I’ve never used before,
which is the new The Shock mascara from YSL. Is that the real name of it? Yes it is. Mascara volume effect.
The Shock. Alright this is in shade, I’m sure black. This doesn’t have a shade on here
by the way. 40N901. Great. Alright this is black mascara and looks something like this.
Oh wow. Let’s look closely and see if this works. I’m looking at like the difference
of like one eye, that shit is crazy. Alright so I dunked in again
and let’s hit the bottoms. Alright now for lashes, today I’m going to be using
the new Kim Thai cake face beauty lashes. These are so stunning and there are called Lion Hearted.
So I’m going to be wearing these today, I’m going to go put them on and I’ll be right back.
Alright, the lashes are on. They are massive, dramatic and amazing.
Kind of like Nathan’s dick. I think the only thing that’s missing is
maybe a little bit of shimmer right here. So I’m going to go back into the Aurora Glow Kit
and I’m just going to hit the shade called Luna. It’s kind of like a silvery pretty moment. I’m just
going to dust this on top of the brow bone. Alright guys, I think the only thing left
is lips and some setting spray. I cannot believe this look is almost complete.
So for lips today you guys, I’m going to use a brand-new Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Velour Liquid Lips shade that is coming out for summer, now this summer there are eight
liquid lip shades coming and they of course will be in limited edition packaging.
What color is the packaging this summer? You will have to find out in a few weeks. But I’m
going to use a shade now this is a lab sample so it comes like this when it gets to me. It is one of
my shades you guys and I’m going to be using it today. This color is called Calabasas.
Are you kidding me? I can’t. Alright so Calabasas is on the lips, it’s dry, I’m living for it.
I cannot wait for you guys to play with this color but okay, before I finish the face, I was looking
at my eyes and I remembered I just got these… now you guys have seen me use the Stila magnificent
eye flitters before on my channel a million times. They’ve been in my favorites videos, but they
recently put out three dual-chrome colors and I’ve never tried them before and one of them
is speaking to my soul, it is called Sunset Cove and it looks like this and it does have
a dual-chrome shift effect with like like purple, green, mermaid type of moment. I’m going
to swipe this on my lid and see what happens you guys, Okay I’m just going to tuck that in there just
like that. Oh wow. Come on mermaid fantasy. These aren’t as blinding as the pure
glitter ones but they’re still really cute. Alright, now I think the only
thing left is setting spray. A lot of you have asked me to review the new
glam glow glow-setter finishing mist. I didn’t want to do a whole video dedicated to
a setting spray but we’re going to try it right now. Let’s see how it mists first. Let’s get her pumped up.
Oo, it’s really fine, not crazy. So let’s give this a whirl. Oh it has that classic cake like smell.
Yes I’m feeling drenched, are we set? We’re not done here. How are we looking? Phew, alright you guys,
I think this makeup look is complete. Alright everybody, this completes my
full-face first impressions tutorial, if you guys want to see more of these videos on my channel,
let me know down below with some feedback, some comments, some love, some hate, some fucking
animosities, some spirituality, some heartfelt passion. I think today I’ve learned a good lesson
that try new things, right? Try new things, whether it’s three guys at once, three girls at once,
six people at once, try new things people. Now I am going to say this. One of my favorite things
today, well I’m just going through all my favorites. I really loved the Jouer palette, now it did have
some extreme fall out on some of the shades but everything blended beautifully and I don’t think
that the fall out was such a concern for me. It’s eyeshadow, that happens with a lot of palettes.
So this has something for everybody. Moving on, I really love these lashes, they are
fucking massive. Imagine if I had brows on, they would like touch up to there. Touch up to there,
to my mother fucking brows girl. Kim Thai, these are amazing, congratulations on your
launch and I got to say you guys, that YSL powder, I know it’s a little bit pricy and it might sound a little
absurd because you guys are probably like girl, there’s $3 finishing powders. This one was amazing.
My skin still, I’ve been filming this for a while now, I took a break to go eat downstairs,
mama was getting low blood sugar and I came back up here and I was surprised
that I didn’t need to touch up my skin. It wasn’t a little greasy in the T-Zone like it normally is.
It was just flat matte amazing. So girl, I don’t know what kind of voodoo
is in this shit, but I can’t wait to use it. So besides that, I had a lot
of fun filming this. Let me know what products you liked
the best on me and if you forget, everything will be in the description box down
below that I used today. Alright you guys, thank you so much for watching this and
I’ll see you on the next one. Bye guys.


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