Fenty Beauty By Rihanna – Review + First Impressions | Avelina De Moray

hey guys ever since a launch of Fenty
beauty I have been eyeing their products and I’m so excited to try out the entire
range of Fenty Beauty for you today so if you are a lover of makeup and you’re interested or
intrigued to know my thoughts about this new launch by Rihanna keep on watching
I’m Avelina De Moray, welcome back to my channel I’m going to show you my
products I’m actually using today so you can see if it’s the kind of video that
you want to stick around and watch, in brushes today we’ll be going over the
foundation brush the setting brush the highlight and the bronzer blush contour
brush the proof filter concealer in the shade 150 and the matching foundation
also in shade 150 we have the concealer brush the prayer filter setting powder
in butter shady business bronzer the cinnamon shimmer stick the pur fuels our
eye primer the adorable kabuki brush free of the metallic – glitter islands
the diamond bomb all in a bloody highlight they look paint in the shade
uncensored and their complete brand reviewer would be complete without a
shadow pellet so I selected American spice I basically got the entire
collection which I’m so excited about which came through this massive box it’s
so loud I can’t even fit it on the screen so if you looking for a video
that goes over the entire collection without having to watch several little
videos this is the one for you so let’s get to it
okay everything in order of use so I don’t forget to use
anything I’m gonna unpack the but the one I’ve been using is the kept on the
foundation brush I just I love that as well I mean that’s probably why I like
this one because they are very similar very similar indeed but they’re
different shapes when you put down that sideways yeah I don’t know if that’s
just because it’s got concealer or not but so far this feels
luckily I just check the box because I’d love to things in there I’m not going to
start with foundation we start with primer okay so that’s works packaging
looks very nice I love the frosted glass look that is a close-up of the instant
retouch primer I don’t really bother too much with my forehead because obviously
it’s covered by my French so like what is the point
not much is this thin like it might make the makeup last longer which is its main
purpose so that’s cool but I’m not really sure if that’s gonna give me a like a moisturizer okay it has a nice scent to it I’m
fucking terrible at that if I know the Sun I can tell you what it is but when I
don’t know I could kind of baby powder it’s nice it’s lovely
it doesn’t offend me boom so we’re primed into the foundation I hope you
choose the right shade I chose the shade one if you see if you were wondering in
kept on D I am l44 neutral hopefully that will help you out if you are trying
to compare shades so again this is in a frosted glass let’s just start with you
I don’t know how much Urban that foundation brush which we already did
okay we’re ready to go I think I nailed the color matte feel like I’m really
rushing because I’m always rushing the kids are always making me late for
things I’m making me rush but they’re not here so I can just calm the fuck
down okay so this is supposed to be buildable and a medium to complete
coverage and your brush always soaks up more foundation as well so you can’t
really judge it on first use I mean I know this is an impression video and of
course it does it spread and fucking you when it gets coated it will useless to
anyone that just like says oh it took like five pumps to do your face it’s
like well did you take into consideration that you’re using a brand
new brush and if the answer is no than your jacks so that’s pretty much how far
up I go on my forehead yeah there’s no point I’m like that is a medium to full
cover and I’m like that I haven’t really been into James Charles but I did catch
one of these videos where it was like he’s daily routine and he mentioned
something that he does if he just wants a really quick coverage of foundation so
we don’t look Haggard and that is to mix your foundation in with moisturizer like
half half that is fucking brilliant and I tried it the other day and it just
gave me this beautiful natural kind of glow but it took away any kind of
discrepancies in my skin and redness this one is going on kind of like I’ve
already done that like apparently it is buildable like I said I’m not going to
put on more than one this have you blessed with fairly okay skin I don’t
have acne or any scars or anything like that that I need to hide or any redness
or under-eye bags I am going to go in with a kabuki brush
just because why not the last one I bought when I was like 16 honestly so it
was time for replacement I mean I did wash it quite a few times probably twice
so this was fifty Australian dollars it feels lovely in the hand and it is
taking away any fine lines that the foundation brush left which is it since
I have purpose so at this point I would say that’s already looking pretty
airbrushed I am next is concealer now I got to because I didn’t quite trust
their matching system which was if you’re the shade 150 the concealer you
should get is also 150 and it will be a little bit lighter these people are
fucking smart and they’ve already matched it for you just that’s slightly
lighter shade to give you that highlighting effect that you wanted but
also got 120 just in case it wasn’t light enough so I could pop a few places
