Feminist Makeup Tutorial (PARODY)

Ever wanted to single-handedly dismantle the
patriarchy? This fresh yet powerful look will give you the upper hand in defeating your
male enemies, thereby allowing you to establish an amazonian world order over which you and
your sisters will rule. To start off with, prime your face with an
illuminating serum. This creates a dewy and light-catching base, so that when your look
is finished, everyone who you pass will be forced to bask in the light of your feminine
glory. Next, we’re going to use a light foundation.
Make sure you give every part of your face a fair equal amount of representation, unlike
the government and primetime network television. Use concealer to cover up any blemishes on
your face, so that your physical exterior matches the flawlessness of your personality.
Now, set the foundation with the powdered ashes of Susan B. Anthony.
Finally, apply a rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks. This will give you a youthful
and innocent appearance, so that you’ll still look cute even when you’re covered in the
blood of a thousand men. Before you apply your eye makeup, prime your
lids and lashes so your eyeshadow and mascara stays strong, just like the woman’s spirit
through millennia of misogyny. Start off your eyeshadow with a matte shade
similar to your skintone, and apply it all over your eyelid. Along the brow and in the
inner corner, apply a light, shimmering gold to make your eyes pop. Along the outer corners
of your eyes, apply a darker taupe to add definition.
Whenever you’re applying your eyeshadow, think of it like the glass ceiling: the thinner,
the better. That way, you’ll be able to shatter it more easily when the time comes for women
to assume their rightful position as the dominant gender of the human race.
For eyeliner, we’re going to be using a coal black to add a hint of Amazonian ferocity.
Apply the liner with a small brush, and flick it out at the ends, like the wings of a bat.
You want the wings of your eyeliner to be so sharp they could kill a man, allowing you
to drain his blood so that you may use it to summon the goddess Athena.
To finish off the eyes, apply a generous amount of Lean In mascara, courtesy of Sheryl Sandberg.
Finally, we move to the lips. We want everyone to know you’re the head bitch in charge, so
we’re going to be using a powerful red. First, line your lips so that no one will
be able to escape your wrath. Then, fill them in with red, like your underwear after your
first period. I’m using Smash the Patriarchy no. 2.
You can add a hot glossy sheen as a final kick to the balls.
All finished! Next time you come into contact with a misogynist, while they’re trying to
figure out how to further strip women of their civil rights, you can rip out their jugular
with your teeth, and look fine as hell doing it.

100 thoughts on “Feminist Makeup Tutorial (PARODY)

  1. Lol was I the only one who was singing "how I could just kill a man" when she was talking about her eyeliner

  2. "Allow it to be so sharp you could kill a man and then allow it to drain the blood to summon to goddess Athena" dead😂
    "Then fill your lips in with red like your underwear after your first period"
    "You can add a hot glossy shine as a final kick to the balls" this has got to be my most favourite video ever omg😂

  3. Feminism is a cult. It has been exposed. Enjoy the sinking ship, you anti-intellectual, science-hating freaks. The whole world hates you.

  4. I don't know what made me happier: the fact that this video is hilarious or the fact that the outdo music was animal crossing music

  5. I think sjw or the cult of outrage makeup tutorial would be a better name because feminism is not about hating anyone or trying to be better, just equality. dunno, maybe I missed the point of this video

  6. Ok, I get that this is a joke, but seriously she isn't describing feminism she's describing misandry. Which IS NOT THE SAME THING.

  7. This is funny, but it represents feminism as women being superior to men. If you think that your just as bad as a misogynist. Feminism is about ALL GENDERS BEING EQUAL. This stuff is why my friends who think all genders should be equal, the literal definition of feminist, still hate feminism.

  8. It's funny she had to put a disclaimer. I think it's because the men got so offended and went away crying (which is hilarious because they complain how we overreact).

  9. This is waaaay to modest for a Feminist! This is just normal everyday Make-Up. The commentary still is AMAZINGLY funny! 😀

  10. Even though this video is hilarious, it was also surprisingly informative make up wise.
    I mean it's seems like a simple look but there're layers to it

  11. forgot to dye you hair in all kinda fuck up collers.. were stupid looking glasses. put on more make up so you look like hooker.. and then you rdy to start insulting random men on the street and spit on em just for going to work..

  12. I think you ironically have misconceptions on why people dislike modern feminism. So you actually made any dissenting opinions look ridiculous because none of this is why people actually dislike or disagree with modern feminism.

  13. Message From The Future For Feminists In The Comments: In 3 years your ideology is slowly dying off and Anti-SJWs have risen to save people from your autism.

  14. I'm finding hope inside of me reading in the comments. Almost all of these pro-equality comments are from women. Glad to see that there are still many of them who know the true meaning of equality.

  15. Kind of backfired on tadelesmith that later on someone actually made a video like this except completely serious. When I first saw this video I thought it was a parody of that video and, honestly, this video is the perfect parody of that.

  16. كل المزيد من لحم الخنزير. برعاية جمعية منتجي لحم الخنزير الإسلامية في إيران..

  17. – at first I honestly couldn't tell this is just a joke or if this is an actual feminist video. That is how scarily accurate this is.

  18. I know this is meant to be funny but all it is, is a Tutorial on the Makeup of a prostitute. Do you feminists have any idea of how men think???!!!

  19. Cringed my soul to the core just by watching this.. The battle never stops as the MGTOW community keeps on growing every year you narcissistic bitches!

  20. "So you will still look cute even with the blood of a thousand sand men" sounds more like you hate men

  21. Or,
    you can take a can of Bondo and dunk your head in it.
    Repeat as needed.
    And people will still dislike your pessmistic, bitter, man-hating, misandric, and professionally victimized views on how much you secretly want to castrate anyone with exterior plumbing just as much than if you went through the traditional misogynistic ritual which costs thousands of dollars that you claim you are fighting to be above.

  22. @tadelessmith today's feminism is just cancer. the greatest bitches think they're femminst if the put tons of makeup or walk half naked. the same person which constantly told you that you have to be 40 kg to look beautiful also known as fashoin industry. now those beauty gurus, magazines and seginers are acting is if they're helping us by printing the word "girl power" and "femminsm" on t-shirts. it is jsut merkting. I thought it is just fighting for an equal salary, against violence etc.

  23. You need a knitted vajina hat. Nothing makes me respect a woman's dignity like a slut like Madonna in a knitted vajina calling people sexist.

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