Fall Makeup How-To: Fall Smoky Eye | Ulta Beauty + Yesenia Hipolito

Are we doing
anything after this? Because my make up
already looks good and I need to go out somewhere. Hey, guys. Yessenia, here. I’m excited because
the day of today, I’m going to show you how
to create a grunge eye look. To start off this
look, we’re going to go on with our Urban
Decay “Born to Run” Palette, and we’re going to go in
with “Wild Heart,” which is this shade right here. And we’re just going to go
ahead and go into our crease and we’re just going to take
it with the natural shape of the eyes. So once we have that,
we are now going to go in with “Hell Ride,”
which is this one right here, and it’s kind of like a
darker shade, not as pink. And we’re just going to
lightly tap it right in here in the corner of our eye. So we are going to be
doing a cut crease today, so we definitely want there
to be a lot going on inside of the crease, just
to really give us that professional person look. We’re going to go ahead and go
in with a different palette. We’re going to go in
with this one, which is from MAC Cosmetics,
and we’re going to take this shade right
here, which is like a brown. And we’re just going to go
ahead and do the same thing. We’re focusing more on
the outer part of the eye, as you can see, like this. And since we are going
to do a cut crease, we don’t really want to waste
too much product putting it here in the lid, but
we want to make sure that it kind of
gets in there just to make sure that
we have dimension. So now we’re going to go
in with this Stila shadow. Can I swatch this, please? Oh. Oh, my god. We’re just going to add a little
bit of that out here again, and we’re going in here. So we’re just kind of going
to add some shimmer in there. And also, I would usually
do my foundation first. But since we are
doing a darker look, I don’t want any
fallout on my face, because there’s nothing worse
than doing a killer look and then you have all kinds of
fallout and you try to wipe it and it’s a whole thing. And then you’re like,
cancel, plans are canceled, I’m not coming. I’m going to go in with
another Stila shadow, and this one is “Smoky Quartz.” It gives you dimension. It gives you that extra
touch that you just need. So we’re going to do the
same on the other eye. We’re ready to cut the crease. I’m going be going in with
my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. So we’re going to
start going in here. You kind of just want to follow
the natural shape of your eye. Yes, cut crease, come
all the way through. Cut. So I’m going to be going in
with a shade from the Morphe Palette. It’s this one right here. And we’re just going to go ahead
and take it and just kind of tap it on. Yes. Do you see that? So now, I think I’m going to go
back in with that same Stilla one, with this one right here. This right here
I’m kind of going to just blend, just to give us
like an extra smoked out look. OK, good. Let’s go in with that
same pink that we used, “Wild Heart,” which is
this one right here, and then we’re to go
in our lower lash line just a little bit. And then to really
finish it up, we’re going to have to add
some lashes, of course. Real quick prayer
to the lash gods. I’m on camera, so if
you guys could please do me a favor and
not act up today, that would be fantastic, because
you know they be doing that. But not all mascaras
work for me, and I recently found one
that does work for me. And when you find something that
works, you hold on to it tight, and it is actually the Too
Faced “Better than Sex” Mascara, but the
waterproof kind. So once we’ve done
that, we’re going to go ahead and add lashes
because you can’t really do a bold look and
not have lashes. Honestly, if you ever
have those moments where your eyelash won’t go on and
you’re like, I’m not coming, don’t feel alone, girl. I do that, like, once a week. As we can see, the look is– I don’t even have foundation on,
girl, and I am feeling myself. I’m ready. Now we’re going to
go in with mascara again just to make sure that
our lashes really look together. The bottom lashes
need love also. So I’m going to go ahead and
do my whole face, foundation, and then we’re going to
go ahead and finish off with the most amazing lip
that’s going to really wrap up the grunge look. All right, so now that we’re
all wrapped up with our face– yes, girl, serving looks. Give it to me. Amazing– now we’re
going to go in for lips and this is really going
to finish up the look. Just a little trick is if you
do this right here and then put gloss on top, it kind
of creates the illusion of juicy, big lips. So we’re going in. For gloss, we’re going to
be going in with the Buxom “Va-Va-PLUMP.” It’s called “Stay the Night.” Oh, my god. It goes on so nicely. I just want to sit
here and just– mm, nice. Sorry, yes. Oh, my god. So this is pretty much
the completed look, but like I mentioned
before, no look is complete without your
confidence, girl, so you need to bring it. That’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Again, my name is Yessenia, and
I’ll see you guys very soon.

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  1. I wish I knew how to do my own eyeshadow. Watching the steps look messy but the final outcome is beautiful!

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