77 thoughts on “Fast and Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

  1. I hope she reads these comments because she is absolutely gorgeous and did a fantastic job. She has a very Olivia Wilde-esque face and I love it. Amazing video Robert!

  2. Wow! Brooke did an amazing job… and she's beautiful and funny too! I'd like to see more videos like this one. I love all your videos, though! Much love!

  3. AWESOME!!!! I wish 40 years ago I would have taken the class. My face has gone too far. Great teacher, wonderful student.

  4. greate idea for teriturial, but she needs no make-up…their is no before and after…how can i tell if shes doing thingns ok? i would like a35-40 years old woman withe darkness under her eyes…pigmantation …some spots…not perfect eyebrows…not perfect eyeleads…

  5. I watch all your videos and still can't do what you can do. I can't seem to get full coverage (flawless looking even skin) without looking like I have foundation on. This model is beautiful and she did a great job, but she has lovely skin to start. Maybe try a model who looks more flawed.

  6. love this video and would like to see more like this ,how about a mature woman,a hooded lid or someone with skin imperfections, this model was flawless to start with

  7. Hi Robert, can you tell me what foundation and concealer you use? Or what foundation and concealer would you recommend? Thank you:)

  8. As usual….a very informative, entertaining and useful video….BUT…as usual, please, it makes me want to find out exactly what you used (although this time the brushes were mostly named….LOL…and twice…LOL)…but please simply why not INSERT a visual list of the products, tones, and brushes…INTO…the video and run it for the last 5 seconds….so we all can copy that down….look it up…..and maybe even buy the brushes and products….

  9. Loved seeing those great MK products…LOVE the BRUSH TIPS…sooo helpful! I ALSO LOVE, that you taught HER…and she applied! That time and attention is what builds customers for LIFE! Thank YOU!!

  10. Hilarious!! This was awesome! Your vids are so helpful and they do make a difference! I've gotten more compliments than before when I used to think I was doing it right.

  11. she has the perfect skin, big eyes, etc. But many girls want to know how to do make up for hooded or monolid eyes, for problem skin and look like young and beautiful girls!

  12. hey robert,
    i really love your videos and i think you are one of the most amazing makeup artists out there!
    can you please work with a model who has protruding eyes? i feel like no gurus ever work with that eye type because of how intimidating they are!

  13. Hi can you please. Do a tutorial on contorin and highlightin on a fair chubby face…. wid hooded eyes…. m d most unlucky gurl…. pls…

  14. omg Robert is so funny and she is so beautiful! well done Brooke!!! I need his brush set aaaammmazzing:)

  15. I love this video. Robert Jones is so funny and a perfectionist, which is a good thing especially in the makeup industry. Love it.

  16. I tried this on myself…and it doesnt look good. Its probably because of my face shape (pear) and eyes (hooded/slightly deep set). I hate mascara, It makes my eyes look smaller. This blush placement is all wrong on my face (no popping apples for me, unless I apply dark color between apple and nose), the eyeshadow style looks off on me too as well as the foundation lipgloss thing. 🙁

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  18. I LOVED that this look was done by a redhead.  There are VERY, VERY few tutorials that feature auburn/red hair – and we DO have to apply makeup differently.  THANK YOU!!!

  19. I am very happy to have found you on YouTube I don't have the resources to attend to your academy and now I'm so thankful you are doing these videos not only to teach but to help others seeking this as a career with much passion I bless your life and I am so thankful keep up the excellent work😍

  20. Brooke, Thanks for asking about the space between the eyeliner and lash line. I have the same problem and now you've solved it! Your doing a wonderful make over.

  21. I understand that some of the time would be cut out because they are talking it all out a they go, but this is still a 30 minute video and they call it fast and easy everyday makeup. When I want fast and easy makeup I'm talking 5-10 minutes MAX.

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