FIRST IMPRESSIONS GET READY WITH ME ft. Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette

Hi, Guys James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel As you can see I’m looking very, very different right now I don’t have a baseball cap on. I have got my freaking hair cut. I absolutely love how it turned out. My rat’s nest of a “man bun” is now chopped off. Thank the Lord of heaven above God bless major living legend Jen Atkin. if you guys don’t know if she actually styles the Kardashians and a ton of other amazing celebrities. but she doesn’t do boy cuts that often and her and I were talking and we’re like, “Girl, I need to get this off my head. I’m so tired of looking ugly every day, with my baseball hat and my messy ass hair like what can we do and she was like sister James. I got you, so I went to the salon and this is what came out of it honestly. I’m so happy with it I hope you guys love it, too there will not be a baseball hat for a little bit of time now So hopefully we can get used to the new look and yeah moving right along for today’s video We’re going to be doing a first impression chit chat get ready with me I’m actually super pumped for this because you guys know that I really don’t change up my make up routine that often it’s always the make up for ever ultra HD foundation stick, shape tape concealer Laura Mercier and benefit brow stuff shape tape on the brows and some type of morphe shadow palette some type of highlighter and then A nude lip like you guys feel me at this point although. I do love to again some creative looks it’s been a hot minute since I’ve tried some brand new products. All that being said I’ve been saving up some Pr packages from the last Few weeks from some of my favorite companies And I have a ton of products that I cannot wait to show you guys, so let’s get started as always I’m priming my face using my benefit porefessional primer You guys know just like my ride-or-die primer And they’re probably [will] honestly never switched up unless I find something better Skin is always something that just like a major problem area [for] me in my life I used to have really bad acne, but they leave my skin is between me so so well And I am so freakin happy about it. [so] yeah [porefessional] it is I actually just had a facial a few days ago for the first time when they did like these shocks, and so they said They’re like pop everything out of your nose I was laughing so hard because the only thought was [go] [ahead] was literally you could probably pop all the blackheads on my nose and Literally repackage all the gunk into a pensive or brush no primer because that’s all I ever felt my frickin bone formation to them use my makeup for ever ultra HD sick in the shade of y at 325 once and one of those products that is my holy grail and will not change and there was no what foundations with any of the packages that I received so can’t switch anything up I’m so freaking excited because you know all the sisters are going with makeup forever tied to a [kailani] concert here in Los Angeles And I absolutely love her and her music. I think she’s so talented and just so like cool in general We actually just got a text earlier thinking we’re going to get to hang out with her before the show is something which is [literally] So dope so I am getting ready for that right now. I’m praying that all these products that I’m trying on say work Well my favorite because it is gonna be the look [that] I’m wearing tonight [you] almost have that something’s going to be iconic, so hopefully we can pull this off [all] right So I just went ahead and applied my shape tape concealer in the shade light and then blended it out as usual my damp beauty Blender and now the next episodes to set my face so for today I am using a new setting powder, and this is the Rcm a no color powder you may have seen this before because I know a lot of people talk about and [if] used it if you’ve used it I Apologize this is not your first impressions as my first impressions And I have never tried this before so I’m going to use it today you guys know that setting powder is a little bit of A touchy subject for me, so I’m actually super nervous to try a new one But I’ve heard a lot of good reviews So let’s go ahead and give it a try so first science is going on really really nicely It definitely is like pretty finely milled so that’s good because we don’t get those like ugly Like splotches that sometimes it catches on to the foundation But I’m going to keep putting it on and see when I think empty And it’s definitely doing a really good job of like modifying and setting everything in place as you can see my [nose] definitely looks Locked right, and then which is great because lord knows and my nose loves to slip and slide around I’m just looking to place a little bit of this joint in the center of my forehead just to set not [arion] place to make sure
don’t get any creases because I do tend to crease up there a lot and Then lightly just dab so the excess powder on the face lizzie. I actually have not been setting my entire face I’ve been going for more of the like a dewy skin a foundation look and I’ve honestly been loving it Here’s Los Angeles at this literally. [it’s] so freaking hot I’ve had my ac blasting all morning and all night last night, and it’s still it’s like a million degrees in here Which is very very very homophobic because I’m about to melt but we’re going to make it work I’m going to suck it up, but yeah, [I] haven’t been setting my entire face And I’ve been living we do we look but by depends on your skin type And how you lay for your makeup if you want to set your makeup And if you’re someone who definitely gets oily? Definitely a pack of the powder girl you do you so not only face is all set and [lost] right in place the next person Pressures, I want to pull is actually a brush that oh James Charles, not using Morphe brushes Relax, bitch You know that the jacket he’ll [murphy] [club] is