Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel as you guys know it is October meaning It is my favorite time of the entire year. I love fall season is so so so so so much All like the falling leaves and the hot cocoa and the pumpkin spice lattes and the cute decorations and trick-or-treating on Halloween oh my god I literally love it so much And I am so excited as well to get back into all the fall makeup looks like cranberries dark Browns Oh, I am so so so here for it obviously I’m fortunate. I live in LA well. Not really unfortunately I love it here, but in LA it is still very very hot so I’m literally dying in this turtleneck and denim jacket But I had to get into the fall mood for you guys Sacrifices last night well my fighters over I was editing a video and my friend decided to unbox all my PR boxes on snapchat Which by the way if you don’t have me added you should definitely go check me out over there I post on there all the time and do lots of fun unboxings rants story times Etc, but yeah, my firmus over here is unboxed everything and I literally realized how much freaking makeup I’ve been sent in the past few weeks I was a little bit shook because I had like literally 30 boxes to open But I was so excited to try a ton of new products. For today’s video I grabbed a bunch of products that are new releases or products that I have not yet tried out and did a full face of fall first impressions makeup And I absolutely love how this look turned out spoiler alert almost all the products that they use today are really really really great so without further ado if you’d like to see how I created this look today using all brand new products that are actually new to My regular routine because I know sister James is not switch it up very often grab your pinkady drinkadies and let’s get started Alright guys, so I’m first gonna start off by priming my face using the no pore blum primer from touch and soul This is a smooth and pore covering a top secret for perfect makeup primer And I’m very very excited to try this out I know a sister Jeffrey talks about this all the time on his channel and absolutely stands by it I for one haven’t actually never tried it before So I’m very pumped you guys know that my skin has actually been a pretty good recently because I’ve been moisturizing a lot But I definitely still have a lot of pores unfortunately. Oh wow This feels really good so three seconds in and I already like this primer It feels so incredibly like smooth and the poreless, but that being said I absolutely have no product in my face right now So let’s go to some foundation and see how it actually holds up For foundations today I’m gonna be going with the milk makeup blur liquid foundation, and this isn’t the shade of golden light I hope this is the right shade for me these released a few weeks ago on a milk makeup But I actually have not gotten a chance to try them out, but many of my friends really really like this So I’m gonna try it out for myself I definitely like a good full coverage foundation, and you guys know that I am a hardcore stand all the makeup ever ultra Oh, that’s a good match thank God. Of the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD stick So it’s pretty hard at this point to ever beat that one But let’s go ahead and apply this and see what we think so This is a liquid foundation that is set to dry down in a natural matte formula meaning it it’s like pretty matte But still has like a little bit of dew to it Which is definitely the style of foundation that I like you guys know that I am really not digging like the full baked Full matte look anymore, and I do like a little bit of a natural glow So holy this foundation if it does what it says will be a really really great one for me Okay, so the foundation was all applied and blend out and I don’t love it But I also don’t hate it at all the match of color is really really good for me And I’m definitely like a fan of this it matches my skin pretty Well, which is a very rare occasion on the channels YouTube channel I know you guys always drive me for it my skin texture. It looks decent I’ve had foundations I think my skin look better, and it’s definitely had ones that made it look worse I noticed that it is definitely seperating a little bit on my nose, which I hate you guys know That’s like my biggest pet peeve when it comes to nose contour not being able to have like a perfect one so Not loving that the coverage is really really good though because I skin look very very even all that being said I’m gonna go ahead and apply the rest of my routine now and I Will come back to the foundation later on and see how it wears that everything else later on top obviously I don’t have any dupe concealers to try out today So I’m just gonna use my handy dandy shape tape in the shade of light Okay, so actually after laying shaped tape over top of the foundation I like how this looks a lot more and layered over top. Especially in like the poor region really really nicely I love my under eyes look right now as well as my nose was fixed by the same tape. Thank God We’re not about to have a walking nose contour today those days are long gone I’m gonna go ahead and set my face in the normal place With using the brand new two-faced peach perfect modifying setting powder I know Jackie ina said she loved this I’ve been super looking forward to trying out and yeah Hopefully we won’t get any flashback mary today I’m just gonna make sure any creases that I have under there are gone, and then just pack on the setting powder oh, my god, actually smells like peaches ah That sounds the best ever oh my god Okay, whoa, talk about a mattifying setting cooter my face looks like as dry as the Sahara Desert, but not like a bad way I’m honestly really digging it, but I’m definitely gonna have to apply a lot of highlighter later on As for the actual powder first of all it smells literally the best like this is really really good I don’t think I’ve ever had a setting powder that actually smelled like good and not like actual death or like Grandma Which is nice so I like this a lot and looking up close my pores are like gone like literally. They look, so Covered and filled in this honestly may very well be a brand new favorite I know