I think purpose of this video I might just use 150 so we can actually try it
out here’s the matching concealer – thief matching foundation light enough
or should you also go up another shade no Jaclyn hill so she goes up like two
or three shades get the fuck out of the box cumin up we have success is a
concealer brush as well so let’s open this bad boy up
precision concealer brush used to conceal into areas such as under eyes
the inner corners and around the nerves right but it’s shiny
that’s really nice it ease so I’m going in the game with the shade
150 this is the shape that matches the foundation I always get a bit of redness
around my nose at all normally I would also put concealer and
not set it and you set as my eye primer but I actually have here the eye primer
to try out so that’s day yeah I mean that’s that’s brightens that area what I
need to go light on I mean I mean if I stayed up to put in a pot even really
how I wish when does that ever happen once you have kids never guess the
answer no yeah well that’s a little lighter than I was expecting it to be
it’s also not sitting like crazy quickly so I do have time to blend it in okay
well that is definitely added a lot of dimension to the face I’m really
impressed with it I’m not even sure if I would need that lightest shade which is
terrific Johnny is the whole point of using
concealer these days right adding dimension to the face
poking Cherica hurricane x figure onto setting powder fruit filter instant
retouch setting powder so that is the boxes with Laura seem to open her up and
I get to shade butter in some of the videos that I saw it was going on so
this packaging is just very very pretty and it’s B it’s just lovely in the side
of the books they also have that that’s your beautiful we’re gonna bake
please don’t think of everything as excited about a new brand hello how are
you I’m really happy with what I’m seeing so fun I mean that is creased a
little bit but you know we haven’t said it yet i’ve been talking away all you
have to do is go in there and read book that you know taking a page out of John
McClane’s look until you look seamless I only recently discovered him so if
you’ve been watching a lot of these videos and one that I love is the parody
that I remember that the comedians name but it was on point it was so good
so if you’re a fan of John McClain going search on YouTube that John McLean
parody and with definitely infratry I’m going this at this but I’m not going to
do it where I’m going to contour and all that shit I’m going to attempt bronzing
I don’t know much about one thing so we’re just fucking wing it this brush
seems a little big I’m gonna go with my Beauty Blender underneath the eyes I’m
just all dating you ah smells delicious I could not be on
one of those shows might pick the center what is that smell big juicy cock that’s
not that’s not a scent that I would automatically recognize just to clarify
it’s from a movie it’s like cool like the congregational sobriety or one of
those like funny university-type like movies it’s just hilarious okay so
I’m going to go ahead with a beauty under my eyeballs okay we’re back I’ve
got my Beauty Blender I’m dipping it the fuck into that setting powder and we’re
going to dab it on I’d like to say lightly that it’s not lying
we’re gonna go to town and I’m kind of following the shape of my face because
it’s like it would be fucking stupid not to oh it smells delicious
just like Jeffrey’s does one that has a very unique scent that it’s just
absolutely lovely this is the same I’m so glad they put a scent in it it’s so
boring to have no scent you know me oh wow I’m looking like an alien I love my
sense and I have a lot of scent videos coming up doing some very exciting
collaborations with two companies that do diffuser oils and candles and the
other one does very interesting almost specifically gothic wax melts and
they’re going to do one that I created like a collaborative wax melteth the
setting brush is all right I would probably use this you know after baking
to like wipe off everything gently I just find that it’s the bristles are too
long it’s not fair enough to actually apply the setting powder like way you
want it it’s just it’s not defiant enough I’m loving sitting my face with
this but a new trick that I’ve been doing as well seeing I’m getting really
into baking if it was kind of baking because you can actually put on shit
like I don’t want to get into proper baking I just burn everything and it’s
so heartbreaking but I know we’re trying to be go freaking everything but black
food is just too fucking much I draw the line speaking about drawing lines I will
now draw a line here under my non-existent cheap banks we give it the
illusion that they’re fucking actually is one and I’m just going to call that
out which I could not do with this brush that’s not precisely doesn’t have the
right angle so I’m going to put as much product as I can on this brush and do
that try not to wipe away any product okay I’m going to go in a slightly
unconventional order but fucking who cares you know there’s no rules with
makeup and that’s what makes makeup so unique and individual I was just saying
to myself my lips need a little bit of a lip scrub because life happens and here
we go with the Jeffrey stone isn’t that fantastic finally at the universe
removed cock from Oz I can’t take credit for that fucking wonderful line that’s
from Spartacus what could be were probably Spartacus I was it finally the