coming in about five seconds hold up today [I] want to show you guys the clouds that I have a super duper excited button is actually when my best friends and true sisters In the entire world hey zeus and his club with the makeup shock I am so beyond excited to this and I have been with him since the entire beginning of this even being planned in the first Day so I’m so excited to have it right here inside of me And I definitely will be using these brushes on my face today on the back of the palace I have created this brush that also my [personal] favorite brushes on the makeup shock to create a full face for the everyday glam a Combination of natural and synthetic brushes I hope you enjoyed [these] as much as I do Xoxo hey Zeus gomez I am so freaking proud of them this set comes my brushes in their annual brushes [I] brushes compact brushes, and then face brushes as well, so definitely a full on that I know retail for $75 at the makeup track which is definitely a little pricey for a brush set but Y’all know me of course Every stylist and I did get a coupon code so you guys can now use code J’s [or] credit for softer purchase at the makeup Shock that brings the pipes of this down to around $60 and divided by nine That’s just over six dollars per brush so definitely not too bad of a deal [sort] off of [when] we grab the T27 brush from the Brush set and then dip into my Kat Von D Shade light palette into this middle shade, and I’m going to contour and chisel out my face Oh my [God] the rest of the [news] [are] so soft Wow legend went on we got a customer out that jaw line as well and snatch her right up And we definitely are not going to miss out on this for that contour Lord and nose and now that I don’t have a baseball hat to confer half of its region We’re going to need to use that contour to turn that 5 head back into around a 3 head I’m then going to grab the T-84 Russian that same shape in the shade and light, Palette. I’m going to contour out my nose [oh] my God that [actually] lay down the color so nicely my Lucky [182] Brust is Shaking we’re going to actually really like this. [yes], [294] you better work before we move on to baby I’m going to quickly Grab my T17 also from the brush set and dip in Join [Peter’s] blush And just put a light wash of color on the cheekbone, okay? maybe that was exactly the best brush for a light to wash a color but It’ll do alright. I’m going to grab my beauty blender and dip right back into that [Rcm] [A] no color powder And I’m going to see my face I’m going to [line] there with contour as always even though those other instruments that I’m really hoping that because it’s white It’s still will brighten up everything a little bit And if it does we’re about to look so snatch in a few minutes And I was super fitter to see how this rubs off [alright] So while I was in the oven baking I just quickly went ahead and do my brows [off-camera] save some time Same exact process as always no new products or first impression. So now that it’s been a long pier logically time We’re going to go ahead, and we’re going [to] wipe this baked off and see how this powder did okay? So I was definitely right the fastener is white definitely did leave a little bit of a highlighted book But I really really like that. That’s exactly what I look for in a setting powder [I] really like when I bake my face, and it like really brings back those highlights Then you have the very very defined contour highly like very very full focus 360 full glam Smash [tellest] stupid I apologize you know what I mean looking up close my skin Definitely does a little bit more porous than usual. Especially like the t-Zone area right up in here That’s where pores are usually the worst, but it definitely doesn’t look as [good] as a little [yesterday] I’m not sure if that’s the powder or my skin in general and not how many good skin days But I doesn’t want to keep using this powder because I like how it looks so far And I will keep you guys posted at for sure alright Sorry went ahead and prime my eyelids using my shape tape concealer And then the more honesty made of solid powder as usual and now we’re going to move on to the eyes and this is what I’m so so so excited for and that is the [jacqueline] do a collaboration with morphe nuts. This was actually released [I] can actually [spell] a little bit of a secret realize But a long long long time ago jacqueline actually showed me the box for this palette on facetime To show me like one of the first time regions and honestly it has changed so much since then but it is just so Beyond beautiful Joplin if you are watching this I freaking love you so much I don’t [know] if any of you guys know this because the only toward list or like once or 20 But japanese [knows] actually like the reason I started doing makeup in the first place. She’s holding my inspiration I would stay up all night watching your youtube videos. I just think she’s just like the most [badass] [bitch] I [loved] her letter spectre so much and obviously you guys know I love [murphy] as well So this club which [is] made in Heaven and if you know jacqueline You know that this is literally her in a second a [palette] version, so this palette comes with 35 custom formulated shades They are not the [everyday] more [people] and I have not watched them yet, but I’ve seen other people [I] know that these are going to be good that I’m going to save my opinions until I actually put them clubmate Babe that being said this palette retails for $35, so it is a little bit deeper than working as usual $22 a palette But it’s [living] 35 amazing shades for $35 you really really to not be that this palette well, just in a few days So you definitely going to want it hands on it while you can and always you can use coche sort em to [someone] for purchase But this is Johnson’s health, so if you want to double support her Please use code a jack [attack] as well that as [jacqueline’s] : I’ll put it right down here