Flawless Makeup in Only 6 Minutes! The Best Beauty for Busy Women by Mommy Makeup!

So here I am with no make-up on. Let’s get started. Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer, Camouflage
Concealer Brush. I’m dipping the brush into the concealer,
and I’m going to paint it on. And I can get the inner corner of my eye and
right there under my lash line with the brush. Now we’re going to do the other side. Where I’m dark right there, inner corner,
and right under the lash line. And now I’m going to get the corner of my
nose and the corner of my mouth. Your own features actually create shadows
there, so I like to paint it on there to help soften the shadows. And now I’m going to just get those little
darker areas on my face. Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer is oil free,
talc free and paraben free. It becomes one with the skin so I like to
paint it on first and let it sit there for a minute and then blend it down. And because it becomes one with the skin,
it doesn’t settle in your pores or any creases and it doesn’t require a lot of blending. Okay, now we’ll blend. So I’m just basically moving it around, just
softening the edges where I applied it so that it doesn’t look like it just stops. Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer is an under
eye concealer, a face cover up and an eyeshadow base for when you wear powder eyeshadow. Now in this video I’m going to wear Any Wear
Cream on my eyes, not powder eyeshadow, so I will not put it on my lid. Now I’m going to take my ring fingers and
I’m going to blend down the Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer under my eyes and because
I let it sit there, I just do a couple of taps and I’m done. Now we’ll move to step 2. Mineral Dual Powder and Little Lush Kabuki
Brush. I’m going to do what I call swirl it, and
buff it. If I wanted a lighter coverage, I would do
swirl it and dust it. Mineral Dual Powder is oil free, talc free,
fragrance free and paraben free. It has an SPF of 15 and a soft focus finish. And because it contains no talc, you can even
wear it under the eye and around the eye and it won’t settle in any of the lines or the
creases. I always say that Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer
and Mineral Dual Powder are like peanut butter and jelly. Each are great on their own, but the combination
of the 2 is the absolute best. And there you go. Step 3, Any Wear Cream, Cream Definer Brush. I dip the brush into the Any Wear Cream and
I blend it on my eye. I have my pinky on my face because it keeps
my hand nice and steady. And now I just take my ring finger and I gently
blend out the edges. Any Wear Cream is a cream product that dries
to a waterproof, smudge proof finish. It can be worn on the eyes, the cheeks and
the lips, and that’s why we call it Any Wear Cream, because you can basically wear it anywhere. And now I’m just finishing out my eye’s, blending
it out with my ring finger. Now I’m going to take the Any Wear Cream and
put it on my cheeks. I brush it on with the Cream Definer Brush
and now I’m even putting the brush with a little bit of the Any Wear Cream on my lips. Any Wear Cream comes in 6 beautiful wearable
shades that work on the eyes, cheeks and lips. It conditions the skin with vitamins A and
E. It is oil free, talc free and paraben free. Step 4. Stay Put Gel Eyeliner, Pointed Eyeliner Brush. I dip the brush in, you need just a little
bit. A little bit goes a long way. My pinky is on my face and I’m going to make
itty bitty dashes and dash it on. Just because it’s called eyeliner doesn’t
mean that you should draw a line. My chin is up, I’m looking down into my mirror
so I don’t contort the shape of my eye and I just dash it on. And there you go. Let’s do the other side. I put the brush in the Stay Put Gel Eyeliner,
flip my hand over, my pinky’s still on my cheek bone and I dash it on. Stay Put Gel Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge
proof and tear proof. I’m applying the Stay Put Gel Eyeliner in
the Shade Black Orchid. Black Orchid is a luscious black burgundy,
and I’m just finishing it up on the other side and there you go. Now we’ll go to step 5, Lush Black Mascara. Lush Black Mascara contains a hollow fiber
brush, so it really lengthens and separates your lashes. It’s a great mascara for everyday. It has a protein rich formula that strengthens
your lashes with 9 botanical ingredients. It contains vitamins A, C and E, it doesn’t
smudge, and it doesn’t flake. Now personally, I like to just put mascara
on my top lashes only. I find that when you put it on the bottom
it can drag your eye down, it can get smushed with your concealer and then what’s the point
in putting it on anyway? There you go. Step 6. Triple Sticks. Lipstick and cream blush in one. I’m going to first use the Triple Stick as
a lip liner. My pinky’s on my chin to keep my hand nice
and steady and I’m making itty bitty dashes and dashing it on. Again, just because it’s lip liner doesn’t
mean that you should draw a line. Now I’m using the side of the Triple Stick,
and I’m filling it in like a lipstick. Triple Sticks also condition the lips with
shea butter and cocoa butter. Triple Sticks are not just for the lips, they’re
for the cheeks too. I’m taking the side of the Triple Stick and
I’m dashing it on the apples of my cheeks and then I just take my finger and I blend
it back. I always say blush should look like you got
embarrassed and because the Triple Stick is a nice creamy texture, it gives you that just
flushed look. Step 7. Brow Tint, our final step. Brow Tint is a tinted gel that tints the hair
and not the skin. I always say the brows are the forgotten feature. Most women do something about their shape,
but not the color of the brow. And when you put color in your brow, it balances
out your face. There it looks balanced and here on the other
side, see how my face looks bottom heavy? Well let’s balance out my other side. I keep my pinky on my face to keep my hand
nice and steady and I use the tip of the comb and I just brush the brow tint through my
brows. And there you go. With only 7 products in 6 minutes, I’ve achieved
make-up artist quality results. There’s the before, and there’s the after. Mommy Makeup, the BEST Beauty for Busy Women.

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