gods remove a cock from us well now I selected a really bold lip you know me I
love my red lips and this is called the stunner lip paint I had a little sneaky
peek at the bottle already and it is fucking English so it’s the only red
that they have it’s called uncensored the bottle the component is that what we
call these fucking things is absolutely messy like I know this beautiful like oh
say my Instagram how many of these can you actually fit in your handbag like
we’re gonna need to increase the size of our handbags and makeup bags here is
what I consider to be a normal component for this applicator he’s like a mini
butt plug it’s got like you know you put it in
then it’s got the other little ball I don’t think that’s what they were going
for that’s the first thing that comes to my mind I get it’s kind of rounding for
shape of your lips now gives us stunning red Wow one application completely steal
is definitely going to want to paint he’s fire-engine with this I’m gonna
have to hide it okay I am absolutely in love with that shade of red it reminds
me of the old alarm crap it went on so solidly it’s thin but not
too thin I have mentioned a few times that I feel like Lancome have made that
formula too liquidy and it’s just hard to get on it’s no longer a peak you need
to put two or three layers on and then it’s hard to completely get the same
shape twice as well at least for me it is so the applicator was very different
I think there is a lot of theory and thought gone behind the shape of it and
I’m not saying it’s no good it’s more that I need to get used to that
different shape I’m thinking that looks very pretty now this is not AI brow at
Oriel and a spent EBD don’t have any eyebrow products just yet I’m going to
turn off the camera and use my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products okay I am
back I’ve just had lunch so the lipstick is still on and looking pretty damn good
after that levy sandwich I’m okay so I’ve had this on for way too long so I’m
just going to use that same brush and get rid of that excess powder this brush
for that purpose is fantastic so I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that’s
looking pretty damn good what do you think alright so I’m excited to start
the eyes just before we do this have a look at this bad boy
this is the little bronzer duo mini bronzer set which has a instant warmth
bronzer I don’t know everyone wants and the shimmer skin crown illuminator so
there we have the box I’m actually not too sure how to use
bronzes I think they’re in their place of blush so to go along with the bronzer
and contour we have the cheek hugging bronzer brush let’s get this bad boy out
what I like about these brushes again into this is their shape now you have to
think that that would be quite universal like everybody steps of their cheekbones
is different oh it’s so soft so we’re going here and there’s another one
that’s shaped like that for the highlight so we’ll get to that and I
actually think I bought the wrong highlight I think I bought like an
all-over body she liked better than a highlight I had to do a little test and
it’s very like you can see fine fragments of glitter so I think I’ll go
in with my Jeffrey Stowell I’m just of course but see we’ve got some exposed
kullaberg happening here today I’ll probably spruce them up a little bit
instant want bronzer in the shade shady bit so that it’s just gorgeous
so for contour I’ve been using milk makeup in the shade of baked now this
seems to be a lot darker what is so fucking cute so I’ve got quite a lot of
that on the brush whoa what’s why I like how you can use the tip of the
brush so you Knight get a little bit more pointy there if you want to give it
the illusion of cheekbones okay I’m kind of loving this brunch that’s Turkey
so let’s going again for the other side can you all say that hmm so it’s very
buildable I like that perfect okay I think I’m gonna be too crazy that’s just I changed my lighting I got one comment
which really upset me which was like you’re not too too bright and I had a
little feeling that they were a little too bright so I’ve really missed with
the settings this time so hopefully you guys are actually seeing the contours of
my face that is fucking lovely that brush really was fantastic like I said
I’m not an expert in contouring but that kind of made me feel like I was okay I
don’t know what to do with the bronzer I’m going to guess that it’s gonna be up
a little higher so the shimmer and like perfectly will fade it into the
highlight let’s just try it this is a shade cinnamon si so right now me look
I’m gonna look worse I’m just gonna try and use the same wanna buff it out have
I put too much on I’m just thinking with the foundation brush what are we
thinking I mean I can see it my whole problem with my lighting book ball was
too bright and I was narrow definition in my face so yeah I’m pretty happy with
that let’s fix up this this packaging so this
is diamond bomb which again I’m not going to put on my face because
it does say all over diamond bail so whoops how many carats is to show you
that I selected damn I think I’ll try it on my chest first like I said I’m very I
like brush which is this little doodad here so far those angled brushes I’m
really liking so this is basically like a mini version of the contour or prongs
of people with this would be very good okay so like I said I’m going to go in
with this product on my chest area first oh those girls out of it okay so is that
