Freedom Makeup London pro Lipstick palette x24 Reds | spring beauty sale|freedom pro lipstick|Mar Fy

hey everyone this is marfy! welcome back to my channel. Today
I’m going to be doing the swatches and review for the freedom Pro lipstick
palette in reds well I have already done a review and swatches for the freedom
pro lipstick palette in naked. so you guys like to see this one then I’m going
to link it down in the description box below go and check that out okay
so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna swatch all the shades as usual but before
that I just want to give you guys overview of this palette it does look
like this it comes in a beautiful black box same
as the nude ones so what it says it says it is a selection of 24 of the
most popular red and pink colors for the lips it is highly pigmented it has non
sticky formula for long-lasting and intense color
it contains eight matte shades and sixteen sheer shades for a statement
bold color lip okay so I bought it from Nykaa and it cost around 1850 talking
about the pigmentation.. not that pigmented to be honest you need to apply
two to three coats you know to get the exact shade or the perfect shade and
about the staying power it stays for four to five hours I think it’s a great
versatile palette guys because it just got some beautiful deep red shade wine
shade Ruby shade berry shade candy shade fuchsia shade Watermellon shade and I
think all the shades of reds and pinks okay so if your red lover or dark
brownish lover then you should definitely go for this I would really
recommend this for picking it up and add it into your red and pink collection the
only negative point is that guys it makes your lips little dry
leaving that I think overall it’s great one to have that’s it in the review part
well you know never underestimate the power of red lipstick guys so let’s move on to
the swatches

23 thoughts on “Freedom Makeup London pro Lipstick palette x24 Reds | spring beauty sale|freedom pro lipstick|Mar Fy

  1. Loved the swatches😍 and the colours are bright and quite natural.. Thank yu for the video.. Really helpful one..👍

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