Fall Makeup: Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial with Clé de Peau Beauté | Neiman Marcus

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m here today to show you
this beautiful bronze-y eye. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Matthew Valeeuwen. I’m a celebrity makeup artist from LA. And I’m very honored
to show you something that I have been having
a lot of fun with, and it’s this beautiful bronze-y
eye for fall, for holiday. I hope you like it. So we’re going to start
with our amazing eye cream. I’m going to just take
a pea size and I am just going to pat it around the ocular bone. Not too close to the eye. Leave a couple millimeters,
because it does move. Next, we start with eyes. And I start with this
soft plummy brown shade. This is a broad sweep. We’re bringing the color,
really framing the eye. So we’re coming slightly past the inner
eye corner and we’re going slightly past the crease. Next, I’m going to dip
into my deepest shade. Now we’re going to create more
crispness to the contour of the eye. So I’ll dip into the
deeper shade and I’ll go just into the crease of the eye. We’re not extending. We’re keeping short. And I will just smudge a little of that
right into the lash line for depth. And next, this orange-y peach
creates the bronze effect to the eye. So now we’re going to place this on the
inner and outer corner of the eyelids. That’s what creates the magic. I’ll start on the outside. And all I’m going to do is pat. When you pat a shadow, you place color. When you wipe, you wash color. So since I want to create intensity,
I’m going to pack my color in. And then I’m going to also carry
that color under the eye as well. I think not enough people
take advantage of how beautiful emphasizing
the lower lid can be, and this look really is
that perfect opportunity. Anywhere on the face you
feel like you need to blend, the sponge you used for your
foundation is your best friend for clean up and touch up. Makeup is always putting
it on, taking it off. Putting it on, taking it off. It’s not an exact science. So now it has no edges
and it’s beautiful. Next, we did mascara. This is our three in one,
lengthens, curls, and thickens. I’m going to apply it to
the lash line at the base and I’m going to spend a second just
wiggling back and forth at the base. I want to get the pigment very deep
into the hairline, right onto the skin. Creates a nice definition. Wiggle back and forth,
wiggle back and forth. And when you feel you’ve got it
very pigmented, just pull through. Next is foundation. This is our new Radiant
Cream Foundation. Can build right up to full coverage
and it goes on every skin amazing. After foundation, we’re going
to apply our amazing concealer. I like to pat it on with my finger. Up with the brow. You meet the tip of the brow and down. So this is our bronze eye. It’s really beautiful. It works on everybody. It’s gorgeous with a little
lip gloss or a nude lip color. But today, we’re going
to flip it and we’re going to combine it with our new Radiant
Rouge, and it’s a beautiful bright lip. So this is it. Radiant and perfect. [MUSIC PLAYING]

3 thoughts on “Fall Makeup: Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial with Clé de Peau Beauté | Neiman Marcus

  1. Great! Worked and looked great in real life too! Surprised as I never have taken the dark color all the way to inner top corner of eye. Beautiful contrast of orange behind black lashes.
    What brush is Matthew using?

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