on the screen Go show her some love this palette is literally everything and I’m so pumped to put it on my face right now I’m first gonna start by grabbing the shaded creamsicle on my makeup shock she’s 70 brush And I’m just going to buff this right into the crease oh My God, I picked it, okay Josh and I see you, sir. I’m messing to grab the shade hunt on my makeup shock of T44 brush and I’m going to block this right into the crease because I’m going to be transitioning from like yellow to Orange to a red oh my God these colors are literally blending. It’s so beautifully. I’m kind of stuck to the [coil] right now I’m exeter Graham I [P63] brush [the] dip into the shade Jack’s and I’m going to put this right in that crease for a little pop of red Okay, we can knock it over helped a bunch of these shadows are that was really one dip into the pan and we got [cat-like] [high] okay. I’m going to dip back into hunt with that K 44 brush and this bubble of those edges I was not anticipating that much pigmentation So now we need to blend her out Or else is going to get real messy real fast once all those three colors are on there as well I’m going to get back into creamsicle and just go over those edges to make sure they are super blended out and their Transitions are all smooth. [I] really want to do the pop of blue on the eye so with that same exact G63 brush I’m actually going to dip into the shade on royalty which is a metallic purple shade in this palette but I’m going to use this as kind of a transition shade between the metallic blue that’s going to go on the lid and the Cranberry colors I just went in the crease and once it’s all then I’m going to go back into the same brush in the shade [Jack’s] which Is the red shade and [just] bring the cranberry color? I’m going to grab my teeth 79 Russian didn’t [do] the shade of torque. Which is this metallic blue shade I am So excited for this and I’m going to pop her right up to the lid oh my God my brush literally is not even wet either Miss Hill Suddenly my wake just got ripped off and flew all the way from Los angels to wherever you are in, Florida These are so bad I know everybody’s gonna say I’m sucking up so early because I always do but honestly the shadows are like so good I generally would not expect anything less than perfect from gentleman and so far. That is exactly what I’m seeing, okay? Go back in with tornado Sprites my brush using the all-nighter And I’m just going to lay it on top again and see how like actual metallic. We can get it Oh my God, these are literally beautiful, okay? I think I want to turn [this] into a little bit of a halo eye situation So I’m going to grab the same exact brush and dip into the slightest bit of pool parties once again I’m going to spread that brush And [I’m] just going to layer that right on the center of the lid and see how that looks I’m livin lovin Huh both look so far. So I guess we’re going to move on to the lower lash line now I’m going to start off using the exact same shade at work on the same T79 Brush And I’m going to buff it into the inner and outer fullness of my lower lash line And then going to grab [a] pool party [and] pop that in the center once again Then I got that T44 brush one last time and dip into Jazz whatever is going to blend all those edges and connect it back up to the upper Lash line [highlight] the inner Corners vinegar my sigma E30 brush and dip into the shade and key which is this Beautiful bright out highlighting shade, and I’m going to pop that right in there Oh wow But why move on to the [Lashline] just grab my Mac [reflux] teal? Because I want the center of the lid to really really really pop So I’m just going to grab my [ot] at 79 Brush one last time dip into just delighted little bit of it And I’m going to stretch my brush then I’m just going to offer on there that is Everything that is that I shadow all complete for lash day. I’m going to pop on the makeup shock lashes in the style Dubai I’m having a really good makeup day today, and I am honestly really sick about it And then of course we [need] my roller lash Mascara just to blend together the fake lashes with the real one all right sisters notice When I all complete I’m honestly [loving] this looks so much so far It is definitely a good makeup day, so it’s sister James and happy I’m going to go ahead Do you other one off camera quickly? I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the face [alright] guys I am at the bullfights all complete I wiped off the The foundation on my left first ladies to get ready to go for tonight’s event [and] now let’s move on with the glow for highlighted and weaving the wet and wild Mega, [Lo] Highlighting powder. I am so [freaking] [excited] because I’ve heard so many great things about these But they’re literally sold out everywhere. I’ve looked at them so many times with my different drugstores You guys know fried drugstore makeup store a few weeks ago I was talking about wanting to use these but they were nowhere to [be] found [so] [I] finally got this one today Actually has a matter of fact wet and wild just having a huge pr package with a ton of the product so definitely give this video a big Thumbs up down below if you want me to do a full face using only [one] [lot] [of] products because I would definitely be in Definitely. God is blinding if I was expecting but not bob to formula. Definitely Grody my brush, and it feels extremely Soft which is good because that means the texture of your natural face socialize much criminal highly a lot of times accentuate texture Especially for me [cuz] I have a lot [of] pimples in my hair region for some annoying ass reason But the form of this feels really really good the tile is [simply] really really pretty and I know this is short surprise I think this is like $6 so honestly for $6 it’s really really not that I’m just being dramatic here [but] definitely not as blinding as I was expecting it to [be] I’m probably going to end