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Hi guys, we’re Sam and Nic from Real Techniques.
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Today we’re going to be introducing you to some of our favorite new products.
This is the Flawless Base Set. It is one of my favorites. I’m very excited by this
set. In this set you get the brush cup to look gorgeous on your vanity. You then
have a contour brush, a square foundation brush, a buffing brush, and a detailer
brush. Let me show you how they work. The reason I love this set so much is
because you get two brushes that you can use with foundation and lots of other stuff,
so I’m torn as to which one I’m going to put my foundation on with I think
I’m going to go for this one, which is the buffing brush. Now the reason I’ve
opted for the buffing brush is because I want to use a light liquid foundation,
and this is going to buff it into the skin really really nicely. Now if I
wanted a slightly more coverage from the foundation I’d have gone for the flat
brush because it’s gonna wipe it onto the skin to allow you to have more
coverage and more payoff. I love how it just covers a surface so nice and
quickly. So work that right the way for the skin I prefer to buff it into the
skin so it works as part of your skin than to wipe it on. Little circular
motions. I’m then going to take the square foundation brush and a concealer
and just pick up some of that and like I said it applies more coverage it’s going
to have a better payoff. I’m just going to push that under the eyes pulling down,
gets right in to those areas nicely. Then use it on its till to get right into
this nose/nostril area. I’m then going to pick up my detailer but I am going to
come back to the square foundation brush I just want to use this on any little
areas that I need a tiny bit more coverage from my concealer. The fact that
it’s smaller means it’s slightly denser so it has a stronger payoff from the
product I’m just going to work that in there where I get quite dark This brush would also fit perfectly
through the arch of the brows if you want to make that slightly more precise And on any blemishes. I haven’t really got any blemishes at the moment! It’s a happy day! I have got one here, it’s kinda hidden. That’s like the rarest thing ever, not to
have any blemishes. Like I said I was going to come back in with the square
foundation brush, I’m just going to take a little bit of a cream contour. For those
of you that like contouring this is a great brush. I’m just going to create a
really nice line here. It creates a really lovely sharp line. For those of
you that like to do it down the nose as well this is a great brush for you. You
can take it really nice and sharp down the nose I am going to blend that,
obviously. Some people wouldn’t, I will. That’s where my last brush comes in – the
contour brush – I’m going to take that and I’m just going to do little circular motions
just to blend that away. You can go back in with the square foundation brush if
you want to make that even sharper. And that’s how you use the Flawless
Base Set. Thank you so much for watching. We really hope you enjoyed that. Don’t
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first purchase. Take care, bye!

36 thoughts on “Flawless Base Set | Real Techniques

  1. My god STOP releasing sets!! Your brush consumers have been asking for years to sell them individually and you don't listen to what the customers want! Also all these new sets are nothing new, the brushes have been in other sets before. Enough already!

  2. Does this brush cup holds the other Real Techniques brushes that have that wider handle at the end of the ferrule?

  3. I'm so disappointed with these girls. Showing us a brush we all own and know how to use. The tutorials are very sales pitched these days too. Sad. Plus as if the detailer brush that's been rattling around my makeup bag for years is capable of concealing!!! Grrrrr

  4. Agree with the others stop with the brush sets and face brushes it eye brushes you need to make & the foldable brush holders look cheap & nasty!!

  5. Hi Nic, how do you get such a smooth base to begin, your skin is so shiny and smooth and healthy. It looks like a dream to apply makeup to. Do you get laser treatment?

  6. Am I the only one who uses the detailed brush to apply lip liner if I'm using my liquid lipstick as a liner?

  7. I'm new to makeup. I just purchased the Flawless Base Set. I understand that after washing the brushes, they should be stored brush side down to drain the water. The 3-sided holder to which the brushes are attached in the package seems to be a great way to accomplish this. Was that the purpose? Did you intend for consumers to save this piece?

  8. Is there anything other than foundation that the buffing brush can be used for? I will be getting the expert face brush for my foundation and I’m also getting this set. Therefore will not be need the buffing brush for my foundation.

  9. I have only just purchased this set… I have most of the other brushes from real techniques and love them… had them for two years, there still like new! ❤️

  10. you guys are making people want to buy fake RT brushes because you refuse to listen to the customer… release the freaking contour brush individually already!! 😡

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