Fantasy Eye Makeup : Applying Mascara on Fantasy Eyelashes

Now we’re going to be using some mascara to
blend in her natural lashes to the fake ones, but first we’ve got to make sure she can open
her eyes. Go ahead and open your eyes. And they may be stuck in the corners, you may
have to pull her eyes a little bit apart because of the glue. And go ahead and take a q-tip
to make sure that her eyelashes aren’t glued down. And then we’re going to be using mascara,
I’m using a disposable wand so that we don’t get germs dipped in the mascara. We’ll go
ahead and have her look straight at me and you just want to roll it up onto those eyelashes
so that they blend into the fake ones, so you can’t see her light eyelashes sticking
out. And there you have her beautiful eyelashes. As a finishing touch, we’re going to use our
blush brush to apply a little bit of light pink blush, just to give her a little bit
of that color back in her cheeks. And that will just give us a little bit better of a
finished look. Make sure we’re even. And we are done with our fantasy eye makeup look.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Eye Makeup : Applying Mascara on Fantasy Eyelashes

  1. wow, that make-up looks really terrific! it helps that the model is really beautiful as well! she has the most lovely face. <3!

  2. i know ya she didant evan mesher them in the puttin them on vid n she didant wait untill the lash glue when tacky thats y in the corners thay stuck

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