I don’t really like baking any more But I’m gonna go ahead and use this powder to Lightly baked just to see if it does bring any intensity and brightness back to the face especially I like the nose contour region underneath the contour like I always do but before I do that I’m gonna go ahead and stretch my face a few times using some mac fix+ Just because I’m looking extremely dry right now, and I need some of that hydration brought back into my face now I’m just going to apply this up the nose as usual using my Beauty Blender and pack it onto the areas that I want to be a little bit brighter Before I actually go to my brows I’m gonna add a little bit of blush using the brand new Anastasia blush kit and the shade radiant I would normally do this before I actually bake my face, but it completely slipped my mind I’m gonna use this shade in the top right hand corner called coastline It is so pretty under mine see a little bit of the amok in the shade peaches, which you guys always my multi-faith And I’m just gonna apply this using my more pe4 brush Well that is really pigmented. Okay, so we all know Anasazi does not play around when it comes to pigment But I definitely put on a little bit too much I’m gonna grab my R0 brush from morphe and just my face powder and go over that a little bit to kind of make it a little bit more Subtle so now that my face is all done and baking the oven at 350 degrees we have a little bit of a cooking Malfunction there, but we’re gonna go ahead and move on and next is going to be the brows today I don’t have any new brow products to try out for you guys So I’m just gonna go in with my normal benefit brow products I’m gonna first go in with the benefit car brow gel in the shade number 4 and start to to find out the tail As you guys know there was actually a really good long while where I stopped using pomade products on my brows Altogether and just went over to a pencil I feel like the old James Charles block IRA was so so bad and a very touchy and dark subject We should talk about I think what cause that was way too much brow pomade so I just stopped using it altogether But recently I’ve kind of been getting it back into it just to like really define it the brows and get super super sharp lines And honestly I’m actually kind of living for it We just have to make sure that we don’t get back into that original Brown style again as always I’m just gonna grab a little bit of concealer on my morphe e43 brush and clean up that bottom edge Once eyebrow is all cleaned up and defined I’m gonna grab the 24-hour brow setter and use this to brush all the hair Stinton place I’ve actually been using this a lot more than the Gimme brow. Gel, and I still love gimme brow Don’t get me wrong, but this one is clear it Just does a really good job of brushing the hair is like into place, but also keeping them like literally glued down It’s almost like a liquid version of hairspray And it’s I like this law so now that the brows are all slayed and locked in place We’re gonna move on to the eye shadow and for today I do have a new first impressions that I am literally so excited to try out and that is the Laura Lee Los Angeles cat’s Pajamas eyes shadow palette. I cannot wait so this is the actual palette It is absolutely stunning it comes with ten shades for $40, which is only $4 a shadow Which is not bad at all? I will say I have not put this on my eyes, but I definitely haven’t done a few swatches And this is so incredibly good. Let’s just do like let’s just do one just to show you guys I’m gonna go ahead and grab the shade of redonkulous on my middle finger. We’re just gonna do like Like you’re kidding it is so Pigmented as Manny would say I’m first gonna grab the shade okie dokie on Miami for to fire brush and just uses to it stuff the eyelid in place to prepare for shadow So first good our way. I’m four for one and dip into the shade bomb diggity and uses of the transition Okay, whoa, so those that feel a little bit of kickback on the shadow But I really don’t mind that oh that just means it’s really pigmented So hopefully this isn’t like the Anasazi have subculture poet, but let’s go to an appliance see how it blends in oh, yeah Okay, whoa the shade of Lee wants out Not as vibrant as you see in the palette But that is definitely not a negative for me at all This shade looks absolutely beautiful as a transition shade in the eyelid crease And it is blending like butter like that looks really really good. Oh my god. Yes sister Laura I’m Mexican to grab a clean M 4-3-3 brush and dip into the shade of cray cray and deepen up the crease a little bit you guys have literally could not get Over how well these shades are blended together like these are Really really good shadows that looks so good. Oh my god. I’m next to me over another M 4-3-3 brush and dip into the shade at kookie and use that once again to deepen up the crease a little bit and prepare for the eyelid shadow I’m honestly so shocked right now like I was expecting this to be good, but like this eye. Look is literally blending It sounds like you guys are watching this all go down. I’m like Whoa if you guys haven’t noticed It’s actually really really rare for Makeup brands to include reds or Maroons in their palettes because a red formula is really really hard to perfect and make it pigment in It to blend enough on the eyes and the fact that Laura included it in her first palette And it’s actually like really good is major major points in my buck I can’t even tell you I am so so sick of having palettes that are full of beautiful beautiful oranges And there is not a single red shade on that girl. I need