suitable all the face I’m gonna go in though because it is coming off like a
glitter it’s beautiful but I think I’d more use that in photo
shoots just to bring out certain features it’s kind of just dispersing
everywhere it’s okay was already have the perfect highlighter which is the
jeffree star ice cold highlighter it’s not snow white it’s not blue it’s still
kind of got that creamy vanilla color to it but it works really well of my skin
and if I recall correctly the lightest highlighter shade in the range of ntpd
currently seems a little bit dark for me that’s why I went with that one but I
must have misread it I thought it was a new type of highlighting okay so we’re
going to – cristela and I’m going to use the 15
highlight brush well yes that’s what we need I do regret not getting the right
fancy one but that’s okay I’m just going to go in with the fancy
setting brush and just I’m just going to use the Beauty Blender if you are
wondering the jeffree star highlight it was spectacular with the fancy beauty
products all right shall we move on to eyes the next fun thing we have is the
amplifying eye primer I’ve got in busy pink I think there’s only one shade in
this I wish to live just crime or something like that you know the baby
rose gold crying to match the brushes because I love shipping matches like
they did that with the setting powder and the brushes they match so I selected
Moroccan spice and I know arrow thinking does Emily and I really need another
palette the answer is no we don’t I don’t mean as a pulp we do you know this
is the struggle inside my head some say yes some say no but we’re going to try
it because it wouldn’t be a complete what comes to select so don’t have any
of the eyeshadow brushes of good enough I really did want to try their face
brushes so I’m just gonna use the ones that I already have and when I put this
on I’m going to buff it in carefully with the concealer brush okay my eyelids
are now moist let’s pop this in so that it’s blending in just magically but too
soon it seemed to upset the foundation I’ll be rubbing 200 this brush okay so
now we have a tucking layout for the eyeshadow to adhere to which is super
important if you don’t lose probably my teachers they should let’s do a little
experiment so I’m going to put a little bit on my hand here and I’m not gonna
put it beside this but I put it going to use that same concealer brush and then
just my skin so good the eye primer there and nothing there and what I’m
going to do is put my finger into beautiful put away the primers and then
I’m gonna do the same thing but he has a different thing I just so it doesn’t
have any primer on huge difference so this one looks at opaque and that one
kind of looks like she’s having a bad day primers enhance the vibrancy of the
colors or should I say the pigments of the eyeshadows back when I was 16 I
remember like not many companies had eyeshadow primer that does the primer
pot from Mac which was the first one that I bought and then when I went to
America I got the Urban Decay eyeshadow pushing because everybody started to
rave about that and I still use it I still love it but it’s like every brand
now has one of those which is great it’s good to have variety I’m so tempted to
go into the blue so we also have these gorgeous little what are they telling
tickle it’s a liquid eyeliners and I don’t know what shade I’m going to use I
have three of them alien bay later crater and Neptune so one’s basically a
blue ones basically a green and the other ones like a creamy vanilla rain
custody so I’m going to go in one of the more dramatic because there’s a blue in
here my code blue but I’m so dying to try the green so I’m going to stop
I’m going to do the highlight shade first I’m using his top shade which is
called a Moroccan ice I like that play with words then okay
baby pink metallic vibe to it I’m going to go in with the same brush which is
just a blending brush really on grand-grand corner of my eyes and I’m
doing like a triangle shape it up a bit on top I always find that I put too much
darkness in there and if you have small like almond eyes like myself I just find
it important to do everything backwards so if I don’t finish a sentence lose the
openness of my eyes so I’m going to do blue that blue on my
eyelids which is evil genie oh I love that name and put a crease I’ll use the
darker blue which use sokatsui hunts topic to me and then also grace fishs
marks so we’re just using these three colors here the lighter blue the darker
blue and all those so easy but it’s great okay let’s get a packing brush
yeah this will do so I’m going to tell you about these brushes in a upcoming
with you they’re like $5 that super cheap they’re vegan and made in
Australia you can get them a glimmer Empire cosmetics of which I am just so
cool I would do a video I think I actually I want to talk about that in my
upcoming video which is the model rocker lip swatch I was so excited for this
channel because I wanted to push it more into makeup
it’s my buy a lot of it I get sent a little bit it just makes sense I’m
really passionate about it it calms me it’s like my happy place so let’s do it
but I’ve never done Clips watched before I guess I’ve never had enough of one
brand to be able to do it so now I do and yeah that’s the yellow video watch
out for the yellow background so pecking brush is basically a short compacted
brush it’s kind of rounded so when you lift up the shadow you can get a lot on
