Friday the 13th (10/10) Movie CLIP – He’s Still There (1980) HD

Aah! No! No! 3 milligrams
of valium. It’s all right
now. It’s over. Everything’s
over. Roll over. O.K. Your folks
are on the way up. Is anyone else
alive? Are they all dead? Yes, ma’am. Two of my men pulled you
out of the lake. We thought
you were dead, too. Do you remember
very much? The boy. Is he dead, too? Who? The boy. Jason. Jason? In the lake.
The one who attacked me. The one who pulled me
underneath the water. Ma’am, we didn’t
find any boy. But he… Then he’s still there.

90 thoughts on “Friday the 13th (10/10) Movie CLIP – He’s Still There (1980) HD

  1. This ending is awesome and the music perfect 😁😁. I think it would have been awesome if the ended this one with him pulling her under the water. Would of left the audience guessing and wondering until part 2 came out if Alice survived and began the second one with her waking up in the hospital . Idk thats what I thought would of been kinda cool.

  2. Would anyone rather prefer having the jumpscare and then just fading to black and end the movie there instead of having the whole hospital scene at the end? It probably would have given us that uneasy feeling.

  3. The ending makes no sense unless she went insane and she's imagining the boy or she just imagined it was a boy but it was actually a man.

  4. These movies are never scary..I always know how it goes..kill the friends one by one then let the sole survivor get away by being an idiot.

  5. They should have ended right then and there when the girl was dragged into the lake, I also like to think this scene actually happened to make it more scary. And the cops somehow did not see.

  6. Back when I was a kid, I avoided this movie for three years because of that ending. Nearly scarred me for life. 😱

  7. I feel sorry for the local police. Can you imagine them dealing with that kind of crime scene, and the only witness traumatized for life.

  8. My thing why the hell she would be still living near Crystal Lake to get killed in the 2nd movie like WTF

  9. The first time I watched this, when Alice said that, it scared the crap out of me. Everyone knew there just had to be a sequel.

  10. When I young watching this movie 🎥 with my 3 cousin I jump out of my chair got so scared 😟😳🤯

  11. Should have faded to Black instead of the whole hospital scene after. Would have been way more creepy not knowing anything after he pulled her into the water

  12. I'm at the actual camp crystal lake location for the tour tomorrow. I went last year and got a pic with Alice sitting in the canoe on the beach next to the lake. They usually do a few of these tours each year. I highly recommend trying to go but you do have to win a raffle for the chance to buy a ticket

  13. I've never seen this movie before so I was watching this video and that jumpscare gave me a heart attack. Like I knew from the thumbnail that things weren't going to end well but the nice music tricked me into thinking she was fine.

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