the Maroons. I need the friends. I need the cranberries and This palette is honestly giving it to me, so I’m living for this for my lid I’m gonna grab a flat Packer brush and dip into the shade in one year in fact that on the lid And I’m actually gonna grab some up Mac fix Actually, you know what let’s go ahead and apply on the lid a dry person see how that applies then use some fix glass You’re literally kidding this is already so pretty and I haven’t even wet it yeah I’ll immigrant more on that same brush with my mac’s fix+ and really pakka are there to make it super metallic You hurt kidding that looks absolutely stunning just out of curiosity I’m also gonna know a little bit of that on my finger and try to apply it that way I might let just see how It looks Wow This shade is absolutely beautiful. Just add a little bit more dimension. I’m gonna grab a tiny fluffy brush This is Miami 506 and dip into out the other oh my god Get it in one ear and out the other so freakin clever And I’m gonna use this to deepen up the outer corner a little bit for the newsn that stain brush I’m gonna grab the littlest bit of the shade oddball and really deep it out. Just that I want auravie Just to add some more down and then to finish off the upper lid I’m gonna go to Miami 5:13 at one last time and dip right back to cry cry, and then I’m just going to buff out those edges I Love how this is turning out Oh my god for the lower lash, then I’m first gonna got my own for a 3/3 brush And the shade of Craig Craig and just put in a light transition shade and I always like to make sure especially in this outer Corner here that the lower lash line and upper lash line shadow are connected What my biggest puff piece ever is when people have like a nice sharp defined line right here to cut that like outer shadow wing And then all it’s on the bottom lash line shadow starts, but they’re not connected like there’s literally like a I Just I really hate how that looks next centigram I am one tube for our brush and dip into the shade Kuki and use this to hug my upper or my lower lash line Next I’ll grab my atom a 5 5 9 and dip into the shade at quirky and use that to deep it up right up at the lash line And then finally describing a little tiny bit more of oddball just to deepen up that very outer corner to highlight the brow bone I’m gonna grab the shade a scatterbrain on just a flat packing brush, and I brought that on there oh Wow, I’m also gonna play a little bit of that on the inner corner as well, okay I was gonna save all my thoughts until the end of the video But I’ll just go ahead and say it right now because I feel confident and my answer that this palette from Laura Lee Los Angeles The cat’s pajamas palette is so So good. I honestly was not expecting anything less than really great for more, but this palette like really It’s just beyond great as you can see the shadows blend, so well together. They are incredibly We said if there would be one negative thing about it that I would want to mention is that some of the shadows do have A lot of Fallout which I don’t see a personal problem with it that just means a really pigmented if anything just make sure you Tap your brush before you actually put it on or just make your face You can wave everything away at the end But like I said this palette ten out of ten definitely assist sir James recommended all right So I just went ahead and I did the other eye off-camera super quickly and that the eyes are both done I’m gonna apply some lashes today as always, but I do have a new first impressions today And those are the more feet eyelashes I am obviously a morphe affiliate you guys know that you can use Koji short Empress amount or OB probox I literally say all the time and even have a hoodie with the setting on it also
Check out says Georgia parallel comm for all your sisters merch anyway all that being said I was up the morphe office a few weeks ago, and I was like looking through all their products and I Was like wait a second are those lashes, and one we hold morphe ‘has lashes which I literally did not even know about they were not announced I just kind of came to the store, but they look beautiful, then I’m gonna be applying this Ayah, I traction which look very very similar to the house and lashes ikonics And they are stunning so while I put on these launch that I guess I will give you guys the rundown I absolutely love how this style looks especially with the shape of the eye shadow that I went with today the one thing that I will say about these lashes that I Don’t love is the actual band on them the style of lash is beautiful but the band is really really thin and Flimsy now some people may like that because it’s really easy to like kind of manipulate it But I personally prefer a much thicker and more Durable band because I kind of feel like when you come to glue it on it’s a lot harder to work with but I feel Like that works in the fact that it won’t come off as easy whereas like now that we have a thin band It’s kind of just like flipping around and I really had to make sure I like how’s it on there while gluing it on at The end of the day, it’s really up to personal preference I don’t love this lash band like I said, but these lashes are only retailing for $10 and with an influencer code They are nine dollars, so it is much better than like a lily lash or a new bouncing lash I just I love them so you guys could totally make your own decision on that, but yeah, these lashes are beautiful Just don’t love the band so those are both eyes all complete I honestly love how this look is turning out so far and then the eyes are done are next up is going to be the glow and once again for the glow I do have a First impressions product and that is the brand new Anasazi sugar glow I think Anasazi basically chose all the favorite highlighters from the individual highlighter palettes before and put them all together into one palette What you think is absolute