and I’m really press it into the eyelet and make sure that motherfucker’s gonna
stay so we’re going into evil genie my primer is still tacky because we’ve been
talking for a long time oh hello she’s blue I like to tip the brush upside down
like this and come from above so she looks a bit ridiculous but have faith okay now we’re going into that purple
side to me oh wow yeah that’s pigmented elongate my eye because alrighty that’s
like opening my eyes up that’s what we need
packing them into the crease really enjoying the lining my waterline with
the white as well little trick absolutely loving with a girl called
acid though on Instagram I always take my time when I’m doing this I will
probably impossible and throw a lot of this there is a significant amount of
concentration involved and of course the end result is complete symmetry and of
course we have a complete lack of symmetry okay
in with some jeffree star highlighter just to put on the wrapper there again
the color I’m using is ice cold seems to be just perfect for my skin and because
I’m just a silly bitch I forgot to all of the color underneath my eyes so let’s
do that now going in with evil genie again so that
under is beautifully not going anywhere and this I wanted to which is fantastic
and that is why I’m baked on your eye wall that is the technique you should be
using okay so that is the eye shadow with the Moroccan spice palette I’ll be
right back I’m going to stick some lashes on and then I’m going to use this
particular on my hand on a story I was blown away
I don’t quite get how I’m supposed to do it with my nails and like just from the
thin line of the lining to get the glitter to come up and give it a good
try that’s fine about the universe does not want me to finish this video I just
had technical errors and I swear to God I bumped my red lipstick and I didn’t
realize it and I poked it here and here in hue and I just had to touch up pretty
much my entire fucking face so if you see some little weird
red dots that’s what it is okay halle-fucking-lujah we’re up to the last
step then we’re going to set this face do some close-ups and film intro we have
in YouTube videos in makeup once anyway I like to do the intro full of makeup so
you can kind of see if you want to watch the video if you don’t like the look of
the makeup then why would you continue watching but it’s funny that I have to
do because I’m supposed obviously okay
where is this little beautiful packet so we have the shade alien bay so this is
that blue glitter I don’t know why it is that we home that’s pretty much like a
paint brush tip I don’t know if I can get precision out of this but if I can’t
never fear because I also have is he beautiful
like possibly the most beautiful they call it a fly liner long liquid eyeliner
look at that rose gold and it’s his insane like triangle shape can you see
that it’s really comfortable to hold it looks like a really high-end Pennock
serious can’t okay so we’re going to try to apply this and see a little hard work it feels like the
eyeliners that used to buy when you’re sixteen McCall before they came up with
all these fancy precision tips okay so I’m gonna let that dry for just a little
second and then I will come up close and let’s see if it transforms to glitter
you’re looking good so now it’s blue metallic I’m not gonna
go into any more cuz then I want to fuck up my makeup let’s do the other eye so
that is plain black at the moment rabbit and it changes to glue up so we need
that not really is it a nice little effect yes am I
gonna be running to that norm oh I’m so upset that we kind of entered on a down
now let me just spray my face with some setting spray today we using slate all
day by Gerard cosmetics think of business hair spray for your makeup I like using the fan because I can feel
when it’s set but when I just used to wait there like a fucking idiot
I was like is it dry yet is it dry yet is it dry yet now I can fucking feel
it’s dry you know temperature changes so we upset that makeup is not going
anywhere am I happy with the result yes alright
guys that’s the end of my first really into makeup video so let me know if
you’ve enjoyed this video I do have them all coming up cause like I said I want
to push my channel more into makeup it’s something that I absolutely adore so I’m
like why the fuck not the next one on line will be the Marc Jacobs products
that I need to review and then I also got this
lovely big-ass box from wet-and-wild at some limited edition like rose
collection super excited about that thank you for joining me I hope you
loved this video I sure enjoyed making out a bit of Russian make it in an hour
for the kids and bonding home please put a like on this video comment down below
I always read every comment it’s getting harder and harder to reply to every
comment but I do appreciate and read them please consider subscribing if you
haven’t already we’re heading towards 15,000 so much is insane and can we take
a moment to talk about Instagram 24.9 don’t really by the time this video is
that we will be on 25,000 that’s a milestone for me I’m he was excited and
just before I go if you’re wondering this awesome ring set
it’s from Dolls kill it was like $7 99 people it’s really nice it all
adjustable which I think you know for the price is completely fine and then
that will fit everyone so you don’t have to bother with sizes anyway I will see
you guys in the next video bye for now

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