up wearing this with like my makeup Forever 13 pigment or my Anastasia so Hollywood just to be like blind people left and right, but definitely so beautiful for the price I said that soliders beautiful, and I did not lie and is definitely beautiful on the cheekbones, but for the nose contour haha For some reason even though the [tele] is literally super super light [and] it’s apparently too dark for my skin tone because when I’m not Hitting the light like right there, you can see it’s not reflecting light So it looks a little bit darker than my nose contour. Which was really remove the effect which is so frustrating I’m missing a layer over top the makeup over 13 right on that area because Lord knows [a] dot is that the lining and Hopefully success. Oh great that literally just eight of 20 times worse I Think [it’s] probably a message from somebody up about same team. It’s not going to make your nose Look 20 some sore that actually is because sister you’re not fooling anybody are the last [time] [of] this makeup shows obviously going to beat The liquidy Doodahs and for this I do have [a] first impressions new product and that is the brain [news] away [high] [Pigment] lip glosses I love [Joy] [aylor] highlighters are so bomb and I love their lip top as well So I was so excited to see their brand new glasses These are all that will light up in here under the [LI] box because there are a whole lot of them for Schubert for this One I’m [Gonna] pop on the shade at PcH [alright]. So at the base I [disciplines] the colour-Pop ultra Satin lip and [shade] Aquarius just to give the gloss something to like stick to a layer over top of And I was going to reapply to show you that pch. I love how [that] looks oh my God patricia giggling I think over top and layered is you a a skinny dip lip topper just for some extra Glow some glam some shine why not lastly to finish off [that] [stick] I’m just going to dredge my face using the urban decay all nighter setting spray [alright] guys This is the completed full think using all first impressions glam [Imma] Honnestly, so alive for this look I love it so freakin much So let’s go back interview all the times that we tried today’s the first up being the [our] [seem] a no color powder This definite it a really good job of basing to face enlightening it up I love the affected agate But it definitely did make my pores and texture look not the best that I’ve ever looked usually the Elora mercier Powder doesn’t really examples to leak everything out like this is going to give this another shot and see if it’s Just the powder or if it is just my [skin] don’t know it looks pretty but I’ve seen it look better So I’m quite sure definite all the sense with this one, but did a decent job for today as [for] the makeup shocks brushes They’re definitely a big hit for me you guys know that I’m very very loyal to morphe as a brushes don’t absolutely love them But I have to sort my best work in the entire world Hayes’s I am so freaking proud of you And you guys need to go check out this brush that has been [hasn’t] launched it and remember [code] James gives you 20% off [after] the next item on the list you already know how I feel about miss bitch over here this whole is literally everything I am just so beyond check up with quality and how they blended and just the pigmentation in General this palette is a Hundred percent a [way] [as] [I] said before I am so Beyond proud of sister jacqueline She is the person who single-handedly got me into the beat industry I’ve always looked up to her and now it is literally so friggin Crazy and cool to me that I’m able to [calm] when my best friend So proud of you as I said before [coach] [James] get you 10% off when it launches or if you want to double support sister Jocelyn [you] [go] jack attack at your checkout as well next up on the list was the wet n Wild highlighting powder, and I wanted to love this so so so so bad But I think this is going to be my one fail of this video. Oh, it looks so beautiful on the cheek [I’m] like the brow bone and the upper forehead region, but on the nose contour. It is really not doing it justice It definitely is a little bit too dark [for] skin Which [is] so strange because this is already a super super light highlighter But it is giving us that great on the light isn’t hitting it So this is going to be a fail for me but like I said before definitely give this video a big thumbs up if you want to see a full face using all wet and Wild products because I do have a full collection now that I would love to try out for you guys and last but certainly not Least was easy ways new Ultra pigmented lip glosses, and these are so far I used to say to Pch on my lips today once again layer over that [colour-Pop] gloss But I absolutely love how it [look] the formula is really really nice. I know a lot of blogs oftentimes They’re really tacky or sticky when I go like that My lips like stick together, but this wear beautifully, it’s lightweight. It’s simple It’s nice, and I love the color so this is definitely a win it for me alright guys That is all I have I had so much fun trying out all these new products today Definitely leave a comment down below and tell me which one [of] these that you’d be dying to try I know there are so many Launches and crazy items coming out soon I am so Frickin pumped to see at what all these guys come up with and all your amazing look if you guys enjoyed this video
Please don’t forget to give [it] a big thumbs up down below if you have not already I post two videos a week on Mondays And Fridays and I’d love to have you enjoyed the sisterhood if you’d like to follow me [on] my makeup journey You can follow me on Instagram and [Twitter] They’re both just James Charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is James Charles with an extra ‘s’ after Charles. (JamesCharless) Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one, bye!

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