genius? It’s like a favorites palette within the actual prance about is super super dope and I think I’m actually going to go ahead and apply And mix of the shades of butterscotch and starburst today for this look That’s always I’m gonna play you some I am a 501 brush I mean this really should come to no surprises you guys we all know the Anasazi always kill that their highlighters I’ve been using so Hollywood and literally every single video for the past like almost two years now, but Wow I’m sure these are so good now that my highlight is all I don’t gonna grab my blush brush one more time which is my e4 and dip into the shade terracotta and Breeze and just put a little bit of this more on the cheekbones Just to kind of blend together the highlight because I feel like it is a little bit too pigmented, and it’s not Yeah, that’s a lot better there. We go. I just completely didn’t finish my sentence It’s a little bit too pigmented, and it’s not blending together that well for the lips today I’m gonna play the ofra liquid lipstick in the shade on a Lulu as a base This was literally the perfect lip color to use for this look. Oh my god I think I’m actually gonna take my packing brush and dip it back into the laurel lee huh and grab a little bit of Porky and in one ear together and make this lip metallic okay Well adding that shadow was like literally the best idea ever this looks so so pretty and was literally the easiest way to make a DIY metallic liquid lipstick protip simple DIY if you ever have a lipstick that dries down matte But you want it to be metallic Just put it on let it dry down completely and then just layer over top with a similar shade of Metallic eyeshadow and there you go super easy and looks so so good and all that being said this look is now complete So let’s go ahead and finish off with a little spreads of Urban Decay all nighter setting spray Alright guys and that is this fall first impressions makeup look all complete I absolutely love how this look turned out and honestly. I think I pretty much liked almost every single one of the products We’ve tried today, which is so exciting Starting over from the beginning the no horrible um primer there we go That’s a mouthful from a touching soul was absolutely wonderful It made my skin feel so so good and super smooth definitely did like a blurring effect Which I love next up we use the milk makeup foundation, and I was in the shade golden light It was a really really good match for my skin as you can see which normally does not happen on the future channel so that Is great it wasn’t my favorite product in the world, but it also was my least favorite It looks really really beautiful all the skin and is honestly holding up really really well till at least I have a little bit of A problem start with us on my nose which is like honestly a Breaking point for any foundation for me my nose contour is super super important to me and vital to my makeup routine So as soon as a foundation It doesn’t sit well on my nose that is instantly out for me But I feel like the pros of this foundation are outweighing the cons So I like it definitely try that for yourself and let me know what you guys think next up We use the Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat’s pajamas eyes shadow palette, and I already told you guys what I think of this This is so incredibly bomb it launches on October 13 you guys have to check this out one that comes out these shadows Girl Laura Lee Kelton, let me forget it once again, but we also use the Anastacio radiant blush palette And I use the shade coastline and terrace and breeze all together so literally three out of the four shades of the palette I really really like the firm of these they blended beautifully the only thing I will say is that they are super super pigmented So if you check these out just using a very very light hand because you might be looking a little bit crazy We also went in with the new honest cons you have sugar lo can’t which as you guys know? Anasazi always kills the cloaca came and I use the shades of butterscotch and starbursts today And I love how the skull looks I mean come on girl It’s like so blinding alright guys most of all the new product she tried out today Definitely leave me a comment down below and tell me which out of everything I just talked about that you want to try the most they were honestly also good And I would totally recommend them So I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on them and let me know what you think if you guys enjoyed today’s video please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below if you have not already I posted three videos a week and I’d love to have you join to the sisterhood if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter They’re both dis James Charles And my snapchat for world well had the seed plates up is James Charles that extra ass after Charles if you’re already a sister or if you’re new to the sisterhood don’t forget to check out sisters Apparel calm which is my clothing line for all your official sisters merch and Kia alright guys. Thank you so much for watching I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one. Bye


  1. With jeans 😲 ohh my god love you again again and again 😣😍😍 i belive you not beauty but handsome of course 😉😊😚 james🙈

  2. With jeans 😲 ohh my god love you again again and again 😣😍😍 i belive you not beauty but handsome of course 😉😊😚 james🙈

  3. Ugh all my foundation seperates on my nose i friggen hate it im ready 2 try houda faux filter next thats my next foundation 2 try

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    Me: grabs a water bottle I live 200 miles away from Starbucks 🙂
    P.S 🙂 = crying on the inside

  5. “10 shades for 40 dollars, not bad” “soooooo pigmented” cut to 2018, James releases the most pigmented palette literally ever with 39 shades for 39 dollars 😂

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