Freelance Makeup Artist Kit na Hindi Masakit sa Bulsa!!! | TAGALOG (Philippines)

hi guys welcome to my channel, it’s nadene. maybe most of you already know that i’m doing freelance make-up and yeah I’m still building my kit the makeup case that i’m using is actually a travel bag, like a mini suitcase i’m not contented with it cuz it’s difficult to organize the case i’m using is alright, however, it’s not very professional-looking because the pouches i have are very colorful and i couldn’t find decent pouches that are not too expensive so i just decided to buy a new makeup case. i just ordered from Amazon. it’s my first time buying from Amazon, i’m not a fan of online shopping ever since I like to see this thing that I wanna buy first before I actually buy it i ordered a lot of stuff – lashes, mixing palette etc the normal things a freelance makeup artist needs i really don’t have a big capital for my freelance business what i did was i took the best products from collection that i don’t use that much anyway i have quite a huge makeup collection instead of waiting for them to expire, i’ll just use them for my freelance kit the money i used for the other things i need for the freelance business are my earnings from doing makeup gigs, so im just rolling the money for now i buy new makeup from my earnings until i get to the point that i’m very confident with my makeup kit the things i ordered from amazon didn’t arrive at the same time since they’re from different sellers first thing i got is this one, this is the makeupcase i thought it’s gonna be bigger but i think it’s big enough i still have loreal lip paint swatches on my hand, they’re supposed to be matte they still haven’t dried down, it’s taking so long already i applied this in the store a while ago, but it still hasn’t dried down matte but they still look good anyway i’m looking for some staple lipstick for my makeup kit but of course, i’m looking for affordable options from the drugstore because i always have to replenish them just like mascara guys so this is the makeup case. it’s quite smaller than i expected but i guess this is enough. it comes with adjustable dividers that you can customize based on your preference this can also fit in bigger palettes if you want foundation
initial cash is not opinions my excess and so Kazan Mejia and Fatima Villa di
maama brushes distel yeah but this is something that I could actually use and
I think this is very efficient marriage from the carcass arm strap so wide
especially strap and going on shoulder bag or backpack or
we’re Darren Shan is d24 handle mental is open zipper here which is 4 percent
area oh yeah Marin DeVito mesh and Madhumita
London so which I don’t know comparison the bag itself in D dimension sovereign
bigger so I guess ok now I’m gonna take you guys kappahd knowledge international
damage how my stuff looks inside him seeing a sovereign compact non case not
oh I really have to think about the things that I wanna include inside
I don’t know imagine a city before maybe I should have gotten a train case
instead a bigger one I do have an aluminum one caramel it not sure maybe I
should have gotten a bigger one but still single unordered gets nothing to
say human an aluminum train case Mashhad on the train case itself ahjumma biggest
lasso copa de nada de nada de la pucelle and on products fellow op bajalia on
Bhumika and I don’t want to compromise my my back and my shoulders cause a
iacopo smith my makeup car must have exceptionally Selleck especially if
you’re doing makeup for more than three people again I’m gonna date you conga
animals obsidium stuffs cogito of course aside from this I’m probably gonna bring
a thought bang something else but a similar disposables manatee shoes can
understand I’m sure he initially Maga fashion a hospital but yeah I’m gonna
need you guys as promised a uptake oh hi Johanna my children a monatomic go
inside the bag so it’s name bag I thought Pelican Lake Nia but no
surprise the hall when I found out that it can actually fit a lot of things
inside so I am a preeminent makeup stuff go now illallah Muhammad Allah compile X
actually Kasia pasilla and Yan sabic Odaiba name
foundation is Kayla and Mejia but actually kanata usually if you close
Nellie expands demand Paula and milla p QD t on eben brushes the living brushes
medical record data set as you can see madam Eva but cleanliness ingrian
mascara lip gloss pen lip pencils en tops manga tools so I am very efficient
dementia and now you use the last metallic Ella hotel spaced on the iOS
overall I like this many that I didn’t detox ahead up action II manga lip
plumper hand sanitizer italic a copaiba so I own all in all gusto Honiton
bagnato been commonly ahora saying massage on my life it’s actually this is
actually perfect and I recommend that getting this combo palanca in beginner
Carissa makeup cos I envision a mental asylum anomalous or Brown meddling train
case Ashley says to travel with this case a coma happens in Ramallah dividers
panel question a minimun to caution apparently rubber so I own melon Bhutto
sturdy para melon but that’s it Munna for the review of this Fabian buy in
monogamy libel hospital never from Amazon and I will update you thank you

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